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Greer Norwood
Biographical Information
IRL: Mary Beaton
Real Name: Greer Norwood
Title: Greer of Kinross

Lady Greer

Born: 10 April 1543
Age: 25
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Kinross, Scotland
Current Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Husband: Aloysius Castleroy
Parents: Robert Norwood (Father)

Unnamed Mother

Family: Ainsley Norwood (Sister)

Colleen Norwood (Sister)
Ellen Norwood (Sister)
1 Unnamed Sister
Gemma Castleroy

Children: Rose Castleroy
Interests: Martin de Lambert (Father of her daughter)

Leith Bayard (On and Off)
Lord Julien (Ex-Fiancé)
Tomás of Portugal (Briefly)

Affiliations: Madam Greer's Brothel

Kingdom of Scotland
Kingdom of France
House of Norwood
House of Castleroy (Marriage)
Greer and Leith
Greer and Castleroy
Greer and Martin

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female.png
Height: 5'4
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayed by: Celina Sinden

Character Scottish Female  Married.png Noble.png Lady.png Season 1.png Season 2.png Season 3.png Season Four.png
"Make no mistake. We're here now, to get our young Queen in the game. Alliances can shift. Before they do, Mary needs to
win the Prince's heart.
Greer of Kinross

Greer Norwood is a lady-in-waiting and a close friend of Queen Mary, along with Lady Kenna, Lady Lola and Lady Aylee. Although her family is extremely wealthy, she is not of noble birth and does not have a title. She is currently separated from Lord Castleroy as they parted amicably.

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Greer can be soft spoken and a little reserved, but she sometimes lets her emotions get the better of her. To strangers, Greer can seem cold and dismissive, but this is probably to cover the fact that she feels inadequate for having to marry for a title. She is very loyal to her Queen and her family, devoting her life to them.

Early Life

Greer's family is known to be very wealthy; however, with their mines running low, the potential for future wealth is dwindling. Greer has been sent to France with Mary with the expectation that she marry for riches and power, and her goal is to find a husband, as is the goal of the rest of her friends. When Greer speaks of this, she seems greatly troubled, and it impacts many elements of her life. 

Season 1


Trumpets sound as they arrive at French Court waiting for their Queen. Lady Kenna, Greer, Lady Aylee and Lady Lola all emerge from their carriages. Admiring their greeting from the French Court, their own Queen arrives, and they are finally all together again. Mary Stuart asked if the woman beside the King is Queen Catherine, but it was Diane de Poitiers, the King's official mistress. And beside them is their son Sebastian, the King's favorite. Mary is stopped by Prince Francis who cuts across the grass to meet her. They exchanged greetings and Mary talked on sheepishly, losing her composure. Francis then escorted Mary towards his parents for a proper introduction.

"Make no mistake. We're here now, to get our young Queen in the game. Alliances can shift. Before they do, Mary needs to win the Prince's heart."

Mary was resting in her bedroom chambers while Greer and the girls were given instructions on what their duties were to their Queen and what was to be expected of them at all times. Once they were free, Aylee suggests they explore the castle.

at the bedding ceremony

That evening at Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding Lola and Greer are talking when Colin MacPhail walks in. Greer asks why he is talking to Mary instead of Lola. Lola, annoyed states he's simply paying his respects to his Queen as he hands her a glass of wine. They both cheer and drink up. Then Mary suggests they all start dancing, as they do feathers fall from the ceiling. Later at the bedding ceremony for Elisabeth and Philip Mary and her ladies decide to spy of the event. One they decided they've watched enough, they run off in separate directions.

Pilot - 31 Ladies in Waiting.png

The day morning Mary informs them Colin MacPhail attempted to rape her that night, and was taken away by her guards. Lola tells them that Colin told her, someone had put him up to it. Mary decided she wants to talk with Colin herself. However, after meeting with the King and Queen finds out Colin was beheaded at dawn that morning. Lola blames Mary for what happened. Mary tried to calm her and promises to protect them as they are all still friends. However, ends up leaving upset.

"You are my Queen and we are your subjects. We're here in service to you. Whatever that means, whatever that costs us."

What a nice party

Lola finally falls to sleep in Mary's room the morning after she finds out about Colin MacPhail's death. Hours later she is present in The Throne Room when [[|King Charles|Prince Charles]] finds out about his engagement to Lady Madeleine. Mary manages to tag along on the outing to be with Price Francis.

