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Greer Castleroy
Biographical Information
In History: Mary Beaton
Maiden Name: Greer Norwood
Title: Lady-in-waiting

Madam of her brothel
Lady Castleroy (Marriage)

Born: 1543
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Gender: Female Female
Nationality: Scottish Flag - Scotland
Status: Alive
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Kinross, Scotland
Current Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Affiliations: Madam Greer's Brothel

Kingdom of Scotland
Kingdom of France
House of Norwood
House of Castleroy (Marriage)
Greer and Leith
Greer and Castleroy
Greer and Martin

Relationship Information
Parents: Robert Norwood (Father)

Unnamed Mother

Husband: Lord Castleroy
Children: Rose Castleroy (Daughter)
Family: Ainsley Norwood (Sister)

Colleen Norwood (Sister)
Ellen Campbell (Sister)
Thomas Campbell (Brother-in-law)
Unnamed Sister
Gemma Castleroy (Step-daughter)
Yvette Castleroy (Step-daughter)

Interests: Tomás of Portugal (Ex-suitor)

Leith Bayard (Ex-lover)
Lord Julien (Ex-fiancé)
Martin de Lambert (Co-parent)
James Stuart (Crush)

Character Information
First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: All It Cost Her
Portrayed By: Celina Sinden

"Make no mistake, we're here now, to get our young Queen in the game. Alliances can shift. Before they do, Mary needs to win the Prince's heart."
Greer Castleroy

Greer Castleroy (née Norwood) is a lady-in-waiting and a close friend of Queen Mary, along with Lady Kenna, Lady Lola and Lady Aylee. Although her family is extremely wealthy, she is not of noble birth and does not have a title. She is currently separated from Lord Castleroy as they parted amicably. She has a daughter named Rose with Martin de Lambert.

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Greer can be soft spoken and a little reserved, but she sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her. Although cautious, her few moments of recklessness often have significant consequences. To strangers, Greer can seem cold and dismissive, but this is probably to cover the fact that she feels inadequate for having to marry for a title. She is very loyal to her Queen and her family, devoting her life to them.


Early Life

Greer's family is known to be very wealthy; however, with their mines running low, the potential for future wealth is dwindling. Greer has been sent to France with Mary with the expectation that she marry for riches and power, and her goal is to find a husband, as is the goal of the rest of her friends. When Greer speaks of this, she seems greatly troubled, and it impacts many elements of her life. 

Season 1


Pilot 10 Ladies in Waiting


Trumpets sound as the Ladies-in-Waiting arrive at French Court. Lady Kenna, Greer Norwood, Lady Aylee and Lady Lola all emerge from their carriages. As they're admiring their greeting from the French Court, their own Queen arrives, and she pulls them into a warm hug. Greer then fixes her queen, Mary's hair, before she meets Prince Francis. They exchange greetings and Mary talks on sheepishly, losing her composure. Francis then escorts Mary to his parents for a proper introduction.

"Make no mistake, we're here now, to get our young Queen in the game. Alliances can shift. Before they do, Mary needs to win the Prince's heart."
Greer Norwood

Mary is resting in her room as Greer and her fellow ladies are reminded of what their duties are to their Queen and what is to be expected of them at all times. Once they are done, they do their make up and try on dresses. Aylee then suggests that they explore the castle.

Pilot - 28 Kenna

At the bedding ceremony.

That evening at Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding, Lola and Greer are talking when Colin walks in. Greer wonders why he's talking to Mary instead of Lola. Lola, annoyed, states that he's simply paying his respects to his Queen. Mary soon notices Lola glaring at her and Colin and suggests they all start dancing, so they do. Later at the bedding ceremony for Princess Elisabeth and Prince Philip, Mary and her ladies decide to spy on the event. Once they decided they've watched enough, they run off in separate directions.

Pilot - 31 Ladies in Waiting

The following day in the morning, the ladies are discussing Colin's capture, when Mary walks in and informs them that Colin attempted to rape her last night. Luckily, he was stopped before he could do so. Lola divulges that Colin told her that someone had put him up to it. Mary then decides to talk to Colin herself. However, after meeting with the King and Queen, she found out Colin was beheaded that morning. Lola blames Mary for what happened. Mary tries to calm her and promises to protect them as they are all still friends, but Lola doesn't seem to appreciate that sentiment.

"You are my queen and we're your subjects. We're here in service to you. Whatever that means, whatever it costs us."
Lady Lola

Snakes in the Garden

Snakes in Garden - 11 Group

What a nice party

The ladies, including Greer, go to Mary's room in the morning. She quickly ushers them out, as Lola is still asleep. Out on the balcony, Mary confesses that she's concerned over who is plotting her demise. Later that morning, Greer along with the other ladies are present in The Throne Room when Prince Charles finds out about his engagement to Lady Madeleine.

That afternoon, they are all gathered in Mary's chamber when King Henry and Queen Catherine make a personal appearance. They inform them that Colin has escaped and is now most likely in The Blood Wood. Mary requests to see him once he is found, preferably alive.

Snakes in Garden - 16 Ladies in Waiting

The next day, they all attend Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party. Kenna asks who the King is talking to, since he's clearly ignoring the Queen. Greer reminds her that he's the king and can talk to whomever he wants.

That night, the ladies inform Mary that they have questioned the servants, but none of them saw a dead girl. Francis then joins them and informs Mary that Colin's body has been found.


Kissed - Promotional image 2

Talking about kisses.

While Mary and her ladies are talking about kisses, Greer admits to not being kissed yet, since she comes from a common family and can't afford to be looked at as used goods before meeting the man she is to marry. In her mind, he will be a tall, dark, noble man, like Tomás of Portugal, who is in France to secure a trade deal. Tomás may be the bastard son of the Portuguese king, but he still has the money and land necessary to help her and her family move up in the eyes of society.

