Season 1 Family
Henry and Sebastian
Henry and Sebastian
Real Names: King Henry
Ages: 17 and 39
Status: Good


Length of Relationship:

17 years


Kingdom of France

First appearance: Pilot

"I've been a better father to you than Francis. But he's my
son too, and your brother.
King Henry

Early lifeEdit

Sebastian was Henry's first son, and possibly because of that, his favourite. He was born to him from his mistress Diane de Poitiers, while his own wife, Catherine de' Medici, had not produced any children, 8 years into their marriage.

Even after Francis's arrival, Bash stayed Henry's favourite, however out of respect for his wife, he never titled his son as a Lord, or even a Noble. But it was well knows though out the while French court, Bash was his favourite child.

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Though King Henry did appear in Season Two, it was only in Queen Catherine's imagination. However, when Catherine almost killed herself after Henry asked her to, it was Sebastian who saved her. [1]


  • Sebastian is not Henry's only illegitimate child. [2]
  • Henry has ordered the death of Sebastian twice. [3] [4]
  • Bash was forced into marrying his fathers ex-mistress Lady Kenna at sword point. [5]
  • Sebastian has killed Tomás of Portugal[6] a Blood Priest,[7] a theif,[7] two soldiers in self-defence, [3]
    and The Darkness [8] all within 18 months.
  • King Henry has orchestrated the deaths of; the Queen's Hitman[9], beheaded a guard[10], pushed two women out windows [11] [4], stagnated a prostitute [4], stabbed a man during prayer,[12] stabbed a man in court [8], and inadvertently had two dozen soldiers blown up [8] all within 18 months.

Historical NotesEdit


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