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Family Deceased Season 1
Henry and Francis
Henry and Francis
Real Names: Henry de Valois
Francis de Valois
Status: Over, ended in Henry's death

Father and son

Length of Relationship:

17 years


Kingdom of France

First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: Slaughter of Innocence

"Sons must sacrifice for their fathers."
King Henry


Early History[]

Prince Francis and his father, King Henry, always had a bit of a distinct relationship with each other. Knowing full well that his half brother, Sebastian, was always his father's favourite, put a dark cloud on Francis. Though he was his mother, Catherine de' Medici,'s favourite child, Francis always wanted a closer relationship to his father. As Francis grew up, he distanced himself from his father, and they would often disagree on things and bicker about them.

Season 1[]

Francis is not pleased about Mary Stuart returning to French Court. He voices his insatisfaction to his father, only to be dismissed by him.

Snakes in the Garden
Francis is frustrated that his father is not doing more to help Mary.

Francis challenges Henry to a sword fight. They agree that if Francis wins, Henry will send six companies to Scotland's aid. They fight and Francis wins, but Henry disspells his promise, claiming that he will only keep promises for the sake of the monarchy, and this wasn't one of them. Seeing no other option, Francis blackmails his father by threatening to reveal his tryst with Lady Kenna to his wife, Queen Catherine, and his mistress, Diane de Poitiers.



Prince Francis: She had skinny legs, a missing front tooth, and strong opinions.
King Henry: I'm sure the adult tooth has come in. The opinions you can ignore. Isn't that right, Catherine? [1]

King Henry: At least your bride has a country and an army, should you need it. [1]

Prince Francis: She's not just an alliance, she's a girl, under your care! [17]

King Henry: I'm intrigued by how much she matters to you. All this worry for a girl you claim you don't want to marry. [17]

King Henry: Well, that's what kings do. We make promises to everybody. And whatever works for the realm, we keep. Otherwise, it never happened. Lesson for today. [18]

Prince Francis: I think we both know that Diane and my mother have a way of making life very difficult when they wish. Even for a king. [18]

King Henry: Win or lose, you will answer for it. That's what kings do. [18]

King Henry: Sons must sacrifice for their fathers. [19]

King Henry: Such games we play against those we love. [2]

King Henry: Betraying someone you love blackens your soul. It's a weight you carry, all of your days. Can I let it go now? [2]

Historical Notes[]


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