Later, Greer and Tomás encounter Mary in a tree trying to retrieve a ball that landed there. Greer introduces Tomás to Mary. After Tomás walks away, Mary tells Greer that she sees why she likes him and Greer mentions the upcoming Boating Party, where she'll pack a picnic basket for the moonlit celebration in hopes of securing her first kiss and the prince's heart.

Kissed - Promotional image 6

Preparing for a romantic date!

In preparation for the boating party, Greer instructs a young male member of the kitchen staff on what she would like in the kitchen. Greer wants a strawberry tart, but the young man called Leith Bayard tells her that strawberries aren't in season. He instead offers to make her an apple tart, and she settles on it, as long as it's tasty and crisp. Greer wants the very best for her upcoming date with Tomás. Leith tells her he knows what he's doing, so she can go. She then asks who would read the list to him if she goes. Leith insists that he's fine, so she reluctantly leaves the kitchen and its staff.

At a party that evening, King Henry asks Nostradamus to share his wisdom with the crowd and tell the fortunes of Mary and her friends. At first, Nostradamus offers up fairly general platitudes to the girls, before eventually revealing their true fates. He tells Greer that she'll fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face. Greer points out a faint white scar on Tomás' face to him, but he ignores her in favour of Mary. He shares an intimate dance with Mary, and Greer leaves in embarrassment. Mary leaves the floor once the dance is done and goes after a visibly upset Greer. Greer confronts Mary and claims that her feelings don't matter to Mary.

"You knew how important this was to me. It just wasn't important to you."

That evening at the Boating Party, Leith finds Greer sitting in the kitchen. He doesn't notice that she's sad and starts to tease her, until she bursts into tears.

Kissed - 38 Greere & Leith

The two end up sharing the contents of the food basket while learning more about one another. Greer hears a story about what made Leith switch to inside work and Leith learns the type of pressure Greer is under, to marry well, since she has four sisters who need her to raise their status if they hope to find suitable husbands. Leith kisses her and she recoils, remininding him of his post and telling him that nothing can happen between them.

The following morning, Greer tells the chef what she wants for breakfast. She looks at Leith and he greets her, to which she smiles and walks away. As Leith gets back to work, he wipes some of the flour on his hands onto his cheek, leaving the white mark that Nostradamus had forseen.

Hearts and Minds
There is an archery tournament between Prince Francis and Tomás of Portugal. Out on the field, Francis and Tomás are getting competitive. On the sidelines, Mary Stuart and her ladies watch, along with the rest of the court. The ladies note that Tomás seems bolder and more mercurial in the recent days.

In preparation for The Michaelmas Banquette, the ladies are sulking about having to leave France, so Mary encourages them to enjoy their last days there. They all pick their costumes and leave the change into them.

Hearts and Minds - Promotional image 7

Let's hang out

At the banquet, Greer pulls Leith into a corner, where he recites the history of Saint Michael, and how on that day, they're all the same. Greer uses the element of the masquerade ball to spend more time with him.

A Chill in the Air

Chill in the Air - 9 Greer

Securing a suitor.

At The Harvest Festival, Aylee and Kenna point out to Greer that Lord Castleroy has been staring at her all morning. They encourage her to talk to him, so she does. While conversing with him, Greer steals a glance at Leith, who is staring at her. She accidentally spills wine on herself and leaves to clean it up. Leith follows her, and when he catches up to her, shows her a trick on how to get the stain out.

Later, the girls are resting in the commonroom as Aylee tries to read a Virgil, but Greer keeps interrupting her by lamenting about her pepper-obsessed suitor. Olivia comes in, drawing everyone's attention. Queen Catherine walks away from her table and over to Mary, telling her that they find themselves alligned for once, implying that she dislikes Olivia more than Mary. Mary invites Olivia to hang out with them and offers to lend her a dress for the Harvest Festival.

Chill in the Air - 46 Greer & Leith kiss

Starting an illicit affair.

Later, Greer asks for Leith to quit pursuing her for the sake of protecting her reputation. She then goes to talk with Lord Castleroy, her suitor, who brings up pepper yet again. However, later, Greer runs up to Leith to tell him that she wishes to pursue a relationship with him in secrecy. She knows she has the responsibility of finding a wealthy suitor to preserve her family's fortune, but for now, she just wants to enjoy her youth. That's enough for Leith to sweep her off her feet and kiss her passionately.

Everyone at court gathers in the courtyard to welcome King Henry back. On their way, the ladies tease Kenna about dressing to impress a special someone, but Mary defends Kenna. However, Mary also warns Kenna to proceed with caution with the King.

Kenna announces to her friends that she is now the King's mistress. The girls all have different reactions, with Aylee being curious as to how it all happened, Greer trying to be happy for Kenna, and Lola being cynical with how Henry is still so entwined with Diane de Poitiers.

That night, the ladies are on the balcony. Kenna is lamenting about King Henry, but her complaining comes to an abrupt halt when the ladies bid her to look out of the balcony. Outside, Kenna sees her name in fireworks.

In the evening, Mary and the ladies-in-waiting are in Mary's chambers and Mary tells them that she begged the guards to give Sarah a quick and painless death, but they didn't comply, as Sara and her accomplice are burned alive, prompting Mary and her ladies to realize that these royals are not be the people they thought they were.

Left Behind

Left Behind - 5 Greer

Reading father's letter.

