Greer and Castleroy's Wedding
Greer and Castleroy's Wedding
Location: Viennese, France
Date: Fall of 1559
In Honour of: Greer Norwood
Aloysius Castleroy
In Attendance: King Francis

Queen Mary
The Queen Mother, Catherine
Lady Lola
Lady Kenna
Leith Bayard
Gemma Castleroy

Episode: Blood for Blood
Description: Celebrate the love between Greer and Aloysius

The wedding of Greer and Castleroy took place in France in early fall in the year 1559.


The wedding between Greer Norwood and Lord Aloysius Castleroy is a beautiful one. Though Greer said she wanted a smaller wedding, her mother insisted on a large one. Days before the wedding, the ballroom slowly begins to turn into her mothers vision for her oldest daughter's wedding.

Days later the wedding takes place in the early afternoon. Is starts off a bit late, however soon the groom walks in and waits for his bride to walk down the aisle towards him. Greer is caring a large bouquet of flowers with a gorgeous white dress. Aloysius is dressed in the finest silks of threads, all laced in with traces of gold thread. No expense is spared for the beautiful couple.

Later, a large reception was held with the newlywed couple dancing the night away.


  • Greer's mother is mentioned several times, but does no appear.
  • Lord Castleroy is shown to have 4 more children, the youngest named Gemma.

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