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Isobel Derant.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Isobel Derant
Dies: Fall of 1557
Age: 19
Religion: Pagan
Originally From: France
Parents: Jonathan Derant † (Father)
Family: Diane de Poitiers(Aunt)

Sebastian (Cousin)

Children: Baby Derant (Daughter)
Affiliations: France
Physical Description
Gender: Female Female.png
Height: 5'2
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Sacrifice
Portrayed by: Amy Forsyth

Character French Female Pagan.png Deceased.png Season 1.png
"Hard to imagine, a queen taking care of me"
Isobel Derant

Isobel Derant was cousins with Sebastian. Her father was the half-brother of Sebastian's mother, Diane de Poitiers. Isobel's father was recently killed and suspected of being a traitor, and her baby's father was killed not long after.


She is a little quiet, but very witty to those she is familiar with.

Early Life[]

Isobel and Bash grew up together. Bash would often visit with food and other items when he came to her village.

Season 1[]

Isobel was accused of stealing and is sent to jail while her house is searched. She later escapes with Bash, Queen Mary and Alec, who helped her get to a safe location to try to get her to safety. Unfortunately, her baby was due too soon, which prompted them to stop the carriage in the middle of a forest full of pagans. Isobel then gave birth to a baby girl, but died shortly after due to excessive bleeding.

Mary and Sebastian visit Baby Derant, and worry that someone will see the Pegan mark on her foot, linking them to Isobel.