House of Guise
House of Guise
Real Name: House of Guise
Queens: Marie, Queen Regent of Scotland

Queen Mary of Scotland

Nobles: Duke of Guise

Claude de Guise

Location: France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France Flag - France
First Mention: Kissed

House of Guise is a powerful and Influential Family in France, and has been around since the late 1490's.


Family TreeEdit

History's Family TreeEdit

Claude, Duke of Guise
Antoinette de Bourbon
Marie Guise
King James
Duke of Guise
Anna d'Este
Charles of Guise
Claude de Guise
Louise de Brézé
Louis of Guise
René of Guise
Queen Mary
King Francis
Charles of Lorraine
Charles, Duke of Aumale

Real Life Members by BirthEdit

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