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King Henry II
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Henry II of France
Title: King Henry II of France

Henry, Duke of Orléans

Reign: 31 March 1547 –
10 July 1559
Coronation: 25 July 1547
Predecessor: Francis I
Successor: Francis II
Born: 31 March 1519
Death: 10 July 1559
Age: 40
Religion: Roman Catholic
House: House of Valois
Gender: Male Male.png
Originally From: Paris, France
Parents: Francis of Valois (Father)

Claude, Duchess of Brittany (Mother)

Wife: Catherine de' Medici
Family: Prince Francis III (Brother)
Children: King Francis (Son)

Queen Elisabeth (Daughter)
Princess Claude (Daughter)
Prince Louis (Son)
Prince Charles IX (Son)
Prince Henry III (Son)
Princess Margaret (Daughter)
Francis, Duke of Anjou (Son)
Joanna of Valois (Daughter)
Victoria of Valois (Daughter)

COD: Jousting Accident
Burial: Saint Denis Basilica
TV Character Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrays: King Henry
Portrayed by: Alan van Sprang

Henry II of France was the king of France after the death of his brother and father. He married Catherine de' Medici when he was 14 and they had 10 children together, 8 on whom made it to adulthood.


Prince Henry was born in Paris, France, and when he was 14 years old married Catherine de' Medici in an arranged marriage between their two countries. However, Henry was already and continued to see an older woman named, Diane de Poitiers, who he made his official mistress after he was married.

11 years later, Catherine gave birth to their first child, the future Dauphin of France, Francis 3rd in line to the throne. Followed by a daughter named Elisabeth Valois the next year.

While King of France

Two years later, Henry's father died, and he became the new King of France, making Prince Francis, the next-in-line. A couple years after that, Catherine and Henry had four more sons and four more daughters. However, the last two, twin girls died shortly after birth. However, two more of Henry's children later became kings of France as well, Prince Charles and Prince Henry.


On 22 June 1559 while taking place in a jousting competition in celebration of his daughter's wedding, during the Peace of Cateau Cambrésis Henry was fatally wounded with a splinter to the eye from Lord Montgomery. He eventually died two weeks later, but before he did, Henry absolved Montgomery of any blame.


TV Comparison

  • The show killed Henry off a year early. He died in 1559, not 10 July 1558.

Family Tree

King Francis I
Claude of France
Duke Francis
King Henry II
Catherine de' Medici
Madeleine of Valois
King Francis II
Queen Elisabeth
King Philip II
Princess Claude
King Charles IV
King Henry III
Queen Margaret
Catherine Michelle
Duke Henry II
Christina of Lorraine
Marie Elisabeth

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