That afternoon they are all gathered in Mary's chambers when King Henry and Queen Catherine make a personal appearance. They inform them that Colin has escaped and is now most likely in The Blood Wood. Mary requests to see him when he is found. Preferably alive.

Snakes in Garden - 16 Ladies in Waiting.png

The next morning they all attend Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party. Kenna asks who the King is talking with since he's clearly ignoring the Queen. Greer says he's the king and can talk with whomever he wants.

That night Lola is in the hallway with the girls when Francis informs Mary that Colon's body has been found.

Greer of Norwood finds her way to the kitchen and begins instructing Leith on what she wants from him. Leith tells her he knows how to bake food, and she tells him she wants apple tart since strawberry's aren't in season. Leith tells her he knows what he's doing and that she can go. She asks who will read the list to him, and he smiles and tells her he's fine, and she reluctantly leaves the kitchen and its staff to go with Mary Stuart

That night at the Boating Party Greer is caught by Leith in the kitchen crying. Though he doesn’t catch on right away and teases her until she breaks down crying.

Kissed - 38 Greere & Leith.png

Greer and Leith are talking in the kitchen, and Greer in much happier now, eating the food he made earlier. Leith Bayard tells her a story about his father's favourite goat he had to chase. Where after he decided, no more sheep and goats, indoor work for him. (Tho, when he goes home, that goat still shares their house in the winter.) Greer tells him, her father keeps hounds, and they're all over the house, all the time. She even thinks he cares more about the hounds than her mother and my sisters. Revealing her father sent her so far away, with Queen Mary to be married. She has to marry well, for her family's sake. Her parents made that very clear to her. The only way to rise in the world is through land and title, and for people like them, the only way to achieve theose things will be to marry them. Love has no place in her life, but she hopes it will, but she has four younger sisters counting on her, as well. If she rise, they rise. Adding, Leith should have been there when they saw her off to France, saying they looked at her the way her father looks at an investment, wondering if she'll fail, or pay off. The two then share their first kiss.

The next morning Greer gives a backer their request, and as he politely tells her 'he'll take care of it' Greer sneaks a peak at Leith. He greets her and she blushes and leaves. While he’s kneading bread he rubs his cheek and gets a white flour mark on it.

Inquisition - Greer I.png

Greer is told by one of the castle servants that Wet Nurse, Jean has been taken to the dungeon and put on the rack for information. Greer immediately goes to find Mary and inform her of the news. When Greer gets to Mary's room she tells both Mary and Sebastian her news. knowing it's all connected back to Bash's cousin, Isobel Derant and her baby

Greer and Kenna were already at the Winter Festival when for Mary and Bash arrived. It was snowing and they were already surrounded by other children, they waived at their Queen, and went back to what they were working on.

Greer and Kenna walk together with the Prince’s in front of them. Greer made a comment about the strange man who was standing by a tree looking suspicious. They both found it odd but were distracted when Prince Charles fell down. Kenna walked over to see if he was alright, and when she lifted up his mask, and was surprised to see it was not a young Charles. Greer immediately went to go see who was behind Henri's mask. They alertedMary and Bash when it too, was not Henry under his mask. Bash ordered everyone to take off their masks, Charles and Henry were nowhere in sight.

Mary ordered Kenna and Greer to have guards spread out looking for the boys. She hollered at them to find Lord Hugo before they left.

Greer and Kenna were in the throne room waiting for Mary while Queen Catherine was making final preparation for her own beheading. However, everything stopped when the Royal trumpets sounded. Announcing the arrival of a Royalty. As it turned out it was Mary's own mother, Marie de Guise.

Mary informed her and Kenna that she was going to marry Sebastian that evening. Greer ran to her chambers to grab a vail for her Queen. Telling her that it would keep her face hidden during their secret ceremony. However stopped talking when she spotted Lola she was surprised when she entered with Francis but she explained how they ran into each other in Paris, and how her carriage had been swept away in the middle of the night. Lola made an excuse for them to leave so Francis and Mary could talk.

That night King Henry announced that the English Queen was dead. He then demanded Mary choose one of his sons to marry that night. Mary refused.

The next day Mary had decided to wed Francis. Greer and the other's along with Mary's mother were helping her get ready for the big event. Now long after that Greer, Kenna and Lola were walking down the aisle behind Mary for her wedding.

During the wedding reception, Greer informed her Queen that the consummation ceremony was to begin. Mary asked for a moment to finish talking with her mother. Greer, Lola and Kenna all accompanied Mary and Francis to the bedding ceremony. They were among the witnesses for the night.