Greer sits in the kitchen, reading a letter from her father out loud for Leith to hear. She reads that he has asked if she's met any agreeable men of fortune. Leith points out that her father expects a lot, and Greer explains that it's because her family's money comes from mines that are playing out. She continues that she's only ever been trained to look pretty and smile at men, and that she can't even cook an egg, which prompts Leith to invite her to come and take the pan. He cuddles up to her and instructs her how to flip an egg. She throws it onto the floor and he laughs, saying that she'd be surprised the things they put back together to serve those upstairs. He suggests that they go off somewhere, and Greer agrees.

When the castle is taken under siege, Greer is trapped in the kitchen along with Leith and the other servants. Greer later visits Mary and the rest of the ladies dressed as a servant for her safety. Mary says that they have to wait to see if the Queen and the Count can strike a bargain.

During the feast, Greer serves food. In the kitchen, a guard comes in and asks Leith where the girl with soft hands is (Greer) and then notices that no one is there except Leith. He draws his sword and Leith attacks him. They fight, and eventually the guard pins Leith down. Out of nowhere, Greer leaps at him. The guard slaps her hard and then chokes Leith. Greer wallops him on the head with a skillet and asks Leith with horror if she killed him. Leith cuts his throat just to be sure and to comfort her, seeing as now they'll never know which of them killed him.

The ladies are present in The Throne Room as King Henry declares that Mary and Francis will wed and lay claim to England.

Later, Mary and the ladies are talking in Mary's chamber. The ladies are surprised to learn that Mary will wed Francis tomorrow evening, as they believe that it's too soon. However, Mary assures them all that Francis is a good man. Greer is supportive of their elopement and the girls begin to dream up how Mary will look on her wedding day.

The girls soon gather in Mary's chamber to discuss the latest setback: Nostradamus' prophecy. Greer is distrustful of his prophecies. She mentions that Nostradamus stated that she will fall in love with a man with a white scar on his face, which she believes hasn't happened yet, unknown to her that it has.

Fated - Promotional Images 7

The calm before the storm.

Greer, Lola, and Aylee later pay a visit to Kenna in the infirmary. Kenna has a drink delivered to her, so she asks Aylee to pass her the cup, and when she lifts it, Aylee notes that it smells nice and mentions smelling a spice in it. Aylee then gives all the ladies a piece of jewelry for them to wear at Mary and Francis' Wedding. The girls then toast to the power of love and friendship.

The ladies are soon seen circled around Aylee, who is lying on the floor in a pool of blood. They grieve her death, as does Mary when she sees them. Not long after that, Mary is packing to leave France and return to Scotland. She tells her ladies that she will find a new alliance, as this one has cost them enough already. Mary promises to send for them as soon as she can, and they will reunite in Scotland.

For King and Country
Greer is supportive of Queen Catherine, considering the kindness that she's shown her, Lola, and Kenna. She, along with the other ladies and Mary say goodbye to Queen Catherine as she is to be taken to a convent. However, at the last moment, King Henry decides to keep her at the castle as a prisoner until he has returned from Rome.

The ladies disguise Isobel Derant so that she can flee the castle undetected with Mary and Bash. Before she leaves, Mary tasks them with keeping watch on Queen Catherine in the tower.

Sacrifice - 21 Lola, greer, n Kenna

And so, Greer, Kenna, and Lola visit Catherine in the tower, warning her to stop her plotting against Bash and Mary. But Catherine is not one to back down. She insults the three girls one by one, calling out their weak points. The next day, Lola shows her a letter that Greer has written in the Queen's hand. She threatens Catherine that if she doesn't stop plotting against Mary and Bash, she will hand the letter to King Henry. The letter has enough evidence to start an investigation on Catherine, during which any of her guards may rat her out.


Inquisition - Greer I

Something terrible happened!

Greer is told by one of the castle servants that Jean has been taken to the dungeon and put on the rack to be stretched for information. Greer immediately goes to find Mary and Bash and inform them of the news.

Greer and Kenna are already at The Winter Frost Festival when Mary and Sebastian arrive. It is snowing and they are already surrounded by other children. They wave at their Queen, and go back to what they were doing.

Greer and Kenna stroll with the princes in front of them. Greer comments on a suspicious-looking men standing by a tree. They both find it odd but are distracted when Prince Charles falls down. Kenna walks over to see if he's alright, but when she lifts up his mask, she's surprised to see that it's not Charles. Greer immediately goes to go see who is behind Henri's mask, and it's not Henri. They alert Mary and Bash about the princes' disappearances.

Mary orders Kenna and Greer to have guards spread out looking for the boys. She hollers at them to find Lord Hugo before they leave.

Greer and Kenna are in The Throne Room waiting for Mary while Queen Catherine is making final preparations for her own beheading. However, everything stops when the Royal trumpets sound, announcing the arrival of a royalty. As it turns out, it is Mary's own mother, Marie de Guise.

Consummation 13 Ladies

The ladies

Mary informs her and Kenna that she is going to marry Sebastian that evening. Greer hands Mary a veil, telling her that it would keep her face hidden during their secret ceremony. However, their conversation is halted when they see Lola and Francis enter the hall. Lola explains that they ran into each other in Paris, and how her carriage was swept away in the middle of the night. Lola then excuses herself to leave Francis and Mary to talk.

That night King Henry announces that the English Queen is dead. He then demands that Mary choose one of his sons to marry that night, but Mary asserts that she will not be bullied into making a choice by the King.

Consummation - Promo I

The next day, after Mary decided to wed Francis, Greer and the other ladies along with Mary's mother are helping her get ready for the big event. Not long after that, Greer, Kenna and Lola are walking down the aisle behind Mary for her wedding.

During the wedding reception, Greer informs her Queen that the consummation ceremony is to begin. Mary asks for a moment to finish talking with her mother. Greer, Lola and Kenna all accompany Mary and Francis to the bedding ceremony. They are among the witnesses for the night.

Dirty Laundry
Greer, Kenna, and Lola welcome Queen Mary back to the castle after her two-month long honeymoon with Prince Francis. She greets them all in the hallways and even informs Greer she found her a suitor. And one for Lola in Paris too. But their reunion is short as Queen Catherine tells them to leave as she wants to talk to her son in private.

Back in Mary's chambers, the ladies are all trying on the dresses that Mary bought them. Kenna likes her, and so does Greer, but when Lola leaves the changing room, she tells Mary that hers didn't fit. Mary tells her not to worry, as she will have it tailored for her. Greer then asks Mary if she's pregnant yet, but Mary brushes it off. She takes out a box of candies and hands them out to her ladies.

The Darkness
Greer and Leith are kissing in her chamber when Leith pulls away, as he must prepare for the upcoming First Light Banquette. He mentions that Lord Castleroy is back at court, hoping to catch her eye at the event. He also passes her a letter from her parents.

The Darkness 19 Lord Castleroy

Eating a meal.

At the event, Greer attends Lord Castleroy's planned dinner for two, with Leith serving them. Castleroy points out that he avoided including pepper in the meal, since he knows that Greer wasn't interested in it, and he wanted to prove that he was a man that had more going on than his occupation. Just as Leith pours them some more wine, Castleroy's sleeve catches on fire and Leith uses a table cloth to put it out. Greer checks on Castleroy before tending to Leith and Castleroy praises the boy's courage and selflessness.

The Darkness 38 Greer n Castleroy

Thanks bae

The next day, Leith bursts into Greer's room, informing her that he was offered an apprenticeship in Spain by Lord Castleroy, which he accepts after Greer encourages him to take it and assures him that they are ending it hopefully rather than bitterly. At night, Greer joins Lord Castleroy on the balcony and while she thanks him for his generosity in giving Leith the apprenticeship when she asked, she can no longer accept kindness from him and rejects his advances once again.

Greer meets Lola on the balcony and explains that she received a letter two days ago from her parents that said that they had arranged a marriage for her, with her suitor pulling up to the castle as they speak.

Greer and her new suitor, Lord Julien, are at The Bean Queen event talking. They then ask Queen Mary to bless their engagement, and when she gets Greer's permission, she does so. The ladies then congratulate Greer.

Monsters - 23 Leith n Greer


Later, Leith goes to see Greer. She reminds him that they've already said their goodbyes, and he tells her that he understands, but needed to see her. The next thing they know, they are kissing. Lord Julien walks in on them kissing, and Leith takes the blame for the kiss, claiming that he stole a kiss and that his advance was unwanted. He is then taken away to the dungeon and Julien ends his engagement with Greer.

Not long after that, Greer is crying uncontrollably as Lola and Kenna try to console her. Mary soon joins them and also tries to calm Greer. Greer then points out how all of them have brought her shame, except Lola. That's when Lola decides to tell them about her pregnancy.

"Look at us. Look at where our hearts have lead us."

At a banquet that evening, Greer is surrounded by servants and nobles alike gossiping about Greer kissing a kitchen servant. Even King Henry comments on the incident with a catty remark to Greer herself. Mary thanks Greer for allowing Lola to have Lord Julien, and Lola is seen talking to him.

Monsters - Promotional image V

Another chance at love?

Lord Castleroy then walks up to her. Greer thanks him for getting Leith out of jail and into the army, but Castleroy claims that he didn't do it for him, he did it for her. He then proceeds to propose to her, and she accepts it. They share an awkward hug and thank each other.

Monsters - 47 Greer n Lola

Please look back!

That night, Greer stands on the balcony, watching as the men enlisted into the military are walking in an orderly queue, Leith included. Lola joins her on the balcony and thanks her for allowing her to have a shot with Julien. Greer then notices Leith in the crowd and begs him to look back at her. As if on command, he turns back, and he and Greer share one last glance before he turns around again. At last, Greer attends Sebastian and Kenna's Wedding.

Liege Lord

Liege Lord - Promotional image VII

How's it going?

Greer asks Lola how it's going with Lord Julien, wondering if he has proposed yet. Lola explains that their courtship is going well and they are getting to know one another, but Julien has not yet made a move and Lola will be showing any day now. Greer suggests that he may need a push and Lola decides that she is willing to do just that. Following Greer's advice, Lola and Lord Julien become engaged and he announces their engagement to everyone in the room, causing Kenna and Greer to rush over and congratulate Lola. Mary then asks Greer where Francis is, but Greer has no idea.

No Exit
Greer and Kenna are strolling in the ballroom where Lola and Lord Julien's reception will be held. Kenna appears to be bitter about how her own ceremony fell short to such a lavish wedding, but Greer calls her out on her bitterness and asks her to be happy for Lola. Lola runs up to them, showing them a necklace that Lord Julien gave to her and asks them to wish her luck. They do, and once she leaves, Greer and Kenna discuss their relationships. Henry interrupts them, flirting with Kenna before removing his crown and walking away.

No Exit 24 Greer n Lola

Don't worry, girl!

Greer later attends Lola and Julien's Wedding. The next day, Lola confides in Greer that she is mistrustful of Julien, as he keeps changing the subject when she brings up his parents or visiting Hungary on their wedding tour. Greer reminds her that many people wish to ignore their parents, including herself. Lola continues on about his past and mentions that Julien has a history with gambling. But Greer notes that most men gamble. She then urges Lola to be open with Julien, since they both have been so open in the past.

Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers - Promotional image III

Courtyard hangsies

Mary and the ladies are having a snowball fight in the courtyard. The three soon join Lola, who is on the sidelines as she is pregnant. Greer mentions a time not too long ago when they were discussing their first kisses, and now three of them are married. Kenna adds that Greer will be married soon as well, but Greer is afraid that she will ruin it. Greer's family is now penniless, so she doesn't have a dowry to pay her future husband. Kenna concludes that none of them have had the best of luck with husbands.

Later, Greer is reunited with her father and her two sisters. However, instead of being pleased to see her, her father talks down to her and chastises her for having a dalliance with a kitchen servant.

In the castle, Greer's family is welcomed by Lord Castleroy. He suggests that he give them a tour of the castle, but Greer's father insists on discussing the matter of Greer's dowry first. Castleroy startles him by saying that he isn't interested in Greer's dowry, only her hand in marriage, which Greer's father happily grants him.

Toy Soldiers 39 - Lord Castleroy N Greer

Don't talk to my fiancée like that!

Over a meal, Greer's father spouts about how successful his mines are, all while putting Greer down. Castleroy soon voices his disapproval of Greer's father's treatment of Greer. He then goes on to reveal that he already knew that Greer's father's mines had been played out. Castleroy adds that as part of their marriage contract, he will fund Greer's sisters' dowries, and Greer is to be in charge of who and when her sisters get married.

"A good businessman always knows what something is worth. And to me, Greer is priceless."
Lord Castleroy

Greer later expresses her gratitude to Castleroy when they are in private. The pair end up kissing.

Higher Ground
Greer and Mary are walking down the hall after having breakfast together. Mary admits that she's still a bit annoyed at Francis for stealing an army meant for her, but she understands why he did it. They walk past a scarred guard as he bows to them, and when he walks away, Mary mentions wanting to stab his eye out, as he is one of the men rumoured to have been involved in the whorehouse massacre.

Higher Ground 20 - Greer n Lola

Worried about Leith.

Later, Greer pays a visit to Lola in the infirmery to check up on her. Lola confides in Greer that she is worried about Julien, as he received her dowry after pressing for it relentlessly. However, Greer reassures her. She also admits that she thinks about Leith every day.

"If the end of your story is a happy one, then does how it began really matter?"
Greer to Lola

Long Live The King
Prince Francis and his army have returned to the castle from Calais. Kenna asks Greer if she would like to look for Leith, but Greer believes that Leith would never return, even if he survived.

Slaughter of Innocence
Greer along with the rest of the castle is woken up in the dead of night by order of King Henry, who makes an announcement in the courtyard: he reports on an assassination attempt made on him and introduces everyone to his new guards who answer only to him. He then draws his sword and kills Lord Belamy, as he believes him guilty for ordering his assassination and as he has taken his penance.

Slaughter Of Innocence 11 - Leith n Greer

Look, I'm rich now!

Later, Greer is reunited with Leith. He informs her that he is now a friend of Prince Francis and has been gifted vast holdings, including a manor house. He believes that there is nothing holding them back anymore, but Greer rejects him, on the grounds that his newfound friendship with the Prince wouldn't change anything and concludes that she is staying with Lord Castleroy.

At the naval spectacle hosted to celebrate the heroes of Calais, Greer mentions to Lord Castleroy that Leith came to see her that day, but she made it clear to him that it was over. The naval spectacle goes horribly wrong as one of the ships explodes and Greer realizes with horror that Leith is in one of the ships.

Slaughter Of Innocence 25 - Leith


Greer runs into Leith and is relieved that he's alive. They soon end up kissing on a bed in Greer's chamber. He tells her that they can keep going and consummate, because he wants to marry her. However, she says that nothing has changed and that she only felt grief because she thought he was gone for good. He begs her to marry him, but she insists she cannot. He proceeds to make a vow that she will witness his rise, but never be his again. He leaves her crying.

"When you are alone and miserable, remember this as the moment that you threw your happiness away. And I will remember you as the woman who told me I wasn't enough. I will become everything you are so convinced you need. I will rise, and rise, and rise, until I am rich and powerful. But I will never be yours again."
Leith to Greer

Season 2

The Plague

The Plague 4 - Lord Castleroy n Greer

Leith, is that you?

Greer alongside Lord Castleroy gather with the rest of the court to hear Queen Mary's announcement about the return of the plague to France. During the speech, she notices Castleroy's daughter alongside Leith. Greer tells Castleroy that she isn't jealous, but worried, because Leith made her a vow before he left her - to rise and find happiness with another, all to rub it in her face. After the gathering, she and Kenna find Mary, who updates them on Lola's condition.

Greer later approaches Leith and asks him about the vow he made to her. He claims it has nothing to do with Yvette, and that he would genuinely like to get to know her. In fact, he tells her he was on his way to meet Yvette, but Greer begs him not to go.

"If you feel anything for me at all, don't test me in this way, for I will fail."
Greer Norwood

Drawn and Quartered
Greer and Lord Castleroy mourn the loss of Yvette. They later pay a visit to Leith as Castleroy confronts him about Yvette's death. He believes that Leith knowingly got into a relationship with his daughter because of her proximity to Greer, thinking so due to the revengeful vow Leith made to Greer. He punches Leith and warns him to stay away from his family, including Greer.

Drawn and Quartered

Goodbye for good?

Later, Greer pays a visit to Leith at his home and admits that she feels like she betrayed him by telling Castleroy about his idle threats. Greer believes that she's poisoned everything, apologizing to him and urging him not to blame himself for Yvette's death. However, she admits that she regrets loving him and that she needs time in order to move on from him. He concludes that she ought to leave and not come back.

"I pray the day will come when I no longer regret that I loved you."
Greer Norwood

When Greer returns from Leith's, she admits to Castleroy that she went to see her former lover, though she assures him that Leith is wracked with guilt over what happened to Yvette. Castleroy is more concerned over Greer's loyalty, believing that she married him for his money rather than for him and that her heart still resides with Leith. As such, he's planning to go on a business trip that will involve seeing his children and informing them of Yvette's death.


