House of Norwood
Real Name: House of Norwood
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland Flag - Scotland
First Mention: Toy Soldiers

The Norwood Family is a Scottish family that resides in Kinross, and used to be very wealthy. They are not a noble family, only a rich family. They owned successful mine fields and has been passed down for generations. However the mine has completely run dry and the family must rely on the money they have already made. The head of the household, Robert Norwood has desperately been trying to wed all of his daughters off to titled and noble men, to secure his own fortune. Robert has also been trying to secure investors for his mines to make money in the future.

With the marriage of his oldest daughter, Greer to Lord Castleroy, The incredibly rich nobles had declines the dowery that comes with marriage, and agreed to pay an incredibly large sum for his other four daughters doweries.


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