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Greer and Leith
Greer & Leith
Real Names: Greer Castleroy
Leith Bayard
Ship Name: Greith
Status: Over, broken up

Couple, later friends

Length of Relationship:

2 years


Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Scotland
House of Norwood

First Appearance: Kissed
Last Appearance: Fugitive

"I need to believe that who we are
matters more than our station.
Greer to Leith


Greer and Leith had a witty and playful dynamic most of the time, but there were issues that occasionally dampened their moods. The main obstacle in their relationship was their difference in stations. Greer had to find a wealthy, titled husband, and Leith was anything but that. Even after he became a friend to the Dauphin of France and was given a few parcels of land, Greer rejected him as it couldn't even come close to the wealth that Lord Castleroy had.

Greer and Leith briefly rekindled their relationship after Greer's fall from favour and Leith's promotion in station. The main problem had been resolved, but Greer was still married to Lord Castleroy, who was now stuck in prison for unknowingly funding an assassination on the king. The couple considered getting an annulment, but Greer was against it as it would be expensive.

However, Leith went behind her back and took on immoral jobs from a Church Official in order to be able to afford an annulment. He finally saved enough and told Greer about it, but much to his disappointment, she wasn't happy about it. Greer's brothel was thriving and she wasn't keen to give that or her independence up in order to marry.


Season 1[]

The First Meeting


Kissed - 13 Greer

Don't mess up my date.

Lady Greer is in the kitchen instructing a young male member of the kitchen staff on what she would like. Greer wants a strawberry tart, but the young man called Leith Bayard tells her that strawberries aren't in season. He instead offers to make her an apple tart, and she settles on it, as long as it's tasty and crisp. Greer wants the very best for her upcoming date with Tomás of Portugal. Leith tells her he knows what he's doing, so she can go. She then asks who would read the list to him if she goes. Leith insists that he's fine, so she reluctantly leaves the kitchen and its staff.

That evening, at the Boating Party, Leith finds Greer sitting in the kitchen. He starts to tease her and she bursts into tears.

Kissed - Greer & Leith X

My date likes someone else!

The two end up sharing the contents of the food basket while learning more about one another. Greer hears a story about what made Leith switch to inside work and Leith learns the type of pressure Greer is under, to marry well, since she has four sisters who need her to raise their status if they hope to find suitable husbands. Leith kisses her and she recoils, remininding him of his post and telling him that nothing can happen between them.

The following morning, Greers tells the chef what she wants for breakfast. She looks at Leith and he greets her, to which she smiles and walks away. As Leith gets back to work, he wipes some of the flour on his hands onto his cheek, leaving the white mark that Nostradamus had forseen.

Hearts and Minds
Greer leaves an extra costume for Leith to attend The Michaelmas Banquette. She later uses the element of the banquet to spend more time with him.

Starting an Illicit Affair

A Chill in the Air
While Greer is conversing with Lord Castleroy, she steals a glance at Leith, who is staring at her. She accidentally spills wine on herself and excuses herself to go clean it up. Leith follows her, and when he catches up to her, he introduces her to a trick to get the stain out. He starts wiping the wine stain off her dress, but soon determines that he will need her to take the dress off and give it to him.

Chill in the Air - 46 Greer & Leith kiss

Starting an illicit affair.

Leith later tells her that he was unsuccessful in getting the stain out, and Greer takes that opportunity to ask him to quit pursuing her. However, she later runs up to Leith and tells him that she wants to see him in secrecy. She knows she has the responsibility of finding a wealthy suitor to preserve her family's fortune, but for now, she just wants to enjoy her youth. That's enough for Leith to sweep her off her feet and kiss her passionately.

Left Behind

Left Behind - 5 Greer

Reading father's letter.

Greer sits in the kitchen, reading a letter from her father out loud for Leith to hear. She reads that he has asked if she's met any agreeable men of fortune. Leith points out that her father expects a lot, and Greer explains that it's because her family's money comes from mines that are playing out. She continues that she's only ever been trained to look pretty and smile at men, and that she can't even cook an egg, which prompts Leith to invite her to come and take the pan. He cuddles up to her and instructs her how to flip an egg. She throws it onto the floor and he laughs, saying that she'd be surprised the things they put back together to serve those upstairs. He suggests that they go off somewhere, and Greer agrees.