Coronation - 5 Mary Stuart n Greer

A courtesan? Really?

Greer is at Tent City along with the rest of court, strolling with Mary. They encounter Louis of Condé and engage him in small talk. Greer notices that Louis is with a courtesan and judges him for it, so Mary tries to smooth it over. However, they both end up sounding judgemental.

Later, Greer helps Mary look for Francis. At last, she attends King Francis and Queen Mary's Coronation.

The Lamb and the Slaughter
Mary tells the ladies that she is with child and they share a toast in her honour. Lola and Greer then go off on their own and talk about how both of them are struggling with love, how no man will come near Lola because of her perceived status as the king's mistress, and how Lord Castleroy is distancing himself from Greer.

The Lamb and the Slaughter - 15 Greer n Kenna

I need to listen to my head

Greer and Kenna later take a stroll in the courtyard. They see Leith in the distance and discuss Greer's predicament. While Greer claims she has to follow her mind and not let desire cloud her judgement, Kenna believes that Greer is driven by desire and will succumb to it sooner or later.

Lamb & Slaughter - Promotional Image 1

Later that night at a banquet, Lord Condé asks her to dance and she accepts. While switching partners during the dance, she's partnered with Leith. He tells her that if they are to run into each other, there is no reason for them to be awkward. They lock eyes in the middle of the dance, until Greer tells him that she has to go.

The next day, she misses the christening to go tell Castleroy that she wants to marry him, only to be rejected by him. He allows her to rest at his place, and leave in the morning. However, Greer doesn't accept that. She persuades him into giving her a chance, to prove that they can be happy together. They end up consummating their marriage.

"You value me. Not as a prize, but as a partner."
Greer Norwood

Blood for Blood
Greer, Mary and the other ladies are strolling in the ballroom as it's being prepared for Greer's wedding. Greer admits that she isn't fond of how extravagant it is, but her mother insisted. Gemma, Castleroy's youngest daughter, runs up to them and Greer introduces her to her friends.

Blood for Blood 22 - Lola n Greer

Fountain fun

Greer spends her last day as an unmarried woman with her friends, strolling in the garden. Kenna jumps into a fountain, and Greer soon follows, and the girls splash each other with water. Greer soon decide to leave, though, as she knows her mother would kill her if she saw her in a drenched dress. On her way back to the castle, she encounters Leith. He cautions her that her future husband harbors a secret and that she should ask him about it before she marries him.

And so, that night, Greer questions Aloysius, who confesses to being at a Protestant service that morning. He explains that he's been looking for meaning in life after Yvette's death, and these services have been helping him find it. Greer is scared of what him converting could do to her and his children, and begs him not to do so. However, he insists on standing by his faith. But he promises to still fund her sisters' dowries even if she ends it now. But he pledges that if she does choose to marry him, they will be partners in full except their disagreement over faith.

Greer and Castleroy's Wedding 12

Ready to get married!

Castleroy waits at the altar as everyone eagerly awaits Greer's appearance. Greer appears at the end of the hall and Castleroy walks to her. She walks to her husband-to-be and smiles warmly at him. Greer looks nervous, but committed. In the audience, Leith leaves the ceremony. At the reception, Castleroy asks Greer what changed her mind, and Greer gives him a touching response.

"I've spent my life grasping for security, safety. But you offer something more interesting, something more challenging. You stand by your convictions and principles. You strive to make the world what it should be."
Greer Norwood

They then vow to protect each other. The children run up to dance with them and she happily twirls her new step-children.

The Prince of the Blood

The Prince of the Blood - Mary n Greer

Greer has returned from her wedding tour sooner than anticipated, much to Queen Mary's surprise. Greer is cleaning a cut on her wrist, when Mary walks in on her and starts questioning her about it. Greer explains that she and Castleroy were traveling through Orleans when they were attacked and robbed by church representatives who found out that Lord Castleroy didn't take mass. Greer then admits that Castleroy is Protestant. Mary then tells her about the edict the nobles want signed to identify the Protestants. Greer begs Mary to persuade Francis not to sign it, and Mary promises to do her best. That night, Mary finds a saddened Greer, who reveals that Francis signed the edict.

Acts of War
Greer, Kenna, and Lola are having a dance lesson. During their break, Princess Claude comes in to speak with them, asking them for details about Lord Narcisse. Claude bemoans the fact that her mother has been arranging marriages for her beneath her station and Greer wonders why her mother would do that, given that who she marries is a strategic alliance for France.

Acts of War10 - Greer n Castleroy

What is this really about?

Later, at the Castleroy residence, Castleroy has invited his Protestant friends, including Jacob Rivell, men with whom he has collaborating on bulding a school by funding them. Greer is not pleased by their visit, seeing it as a ploy to get her to convert, which Castleroy soon admits to.

But it works, because at The Feast of St. Nicolas, Greer tells Castleroy that she's considering converting, to unite their home, which Castleroy approves of and insinuates that they go home so that he shows her just how pleased he is.

However, at night, Castleroy and Greer are woken up to hear that there has been an attack on the castle. Though the King and Queen are said to be unscathed, many were killed in the attack, so Rivell asks Castleroy for funds to flee for some time, as he will be implicated as a Protestant. Rivell's right-hand man acts particularly furtive, and when inquired, he reveals that he was coerced into giving the money that was meant to build a school to armed men instead. Greer looks to her husband with horror, realizing that they have inadvertently funded an assassination on their king.

In Greer's chamber, she tries to talk Castleroy into going to mass with her, as she believes that he needs to separate himself from Protestantism due to the attack on the castle. However, still clinging to the intention of his donations and the comfort that the religion brought him after his daughter died, Castleroy decides not to go, even as his wife claims that he's dragging her down a dangerous path.

