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Catherine de Bourbon
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Catherine de Bourbon
Title: Queen Regent of France

Duchess of Albret
Countess of Armagnac

Born: 7 February 1559
Death: 13 February 1604
Age: 45
Religion: Calvinism
House: House of Bourbon
Gender: Female Female.png
Originally From: Paris, France
Parents: King Antoine (Father)

Queen Jeanne (Mother)

Husband: Henry II, Duke of Lorraine
Family: Henry de Bourbon (Brother)

Louis Condé (Uncle)
King Francis (3rd Cousin)

Affiliations: House of Bourbon
TV Character Information
First appearance: The Price
Portrays: Catherine de Bourbon

Catherine de Bourbon was the youngest born child to King Antoine and Queen Jeanne. Her brother, Henry de Bourbon became the future King of France.


After the accession of her brother, Henry de Bourbon, to the French throne, she was created Duchess of Albret and Countess of Armagnac. Because her brother, who became ruler of the principality of Béarn in 1572, Henry IV of France and Navarre was generally absent in other parts of France. After his escape from captivity in 1576, he entrusted Catherine with the government of Béarn. She served as regent almost continuously until 1596, where among her other responsibilities, this firm Protestant hosted Antonio Perez, a famous Spanish Catholic refugee from King Philip II. Appointed by her brother to sit on his Council as a representative of the French Protestant interests in 1598, she set about persuading the Huguenots to agree to the Edict of Nantes.

As part of the treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye between her brother and Charles III, Princess Claude's husband, it was agreed that Catherine should marry Charles' oldest son, Henry. The marriage agreement was signed on 13 July 1598. However, Catherine was a confirmed Calvinist, who refused to convert to Roman Catholicism, whilst her husband was a devout Catholic, and a former member of the Holy League.

Thus, the Pope was required to make a dispensation to allow the two to marry. On 29 December 1598 Pope Clement VIII declared himself opposed to the marriage. Dissatisfied, Henry IV intimidated the Archbishop of Reims into granting an authorisation of marriage. This was made at Saint-Germain-en-Laye on 31 January 1599. Henry eventually secured Papal agreement. However, Catherine was not married long before she died, childless.


  • Her brother became King Henry IV of France on August 2nd, 1589.
  • Catherine de Bourbon was a writer, her works consist principally of sonnets and correspondence.

Family Tree[]

Charles, Duke of Vendôme
Françoise d'Alençon
Marie de Bourbon
King Antoine
Queen Jeanne
François de Bourbon
Charles de Bourbon
John de Bourbon
Eléanor de Roucy de Roye
Louis Condé
King Henry IV of France
Catherine de Bourbon
Henri de Bourbon
François de Bourbo
Charles de Bourbon
Charles de Bourbon

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