When the castle is taken under siege, Greer is trapped in the kitchen along with Leith and the other servants.

The Darkness
Greer and Leith are kissing. He later leaves, as he must prepare for the upcoming First Light Banquette. Greer mentions that it pains her that they can never be together for real, but he reassures her with kisses.

The Darkness - Promo III

Dinner time!

Later, Leith approaches her to tell her that Lord Castleroy has asked to share a meal with her. During the dinner, Castleroy's sleeve catches fire from a candle, but Leith quickly puts it out. Caslteroy becomes suspicious when Greer shows concern for Leith. Leith later goes to Greer to share the exciting news that Castleroy offered him an apprenticeship at one of his spice houses in Spain, which means that he will mean he will no longer be a servant. He's excited, but reluctant to accept as it means leaving her. She tells him that they both knew it would end, and tells him to take it. However, he tells her that he loves her.

It's later revealed that it was Greer who encouraged Castleroy to make Leith the offer and Castleroy, who has guessed that Greer cares for Leith, praises her for knowing that she must do what is best for her family.

Getting Caught and Punished

Leith visits Greer once more to say goodbye. He comments on Greer's new fiance, Lord Julien, and she tells him that although Julien seems like everything she ever wanted, he's not Leith. Leith kisses her, but they are interrupted by Julien. Leith takes the blame and the guards take him away. Julien then breaks the engagement, leaving Greer in tears.

Greer's relieved to discover that Lord Castleroy eased Leith's punishment, giving him a place as a soldier, although he will soon leave for training camp. That night, Greer watches Leith leave. She wishes that he will turn and see her, which he does, and they share one last look.

Higher Ground
Greer confesses that she thinks about Leith every day, and prays for his safety. Meanwhile, Leith is at war. When he gets severly injuried, Prince Francis tries to rally his last ounce of strength and tells him to think of a person worth surviving for. Leith starts talking about a girl, about how their relationship could never work due to their difference in station. Francis promises to grant Leith lands to be of higher rank so that he could marry the girl, as well as to express his gratitude to Leith for him saving his life.

Breaking Up

Slaughter of Innocence

Slaughter Of Innocence 11 - Leith n Greer

Look, I'm rich now!

Greer and Leith are reunited at last is reunited with Leith at last. He informs her that he is now a friend of Prince Francis and has been gifted vast holdings, including a manor house. He believes that there is nothing holding them back anymore, but Greer rejects him, on the grounds that his newfound friendship with the Prince wouldn't change anything and concludes that she is staying with Lord Castleroy.

After a naval spectacle goes very wrong, Greer realizes with horror that Leith may have been in one of the ships. Luckily, she finds out that he wasn't. They run into each other and Greer embraces him.

Slaughter Of Innocence 25 - Leith


They soon end up kissing on a bed in Greer's chamber. He tells her that they can keep going and consummate, because he wants to marry her. However, she says that nothing has changed and that she only felt grief because she thought he was gone for good. He begs her to marry him, but she insists she cannot. Like a lover scorned, Leith makes a vow to rise in station, but never be hers again. He leaves Greer in tears.

"When you are alone and miserable, remember this as the moment that you threw your happiness away. And I will remember you as the woman who told me I wasn't enough. I will become everything you are so convinced you need. I will rise, and rise, and rise, until I am rich and powerful. But I will never be yours again."
Leith to Greer

Season 2[]

The Plague

The Plague 4 - Lord Castleroy n Greer

Has he moved on already?

Greer and Lord Castleroy are at a gathering in which Queen Mary announces the return of the Plague to France. She sees Leith with none other than her fiancée's daughter, Yvette Castleroy. Greer becomes jealous and upset and tells Castleroy that she is worried may be courting Yvette only to hurt her, because of a vow he made earlier.

She later confronts Leith. He assures her that meeting Yvette was blind chance, and admits that he intends to pursue her. She reminds him that if he marries Yvette, he will be her son-in-law, which would not work for her due to her feelings for him. She begs him to stay away from Yvette.

