Holy Roman Empire Flag - Germany
Europe - Old Map
Real Name: Heiliges Römisches Reich

Sacrum Romanum Imperium

King: Charles V
Queen: Isabella of Portugal
Royals: Philip II (Son)
Nobles: Archduchess of Bohemia

Archduke of Bohemia
Charles Schuler (Duke)

Houses: House of Habsburg
Affiliations: Kingdom of France Flag - France

The Catholic Church

First Appearance: Dirty Laundry

The Holy Roman Empire was a multi-ethnic complex of territories in central Europe from 800 B.C to 1806. The largest territory of the empire in 962 was the Kingdom of Germany, though it included the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Kingdom of Burgundy and the Kingdom of Italy as well as numerous other territories.


  • Charles V, or more commonly known as 'Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor' ruled modern day Germany from 1519 – 1558, when he died at 58 years old.
  • King Philip - Is the first born on Charles V, and his wife, Isabella of Portugal. He is currently married to Queen Leeza of France as part of a treaty between Spain and France.
  • Charles Schuler is a practising Protestant who recently traveled to France to free his friends. He currently supplies France with grain.


  • In the 1500's, Germany was referred to as 'The Holy Roman Empire' and had been since, 800 B.C. Germany as we know it today, did not exist until 1806.
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