Historical Figure
Claude de Guise
History's Claude de Guise
Biographical Information
Real Name: Claude de Guise
Title: Prince of Lorraine

Duke of Aumale
Claude of Lorraine

Born: August 18, 1526
Death: March 3, 1573
Age: 46
Religion: Roman Catholic
House: House of Guise
Gender: Male Male
Originally From: Lorraine, France
Parents: Claude, Duke of Guise (Father)

Antoinette de Bourbon (Mother)

Wife: Louise de Brézé
Family: Marie de Guise (Sister)

Duke of Guise (Brother)
Mary, Queen of Scots (Niece)
King James V (Brother-in-Law) Diane de Poitiers (Mother-in-Law)

Affiliations: Kingdom of France

House of Bourbon
(Mother's Side)

COD: Cannon Fire
TV Character Information
First appearance: Kissed
Portrays: Claude de Guise
Portrayed by: Shawn Doyle

Claude de Guise was the younger brother to Marie de Guise, the future Queen of Scotland. He was the third son of Claude, Duke of Guise and Antoinette de Bourbon, and was a Prince of Lorraine by birth.

Early lifeEdit

Claude was born at Lorraine, France, the third son of Claude of Lorraine, head of the House of Guise, and his wife Antoinette de Bourbon. Among his 11 siblings was Duke of Guise, and Marie de Guise, the future Queen Regent of Scotland.

Time in FranceEdit

As part of the Treaty of Boulogne which ended The War of the Rough Wooing, Claude, was one of six French hostages sent to England. After their father died in April 1550, Claude was allowed to come to Scotland, with a passport from King Edward VI dated 11 May, to see his sister Marie de Guise, and wrote from Edinburgh on 18 May that he would view the strong places of the realm.

On August 1, 1547, he married Louise de Brézé, the daughter of Diane de Poitiers. They had eleven children, 6 of whom made it to adulthood.


Claude de Guise was killed by a culverin shot while besieging La Rochelle.


  • Named after his father.
  • Claude de Guise was the fifth born child, and younger brother of Marie de Guise, and Duke of Guise.
  • Married Diane de Poitiers' daughter Louise de Brézé.
  • Had eleven children, six of whom made it to adulthood.
  • In 1550 his brother Francis acceded to Duke of Guise, Claude was re-gifted the titled Duke of Aumale.

Family TreeEdit

Claude, Duke of Guise
Antoinette de Bourbon
Marie Guise
King James
Duke of Guise
Anna d'Este
Charles of Guise
Claude de Guise
Louise de Brézé
Louis of Guise
René of Guise
Queen Mary
King Francis
Charles of Lorraine
Charles, Duke of Aumale
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