In her chamber, Greer along with Kenna and Lola learn from Queen Mary that she was raped in last night's attack, causing them to tear up. They then try to console her. Later, Leith bursts into Greer's chamber to inform her of the Protestant witch hunt going on. However, Greer can't turn to Mary this time, so she's forced to confront the possibility of losing the man she thought would bring her a greater sense of security.

Greer joins Mary on a trip to King Antoine's estate in order to hide Condé from the inquisitors.

When they arrive, Antoine talks Mary into staying the night and tells her that he will host a party in her honour.

At the party, Antoine introduces a new game. He will select one noblewoman and one nobleman and send them to a bed with people swaying sheets in front of it. Greer, being married, doesn't think the game is appropriate for her, so she leaves. Mary has the same thought.

Upstairs, Mary confides in Greer about how distant she feels toward everything ever since she was raped. She wonders if this is what her life will be like from now on. Greer reassures her that she will recover fully, but for the time being, she needs to let her heart rest.

However, the inquisitors from The Vatican track them down and arrive at Antoine's in the morning. Just as they march upstairs to detain Condé, Mary comes up with a plan to burn The Devil's Mark off in order to arouse doubt. They succeed and she, Condé, Greer, and the Vatican all have to return to court, where Mary is sure Francis will intercede on Condé's behalf.

In the carriage on her way home, Mary tells Greer she was able to touch Condé when they removed the brand because he needed the support. She was able to connect. In that moment, she was reawakened and remembered that she's not the only one who's hurting. Francis is in pain, too. But she isn't sure if they can get back what they had. Are you ready to try, Greer asks?

Mary Stuart asked Greer if she knew anything about her husband's involvement with the Protestant group to which she denied. Knowing that her husband, accounting record would prove his involvement, she cut a deal with her husband's accountant at the accounting house. Greer was stripped off her titles, positions, lands, and money when the accounting record that proved Lord Castleroy's involvement in funding the attack was discovered. She was allowed to live but as she is charged with treason, she was banished from court.[1]

The End of Mourning
With no money and nowhere to go, Greer managed to stay at an inn that is also known as a brothel. Lola and Kenna brought Greer some spare change to help her. She inadvertently became a madam when she sent a man to her neighbor's, Sharlene's, room at the inn. She was being interviewed to become a lady's companion when Sharlene barged in and lashed out on her for sending a mad man with a hair fetish, who cut Sharlene's hair and ran away with it. [2]

Feeling very sorry for what happened to Sharlene's hair, Greer had a wig made for her and helped get a better client through an upscale party. Sharlene came back with what she thought was "the easiest money" she made in a day and asked Greer to dress her and her friends and tell them when these upscale parties would occur. [3]

Tasting Revenge
Greer was giving advice to Sharlene and her friends about what to wear and how to act at upscale parties when Leith Bayard knocked on her door. Feeling very ashamed of what she was doing, she told Leith that she was trying on dresses with her "attending ladies". Leith told Greer that Lord Castleroy has been imprisoned for life as he was convicted of funding an assassination on the King of France. [4]

Tempting Fate
Leith was feeling guilty and told Greer if she ever needed anything, she could ask him. Greer witnessed one of her "working girls" was being harassed by a man and she told him to let her go. When the man told her it was none of her business, Greer said that on the contrary, Gigi was her friend and her neighbour. She basically admitted her role as a madam in front of the whole market to Leith's surprise. [5]

Later on, Leith confronted Greer about her life as a madam and that she should not involve herself in that kind of trade. Greer said it was hard enough not to become a disappointment in Leith's eye but she has nothing to offer anyone let alone a friend. Greer told Leith to not see her anymore. Leith was going to leave but decided against it and went to Greer's room at the inn and declared his love for her to which she reciprocated. The two consummated their renewed relationship. [5]

Reversal of Fortune
Leith has been spending some time with Greer and he wanted her to move out of the inn. Greer admitted that she's been saving some money and she is renting a big townhouse. Leith asked Greer to annul her marriage to Lord Castleroy and become his wife so that she doesn't need to be a madam. She told him that she doesn't want a man to depend on. She just needs a man who loves her. [6]

Lola and Kenna were worried about Greer's living condition and they promised not to say anything about Greer's possibly horrendous living condition when they were going to visit her. To their surprise, Greer was living in a grand townhouse. Greer admitted that she was a madam albeit accidentally. She reluctantly admitted to Lola and Kenna that it seems she has quite a knack for it. Greer has prepared champagne and the three toast to being "fallen women". [7]

Later that evening, Lola and Kenna went back to the townhouse to deliver some Damask fabric for Greer. Lola is a bit uncertain whether they should deliver the fabric to Greer in person or just leave it at the door since it was nighttime, and as noble women, they shouldn't be seen around the brothel. Kenna told Lola that she'll give the fabric to Greer. While there, Kenna saw a man being collared and led around by one of the "working girls". Greer explained that every man has their own desires and fantasies. As long as they were harmless, she caters to everything her customers need. [7]

Season 3

Queen Mary and King Francis have invited Martin de Lambert, a pirate, to French Court. The reason behind it was that they wanted Martin to steal gold for them to fund an army to protect Scotland from Queen Elizabeth's aggressions.

Martin agreed under certain conditions, one of them being Greer's hand in marriage. Mary doesn't agree to give Greer to Martin, mostly because Greer is already married. But when she hears how dire the situation in Scotland is, Greer tells Mary to give her blessing and plans to break off the engagement once France has secured more gold. Greer doesn't believe there will be any harm.

Three Queens, Two Tigers - Greer 10

I maybe kinda sorta like you.

