Historical Figure
Prince Loui
History's Prince Louis
Biographical Information
Real Name: Prince Loui
Title: Prince Louis

Louis of Valois
Louis de France
Louis III, Duke of Orléans

Born: 3 February 1549
Death: 24 October 1550
Age: 1
Religion: Roman Catholic
House: House of Valois
Gender: Male Male
Height: 2'4
Originally From: Paris, France
Parents: King Henry (Father)

Queen Catherine (Mother)

Family: King Francis (Brother)

Queen Elisabeth (Sister)
Princess Claude (Sister)
King Charles (Brother)

Affiliations: House of Medici
Burial: Basilica of St Denis.
TV Character Information
First appearance: Terror of the Faithful
Portrays: Prince Louis
Portrayed by: Mentioned

Prince Louis was the 2nd son and 4th child of Henry II of France and his Queen Consort, Catherine de' Medici.


After the marriage of King Henry II and Queen Catherine, several years past they ever had any children. After trying many times of ointment and tricks they both turned to the court physician Fernel.

In 12 years, - from the birth of their first, Francis II until their last birth of twin daughters,- Catherine had given birth 10 times.

Louis was born on February the 3rd in 1549 at the Palace of Fontainebleau, and was the second son and fourth child of Henry II of France and his Queen Consort, Catherine de' Medici, a member of the House of Medici. Louis was second in line to the throne, as his older sisters could not inherit under Salic law. Since birth, he was entrusted with the Duchy of Orléans. Just like his older brother, he was given into the care of Diane de Poitiers, his father's mistress and reportedly shared the same nursery with his Francis and Elisabeth and later, his brother Charles.

Louis was present when Mary, Queen of Scots arrived at French court. His parents wanted Louis to become the future Duke of Urbino, a title which belonged exclusively to the Medici family.

Family TreeEdit

King Francis I
Claude of France
Duke Francis
King Henry II
Catherine de' Medici
Madeleine of Valois
King Francis II
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip II
Princess Claude
King Charles IV
King Henry III
Queen Margaret
Catherine Michelle
Duke Henry II
Christina of Lorraine
Marie Elisabeth

Historical Figure

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