Greer, Kenna, and Lola were all waiting for Their Queen's return to court, as it had been two months since they last saw her. She greeted them all in the hallways and even told Greer she had found her a suitor. And one for Lola in Paris too. Soon Queen Catherine arrived and swished her son off to tell him something.

Back in Mary's chambers, they were all trying on the dresses Mary had bought them. Kenna's was white, and Greer's was black, however, Lola's didn't fit. Mary told her not to worry, as she would have it tailored for her. She then brought out candy for them to eat.

Greer wake woken up early with the rest of the castle at the demand of the king. He had gathered them all in the courtyard and demanded answers for his rambling questions. He soon demanded to know who had asked for forgiveness from God the night before. When a young man stepped forward and answered a few questions King Henry abruptly stabbed him and his body fell to the floor. They were then all free to go back to their rooms.

Season 2

Greer married Lord Castleroy knowing that he had been going to Protestant services, which he started going to after the death of his daughter, Yvette. After marrying Lord Castleroy, Greer became a noble and titled as Lady Castleroy. [1][2]

Lord Castleroy was giving money to a Protestant group to which he thought was going to built schools. When the group came to their house and asked for more money, Lord Castleroy became suspicious as to where the money was going. Lord Castleroy had his suspicion proven when an attack on the King and Queen of France became known. Greer confronted her husband that the money he has been giving to a Protestant group has been used to fund an assassination on the King of France.[3][4]

Mary Stuart asked Greer if she knew anything about her husband's involvement with the Protestant group to which she denied. Knowing that her husband, accounting record would prove his involvement, she cut a deal with her husband's accountant at the accounting house. Greer was stripped off her titles, positions, lands, and money when the accounting record that proved Lord Castleroy's involvement in funding the attack was discovered. She was allowed to live but as she is charged with treason, she was banished from court.[5]

With no money and nowhere to go, Greer managed to stay at an inn that is also known as a brothel. Lola and Kenna brought Greer some spare change to help her. She inadvertently became a madam when she sent a man to her neighbor's, Sharlene's, room at the inn. She was being interviewed to become a lady's companion when Sharlene barged in and lashed out on her for sending a mad man with a hair fetish, who cut Sharlene's hair and ran away with it. [6]

Feeling very sorry for what happened to Sharlene's hair, Greer had a wig made for her and helped get a better client through an upscale party. Sharlene came back with what she thought was "the easiest money" she made in a day and asked Greer to dress her and her friends and tell them when these upscale parties would occur. [7]

Greer was giving advice to Sharlene and her friends about what to wear and how to act at upscale parties when Leith Bayard knocked on her door. Feeling very ashamed of what she was doing, she told Leith that she was trying on dresses with her "attending ladies". Leith told Greer that Lord Castleroy has been imprisoned for life as he was convicted of funding an assassination on the King of France. [8]

Leith was feeling guilty and told Greer if she ever needed anything, she could ask him. Greer witnessed one of her "working girls" was being harassed by a man and she told him to let her go. When the man told her it was none of her business, Greer said that on the contrary, Gigi was her friend and her neighbour. She basically admitted her role as a madam in front of the whole market to Leith's surprise. [9]

Later on, Leith confronted Greer about her life as a madam and that she should not involve herself in that kind of trade. Greer said it was hard enough not to become a disappointment in Leith's eye but she has nothing to offer anyone let alone a friend. Greer told Leith to not see her anymore. Leith was going to leave but decided against it and went to Greer's room at the inn and declared his love for her to which she reciprocated. The two consummated their renewed relationship. [9]

Leith has been spending some time with Greer and he wanted her to move out of the inn. Greer admitted that she's been saving some money and she is renting a big townhouse. Leith asked Greer to annul her marriage to Lord Castleroy and become his wife so that she doesn't need to be a madam. She told him that she doesn't want a man to depend on. She just needs a man who loves her. [10]

Lola and Kenna were worried about Greer's living condition and they promised not to say anything about Greer's possibly horrendous living condition when they were going to visit her. To their surprise, Greer was living in a grand townhouse. Greer admitted that she was a madam albeit accidentally. She reluctantly admitted to Lola and Kenna that it seems she has quite a knack for it. Greer has prepared champagne and the three toast to being "fallen women". [11]

Later that evening, Lola and Kenna went back to the townhouse to deliver some Damask fabric for Greer. Lola is a bit uncertain whether they should deliver the fabric to Greer in person or just leave it at the door since it was nighttime, and as noble women, they shouldn't be seen around the brothel. Kenna told Lola that she'll give the fabric to Greer. While there, Kenna saw a man being collared and led around by one of the "working girls". Greer explained that every man has their own desires and fantasies. As long as they were harmless, she caters to everything her customers need. [11]

Season 3

Safe Passage - (Mentioned)
Mary Stuart told Sebastian how she remembered first coming to Court. Stepping out of the carriage, everyone lined up to welcome her. She was so nervous, but at least she had her friends, Kenna, Aylee, Greer, Lola.