Martin and Greer get on surprisingly well, finding common ground in their professions and how they are ostracized from society because of it. After their conversation, Greer even considers marriage and having children with him.

However, after a night of passion, he turns out to be a scoundrel, who only rolled out a proposal to get Greer into bed. Greer claims not to want anything to do with him, but she still secretly watches him and his men leave from the castle balcony.

Greer and her girls now work for the Queen of France at court. At a ball that evening, One of Greer's girls is entertaining King Antoine and listening to anything that he may say that could help their Queen, with Greer keeping an eye on them and later reporting to Mary.

Sebastian visits Greer at her new brothel and warns her about the murders happening in the village. Since those who end up dead are usually weaker, he worries she or her girls could be targets. She points to Prince Charles in the corner of the room, drinking with an unsavoury peer that shouldn't be around the future king and Bash takes it from there.

Later in the brothel, Greer observes Nicholas, the English ambassador, decoding and copying a letter to Marie de Guise, which she reports back to Mary.

Mary Stuart tells Sebastian how she remembers first coming to court. She recounts how when she was stepping out of the carriage, everyone lined up to welcome her. She was so nervous, but at least she had her friends, Kenna, Aylee, Greer and Lola.

Season 4

With Friends Like These
Greer arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland in time for Lola's funeral. She left Rose Castleroy behind in France with her husband, Aloysius Castleroy. Mary prepares her eulogy for Lola's funeral. Staying how Lola Fleming Narcisse was a mother and a wife. She was her lady and her dear, dear friend, and she shall never be forgotten. However, during the funeral, Mary became ill and had to leave early. Asking Greer to stay behind with Lola's parents.

A Grain Of Deception
Mary Stuart tried to talk Greer into staying in Scotland. Telling her, since her own arrival, she'd felt alone with no one to turn to. She adds she had to respond officially to Lola's involvement in the assassination attempt and had to confiscate her family's lands. But she still wanted them taken care of, so wanted Greer and Castleroy to move to Scotland and manage their lands.

Playing With Fire
Mary Stuart and Lady Greer were enjoying the sunshine while eating fruit. Mary told Greer she'd help her set up her home for when Rose and Castleroy arrived from France. She added she could see why Lola spoke of her childhood in Scotland so fondly. And now Greer's daughter would get to experience the same.

Dead of Night
Greer has returned to court at Mary's request, in which she most likely cited her pregnancy as one of the reasons to come back. Greer apologizes for being so hard on Mary about James, but Mary pardons her and tells her that Darnley has been good on his oath to be a better husband so far.

While Mary is having tea with Greer, Darnley storms in and demands she sign the Crown Matrimonial. He hands her the paper and shockingly enough for him, Mary tears it to pieces. Darnley begins to hurl threats at her, but she doesn't even budge.

The Shakedown
An earthquake ripped through a region in Scotland and it is up to Queen Mary to save her people.

But there is a hurdle she must overcome first - the fund for catastrophic events that has been set aside is now in King Darnley's possession. He refuses to turn it over to Mary unless she allows him to come to court and throws a feast in his honour, so that he earns the love and respect from his people.

Greer is vehemently against throwing Darnley a party. But Mary has her own ulterior motive behind it - since she can't trust Darnley to keep his word, she and Bothwell will sneak into his house and steal the money while Darnley is at the party. She asks for Greer's and Rizzio's help in keeping Darnley distracted while she carries out her plan.

Unfortunately, the plan fails. After a time, Darnley picks up on Mary and Bothwell's absence from the party, and deduces that there must be a deception afoot, in spite of Greer and Rizzio's best attempts at diverting Darnley's attention to themselves.

Coup de Grace - (Mentioned)
Greer is away from court.

Blood in the Water
Queen Mary tells Greer she has summoned James Stuart back to court upon lifting his banishment. She hasn't heard back from him yet, but she has apprised him of how urgent her situation is. She continues to operate without a full privy council and wants to name James regent, just in case something happens to her during childbirth.


  • Greer is the only properly-addressed woman on the show so far, as 'Lady Castleroy'.
  • She is the only lady that stayed with Mary until her downfall.
  • She is the last one out of Mary's ladies to have a child.
  • Nostradamus made a prediction about her. [8]
    • You'll fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face
    • - Later, Leith wipes his flour covered hand over his cheek, leaving a white mark. [8]
  • Greer was raised with hounds in the house, as they were her father's favorite animal. [8]
  • Her first kiss was from Leith Bayard. [8]
  • She has never made her own breakfast in her life and claims to be an awful cook. [9]
  • Once forced to kill a man when he attempted to rape her. [9]
  • Was revealed to be a talented forger. [10]
  • Greer was brefly engaged to Lord Julien after her parents arranged it. [11]
  • Greer became a noble as well as a lady when she married Lord Castleroy. [12]
  • Greer was stripped of her titles, lands and money for her involvement, no matter how slight, with the Protestants who stormed the castle. [1]
  • Wanted to find work as a lady's companion, but was rejected when her ties to a whore resurfaced. [2]
  • Tried to send a letter to her husband while he was in prison, but he wasn't allowed to receive it. [5]
  • Opened up her own establishment for working girls and a brothel. [6]
  • Had her ladies work for her at court. [13]
  • Left the Town House in favour of opening a brothel at the tavern she used to live in. [14]
  • Was secretly pregnant with Martin de Lambert's baby after the passionate night they shared together. [15]
  • Mentioned that she still considered herself a married woman to Aloysius Castleroy. [16]
  • Greer's pregnancy plot was written into the story because of Celina Sinden's real life pregnancy.

In History

  • Historically, she along with the other ladies-in-waiting of Mary, Queen of Scots had the same name, Mary. Together, they were known as "The Four Marys".
  • Greer is most closely based on Mary Beaton.


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