Character Flag - France Female
Biographical Information
Title: Prostitute
Age: 19
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Kingdom of France
Affiliations: Madam Greer's Brothel
Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5' 6
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Tasting Revenge
Portrayed by: Kate Ross

"It's a plague! Solders gave me the plague! "

Gigi is a woman of pleasure in the service Greer at Madam Greer's Brothel and good friends with Sharlene.

Season 2Edit

The girls were all in Greer's room with Sharlene, Greer and another prostitute as they all tried on clothing, and Greer gave them advice on how to attract weathier men. They were interrupted by a knock at the door, Gigi opened it to find Leith Bayard on the other side. Greer immediately shut it and told him she would meet him downstairs once she finished changing with her 'attending ladies.'

Later Gigi almost got into a scuffle when a customer wouldn't pay her for her work, and demanded more. Greer come to her rescues but was called out infant of everyone for being a Madamé.

Gigi snuck into the camp site of Louis Condé and his men on order of Madamé Greer. She, and along with a large number of other girls from the brothel slept around with, and touched as many men as they could. By morning they had gotten a large number of them sick with plague like sypmtems. To make matters worse, Gigi screamed out how the men had given her The Black until Condé discovered her. She ran off into the crowd.



Season Two
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