House of Habsburg
House of Habsburg
Real Name: House of Habsburg
Kings: Philip II

Charles V

Queens: Elisabeth of Valois (Marriage)
Royals: Don Carlos
Nobles: Archduke Ferdinand

Lord Aloysius Castleroy
Lady Yvette Castleroy
Lady Gemma Castleroy
Lady Greer Castleroy (Marriage)

Affiliations: Kingdom of France Flag - France

Kingdom of EnglandFlag - England

First Mention: Pilot

House of Habsburg is a very powerful and Influential Family in Spain, and all over Europe. They currently hold the position of power and have the mid 900's. They have created over 100 Kings and Queens.

Season 1Edit

King Philip and Princess Elisabeth marry, making Elisabeth part of the Habsburg dynasty. [1]

Lord Castleroy is revealed to be related to House of Habsburg and is 16th in-line to the throne. [2]

Season 2Edit

King Francis and Lady Lola's son John Philip is engaged to the daughter of The Duke and Duchess Von Amsberg, related to the Habsburg dynasty.[3]

Season 4Edit

Queen Elizabeth and Archduke Ferdinand were engaged for a short time.


* 21 May 1527
Prince Philip is born.

* 25 July 1554
Prince Philip II becomes king at the age of 13.

* 22 June 1557
King Philip II marries Princess Elisabeth of Valois from France.

Real Life Members by BirthEdit

Family TreeEdit

Isabella of Portugal
Charles V
Maria Manuela †
King Philip
Queen Elisabeth
Archduchess Maria
Princess Joanna
John of Austria
Don Carlos
Isabella Clara Eugenia
Catherine Michelle

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