Drawn and Quartered
Yvette dies from poison later while waiting for Leith. Lord Castleroy, because of Greer's words, blames Leith for her death. Greer, feeling guilty at having poisoned "everything" and creating all this hate between them, goes to Leith on her own and tells her what she did. She also begs him not to blame himself for Yvette's death, wishing herself she had let him go to her.

Leith later lets it slip to her that Castleroy is leaning towards Protestantism, and has him released when he is arrested for treason, out of concern for Greer.

Blood for Blood
Leith visits Greer after she has been turned away from court and is helping prostitutes get money from nobles. Once he learns of her position with these women, she walks away so to not be judged by him. Leith follows her into her home and they make love.

Season 3[]

Strange Bedfellows
Greer reveals her pregnancy to Leith and enlists his help in helping her find her blackmailer.


  • Greer's first kiss was from Leith Bayard. [1]
  • Leith Bayard is very well educated, a rare ability for a 16th century commoner. He can read, has bible versus memorized, and is able to give the history of Saint Michael during The Michaelmas Banquette. [2]
  • Leith and Greer's first kill was while the castle was held hostage by a group of Italian men, slitting the throat of a man that attempted to rape Greer, after she stabbed him [3]
  • Greer secretly broke up with Leith by getting him an apprenticeship with Lord Castleroy. [4]
  • Greer was brefly engaged to Lord Julien after her parents arranged it. [4]
  • Greer cheated on Lord Castleroy by making out with Leith, after thinking he had died. [5]
  • Greer married Lord Castleroy. [6]
  • Leith used his one favour with King Francis to rescue Lord Castleroy from interrogation and imprisonment.
  • Leith possibly had sexual relations with someone while at King Antoine's party. [7]
  • Greer was forced to leave Court after loosing her titles, lands and money for her involvement - no matter how slight - with the Protestants. [8]


Leith Bayard: Saint Michael. He slew Lucifer, who's sold vanity, pride and shame. Which is why we wear these masks. So on this one day, no one is better than anyone else. We're all the same. [2]

Greer Norwood: What's happening?
Leith Bayard: I think we've lost the castle. [3]

Greer Norwood: Is he dead? Did I... kill him? [3]
(Leith slits his throat, so no one will know who killed him)

Greer Norwood: When will you grow tired of kisses that lead nowhere?
Leith Bayard: When you stop wishing they could lead somewhere. [4]

Leith Bayard: I have an invitation for you.
Greer Norwood: This hardly seems the place! [4]

Leith Bayard: I always thought you'd be the one to end it.
Greer Norwood: Thank you for sparing me that. [4]

Greer Norwood: Look at us. Look at where our hearts have led us. [9]

Leith Bayard: When you are alone and miserable, remember this is the moment that you threw your happiness away and I will remember you as the woman who told me I wasn't enough. I will become everything you are so convinced you need, I will rise, and rise and rise until I am rich and powerful. But I will never be yours again. [5]

Greer Norwood: If you feel anything for me at all, don't test me in this way, for I will fail. [10]

Greer Norwood: I pray the day will come when I no longer regret that I loved you. [11]

Leith Bayard: Let it be, Greer. What's done is done. [11]

Greer Castleroy: Good heavens. What if the King chooses me to be paired with someone? We should leave.
Leith Bayard: Yes, uh. One of us should leave... the married one.
Greer Castleroy: ...Good night then. (hands Leith her cup) [7]

Greer Castleroy: It's a hard enough life without the look of your disapproval. [12]

Leith Bayard: But I love her! Your Majesty, I love her. [13]

Greer Castleroy: I want a man I love, not a man I have to depend on. [14]

Leith Bayard: I thought we could count on our love for one another. That's what I've always believed, but you never have, have you? [15]

Greer Castleroy: Love is never simple. Not that I'm any expert. [16]

Leith Bayard: Sons of cobblers don't get to be with princesses. [17]

Greer Castleroy: I need to believe, that who we are, matters more than our station.
Leith Bayard: I've come around to your old way of thinking. Because it was right, Greer. You are who you're born into, and nothing more than people say you are. You can pretend otherwise, but the world won't pretend with you. [17]


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