Season 4

With Friends Like These
Greer arrived in Edinburgh, Scotland in time for Lola's funeral. She left Rose Castleroy behind in France with her husband, Aloysius Castleroy. Mary prepares her eulogy for Lola's funeral. Staying how Lola Fleming Narcisse was a mother and a wife. She was her lady and her dear, dear friend, and she shall never be forgotten. However, during the funeral, Mary became ill and had to leave early. Asking Greer to stay behind with Lola's parents.

A Grain Of Deception
Mary Stuart tried to talk Greer into staying in Scotland. Telling her, since her own arrival, she'd felt alone with no one to turn to. She adds she had to respond officially to Lola's involvement in the assassination attempt and had to confiscate her family's lands. But she still wanted them taken care of, so wanted Greer and Castleroy to move to Scotland and manage their lands.

Playing With Fire
Mary Stuart and Lady Greer were enjoying the sunshine while eating fruit. Mary told Greer she'd help her set up her home for when Rose and Castleroy arrived from France. She added she could see why Lola spoke of her childhood in Scotland so fondly. And now Greer's daughter would get to experience the same.

Dead of Night
Mary Stuart tells Greer she is pregnant with King Darnley's child. Telling her, only Darnley knows, and she's also told James Stuart before he left. Greer Apologies for being hard on Mary about James. Mary tells her it's alright. In trying to protect her throne, she put her brother in a dangerous position that ended with his banishment.

Coup de Grace - (Mentioned)
Mary Stuart tells David Rizzio she doesn't know how to thank him for all he's done for her. With her brother, James Stuart, gone, and Greer away she felt she could trust him with her life.

Blood in the Water
Mary Stuart tells Greer she's called James Stuart back to court, lifted her brother's banishment. She hasn't heard back from him yet, but she's told him how urgent er situation is. She's still operating without a full privy council and wants to name James regent. Just in case something happens to her during childbirth.



  • Greer's is the only properly addressed woman on the show so far, as 'Lady Castleroy'
  • She's the only lady that stayed with Mary until her downfall and substance demise.
  • Nostradamus made a Prediction about her. [12]
    • You'll fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face
    • - Later, Leith wipes his flour covered hand over his cheek, leaving a white mark. [12]
  • Greer was raised with hounds in the house, as they were her father's favorite animal. [12]
  • Her first kiss was from Leith Bayard. [12]
  • She has never made her own breakfast in her life and claims to be an awful cook. [13]
  • Once forced to kill a man when he attempted to rape her. [13]
  • Greer was brefly engaged to Lord Julien after her parents arranged it. [14]
  • Greer became a noble as well as a Lady when she married Lord Castleroy. [2]
  • Leith used his one Favor with King Francis to rescue Lord Castleroy from interrogation, imprisonment. [15]
  • Greer lost her titles, lands and money for her involvement no matter how slight involvement with the Protestants. [5]
  • Opened up her own establishment for working girls and owns a Brothel. [10]
  • Greer has been giving the title of lady, allowed back at court, and still owns her Brothel. [16]
  • Meets Martin de Lambert and two two share a passionate night together. [16]
  • Greer had her ladies working for her as court. [17]
  • Left the Town House, and has opened her brothel at the tavern she used to live in. [18]
  • Secretly pregnant with Martin de Lambert's baby, and planning to give it to her sister Ellen Norwood. [19] [20]
  • Mentioned she still considers herself a married woman to Aloysius Castleroy. [21]
  • Greer and Martin are considering raising their child. [20]
  • Decided to keep her baby. [22]
  • Mary Stuart found out she was 9 months pregnant. After, Mary arranged to have Lord Castleroy broken out of prision. And they all left together to raise the baby. [23]
  • Had a daughter named Rose Castleroy, and currently in Scotland. [24]


  • Greer's pregnancy plot was written into the story because of Celina Sinden's real life pregnancy.

Historical Notes


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