For Character Templates just 'Edit', then copy and past what is below. However there are a few rules.

  • Makes sure their isn't a character page of them already.
  • Have a GOOD picture of them before you make the page.
  • Know their full name. (Don't put just Robert)
  • They have to been a Guest Star in an episode, or be a main characters family member.
  • Fill out & link in all the correct information.

Their name
Biographical Information
Real Name: Their Full / Real name
Title: King/Queen/Lady/Lord ect
Born: dd/mm//yy
Age: age
Religion: religion
Originally From: born
Current Location: Country
Wife: name
Husband: name
Family: name(s)
Interests: who they like/married to
Affiliations: what country they're from
Physical Description
Gender: male/female
Height: height in ft.
Status: alive or Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: first spperance
Portrayed by: Episdoe

Character's Name

Character's Name add a little into

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Early Life

Season 1

Season 2


Historical Notes

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