House of Castleroy
Real Name: House of Castleroy
Nobles: Lord Castleroy

Lady Yvette
Lady Gemma

Location: Château de Castleroy
Affiliations: Kingdom of Scotland Flag - Scotland
First Mention: Toy Soldiers

The House of Castleroy is a French Family that resides in France, and is an incredibly wealthy, full or Nobles. They are also related to the House of Habsburg They own property all around the world, including a pepper vineyard in Spain, and are a huge trading competitor. Lord Castleroy is 17th removed from the crown, and since the death of Henry has become the 16'th in-line for the Crown.

Lord Castleroy's father is a Habsburg, meaning he has some connection with the Kingdom of Hungary or at least The Habsburg dynasty.


Unnamed First Wife †
Lord Castleroy
Lady Greer
Lady Yvette
Lady Gemma
Unnamed Daughter
Unnamed Son
Unnamed Son
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