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Season Four Episode
Highland Games
Season 4, Episode 5
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Air date March 17, 2017
Written by Robert D. Doty
Directed by Michael McGowan
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Playing With Fire


Love & Death
"Bastards and cheaters are not welcome on the Scottish throne."
Lord Taylor


Lord Darnley Must Prove Himself to Mary
In order to get Mary to agree to a marriage, Lord Darnley must demonstrate his loyalty when she voices her concerns about his true intentions. Catherine and Narcisse work to repair King Charles' reputation after rumors spread about his strange behavior and threaten the throne.


In France, a woman is preparing a picnic when her little boy wanders into the forest. A few momets later, she hears a scream.

When apprised of what happened, Charles thinks the mother should have been more careful. What he doesn't understand, as Narcisse and Catherine tell him, is that the villagers are saying that he took the child. Peasants and nobles alike gossip about his ailment, as they have witnessed his dark mood and mysterious noctural outings. Charles denies it, but the villagers need convincing, and he needs to act while Leeza is away. He promises to do whatever his mother says.

In Scotland, it is the season of the Highland Games. People from all over Scotland have come to celebrate it and Mary plans to use the occasion to announce her engagement to Lord Darnley.

Claude and Luc wake up beside each other. Claude finds it awkward between them, but Luc promises that one day it won't be. Narcisse comes in and asks to talk to Luc outside. Once he is dressed, Narcisse tells Luc that Leith Bayard returned to the castle last night, but he intercepted him in time. Luc is appalled that his father had him thrown into the dungeon and demands he be released.

Mary welcomes her people to the Highland Games with Darnley at her side. She alludes to his royal English ancestry and her aim to unite Scotland and England under her rule with him. A man named Lord Taylor emerges from the crowd and brings up Darnley's father, Matthew Lennox, who betrayed his own country and aligned himself with the English in the War of the Rough Wooing. He challenges Darnley to a boxing match and he accepts.


Queen Catherine: We need to prove that you're not a monster by showing them what you really are, a king.

Lord Taylor: Earn my respect then, as I earn the respect of my men. In combat!
Queen Mary: Duels only lead to dead men, not respect.

James Stuart: He does have his father's history to overcome. You knew that when you chose him.
Lord Darnley: Chose me like a prized pony.

Lord Darnley: I do have a first name, you know. It's Henry.
Queen Mary: Darnley...
Lord Darnley: Darnley it is, then.

Lord Darnley: Mary, if you want something enough, you have to be willing to break the rules.

Queen Mary: I've asked my brother James to help train you for your fight with Lord Taylor.
Lord Darnley: The man who lost to Taylor three times is going to teach me?

Queen Catherine: Charles will put his weight behind this.
Lord Narcisse: Well, then perhaps I should withhold my news from the huntsman.
Queen Catherine: And perhaps I shall have your throat slit in your sleep. Or let the villagers do it for me when they come for all of us to root out the beast we have protected.

Lord Taylor: Bastards and cheaters are not welcome on the Scottish throne.

Lady Lennox: I heard the nobles will support your union with Mary if you fell a brute named Taylor. Lovely country, Scotland.

Lord Darnley: I don't want to find love. I want to be loved.

Greer Castleroy: Are you asking for a divorce?
Lord Castleroy: No.
Greer Castleroy: But you could. You are Protestant.
Lord Castleroy: And you are Catholic. You could never marry again.
Greer Castleroy: Perhaps I've taken all the chances at love that I deserve. I'm sorry that I failed to love you in the way that you deserve. Now that you have found it with another, I won't deny you your happiness. I release you from this marriage.

Lord Narcisse: A royal marriage gives one political clout. I will not be alive forever, and that power, the kind afforded to very few in this very cold world, will protect you and your descendants once I am gone. Do not let Claude go.

Leith Bayard: And how do we know we can trust you?
Luc Narcisse: Because being married to a woman who is in love with another isn't exactly the ideal union I dreamed of either.


Lord Taylor was gone after Mary and Darnley kissed.

Death Toll [4][5]
- French Boy


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  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Celina Sinden Greer Castleroy
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Jonathan Keltz Leith Bayard
Dan Jeannotte James Stuart
Spencer MacPherson King Charles
Will Kemp Lord Darnley
Steve Lund Luc Narcisse
Michael Therriault Lord Castleroy
Nola Augustson Lady Lennox
Chad Connell Lord Taylor
Claire Hunter Emily Knox
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut