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Gideon Blackburn
Gideon Blackburn
Biographical Information
Title: English Ambassador
Height: 5'7
Gender: Male Male
Status: Deceased
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: England
Affiliations: Kingdom of England

Gideon and Mary
Gideon and Elizabeth‏‎

Relationship Information
Wife: Unnamed

Queen Elizabeth (Unofficially)

Children: Agatha Blackburn
Interests: Queen Mary (Former)

Queen Elizabeth

Character Information
First Appearance: Fight or Flight
Portrayed By: Ben Geurens

"I never said I was a good man, but one can receive good advice from a bad person."
Gideon Blackburn

Gideon Blackburn is the new English envoy in France, replacing Lord Nicholas. He was recently imprisoned in The Tower of London but released by Queen Elizabeth with order to seduce Queen Mary.


He is sweet and heroic, and funny without meaning to be. However, it is not known how much of this is real, and what is an act.


Early Life

Imprisoned in The Tower of London by Queen Elizabeth because he worked for Queen Mary Tudor. Queen Mary I ordered Gideon to seduce the young Princess Elizabeth, and failed to do so due to Elizabeth's feelings for her friend Robert Dudley. He was later released by Queen Elizabeth to do her bidding.

Season 3

Fight or Flight
Gideon Blackburn is released from the Tower of London by Queen Elizabeth. She informs him that he will be the new envoy of England and is going to be sent to France. While there, he is to seduce the Queen of Scots.

The Hound and the Hare
Soon after arriving to France, Gideon meets Queen Mary when he bursts into his room to tell him that his attempt at ruining her engagement with Don Carlos will not work.

However, Gideon and his man have a trick up their sleeve. They know Don Carlos is hiding a big secret and they will use it to keep the prince away from Mary. It doesn't work, as they see Don Carlos playing the Hound and the Hare game with Mary later that day.

During the chase, Mary injures her ankle. Gideon finds her and sweeps her off her feet, carrying her back to the castle.

Mary Stuart and Gideon Blackburn are both frustrated with Queen Elizabeth. Elizabeth holds Gideon's daughter hostage, and then she keeps changing the price for her freedom. Mary tells him that Gideon's spy, Jeffrey, will be returning to England soon. She suggests that he let Jeffrey bring news to Elizabeth, claiming that the lonely and brokenhearted Queen has been seduced by Gideon. The goal is to convince Elizabeth that Gideon is in control, providing him with leverage to force Elizabeth to let him see Agatha.

Weeks later, Gideon informs Mary that the Queen is happy. Jeffrey reported on their evening together, and Elizabeth is considering dates when he might be allowed to travel home.

Weeks later, Mary informs Gideon that she received news in a letter from Lola. Elizabeth is keeping her word, and Gideon's daughter is coming to France. Gideon kisses Mary after she delivers the news to him.

Gideon Blackburn warned Mary Stuart that Queen Elizabeth would see her raising a Catholic army as an act of aggression. Even if it was to stop John Knox. As The Vatican has been determined to reclaim England ever since she turned the country Protestant after Mary Tudor her Catholic sister died.

Gideon learns that Mary might have double-crossed them. His servant and a fellow-spy threatens Agatha in order to keep Gideon in line.

Gideon Blackburn tells Mary Stuart at this point, he thought he would be raising his daughter with his wife by his side. Instead, he's only just met his child, and his wife is dead.

Gideon and Agatha Blackburn returned to England.

Lord Narcisse asks Mary Stuart is she is angery they traded Gideon Blackburn to Elizabeth for General Gaghan.

Season 4

With Friends Like These
Elizabeth and Gideon discused the events surrounding Lola's execution. Gideon asked if they gain any information in Scotland, but Queen Mary maintained her innocence. Queen Elizabeth said Lola admitted the order came from Mary. Gideon wondered if Lola was wrong, used by someone. Elizabeth added Lord Narcisse was imprisoned in The Tower of London and refused to speak, but John Philip and his nanny were missing. Lola had probably planned an escape for after her death, and they were back in France.

Gideon re-introduced himself to Lord Narcisse. Reminding him they met in France. Gideon said he know why Narcisse was refusing to speak, he was afraid of being implicated in his wife's crime. But he could trust him. Gideon knew he wasn't involved and neither was Mary. Insisting Mary would never put a friend in danger like that. Narcisse argued Mary would if her country were at risk. Elizabeth was on the edge of taking Scotland, and Lola would never have done it unless the order came from Mary. However it is soon realized, John's nanny, Renee, might be involved. Narcisse left little John with her in hiding waiting to flee. But if Renee betrayed Lola, and her own Queen, they wondered what she might she do to a child left behind, a complication.

Renee told Gideon that John Philip, knows him as his mother's friend. But he still calls out for her, he doesn't understands his mom isn't coming back. However she died att he hans of archers soon after.

Mary Stuart received a letter from Gideon. Informng her John Knox was behind the assassination attempt on Elizabeth. He'd forged a letter in Mary's handwriting ordering Lola to kill Elizabeth.

A Grain of Deception
Queen Elizabeth and Lord Narcisse are playing an Italian game called Bocce. Narcisse doesn't understand why he's still being held at English court, but Elizabeth reminds him how he stabbed two of her guards. She also tells him that she wrote to Catherine de' Medici about the terms of Narcisse's release but Catherine hasn't responded.

Gideon comes in and apprises Elizabeth of Lord White agreeing to release Lady Keira from their engagement under the condition of receiving a substantial sum for it. He also tells her that John Knox has arrived at court, and much to Gideon's surprise, Elizabeth invited him. She wants to bring him down.

However, since Elizabeth has no evidence of Knox's last crime, she must catch him red-handed while he's plotting another, so she has Narcisse tempt him into sedition at the French embassy. While Gideon is planning to bust in to the French embassy with guards, Narcisse informs them that Knox is not there. He must have sensed a trap and fled. Gideon looks through a hole in the wall and much to his shock, he sees fifty of Elizabeth's subjects gathered there. When Elizabeth learns of it, she orders them all quietly killed.

Without proof to hold him for, Elizabeth lets Knox go. Narcisse is in disbelief that Elizabeth let him go, but Gideon explains that his disappearance would have caused a scandal. Since Narcisse helped the Crown, Gideon gives him a deed to a ship to take him back home.

Elizabeth and Gideon brought up Mary Stuart, and Gideon asked to marry Mary, with Elizabeth's blessing. Gideon insisted Mary was not like her, or even Catherine. She never angled to be Queen, and was crowned at six days old, and it had cost her everything. Her husband, King Francis, whom she adored, and her best friend, Lola. She only wanted is to be happy and have a family, now power.

Gideon asked Queen Elizabeth what she told his daughter, Agatha about heaven came so easily to her was because it's what she told herself as a child. Elizabeth confirmed her father, King Henry VIII wanted little to do with her, and her mother, Anne Boleyn was killed before she turned three. Later her sister, Mary Tudor locked her in The Tower of London and accused her of treason, and she never knew if they were coming for her next. So she told herself that story so she wouldn't be afraid.

Gideon Blackburn grieves over his daughter, Agatha Blackburn offscreen.

Elizabeth and Gideon were discovered kissing by Jane. Queen Elizabeth yelled she cannot risk her reputation. She was the "Virgin Queen" and her marriage to Archduke Ferdinand would be her best protection against her enemies, all would be undone if Jane lived to speak. Gideon tried to persuade her, because they spent a moment together, an innocent girl, a loyal servant, had to die. Elizabeth asked what were innocence and loyalty, Lola was both, and she conspired to have her killed. Lola actively betrayed her, but still Lola's death haunted her. Not long after, Gideon agreed to take Jane to the woods and when he returned, they'd return to court. But he added, when it's done, she would not feel safer, and after Lola died, she only felt more alone.

Later Elizabeth confided Lola's death still haunted her When she was brought to execution, she had a look in her eyes she will never forget, and Jane had that same look. That is why she let her live.

Coup de Grace
When the word of the two English nobles being murdered and their ships and cargo seized by France travels back to Queen Elizabeth, she is not happy. She sends Gideon to France to negotiate a settlement.

Lord Narcisse is waiting ashore when Gideon arrives. Narcisse believes they may use the time now to get to know each other before they begin negotiating. Gideon doesn't beat around the bush and immediately asks why Prince Henri is so active in French politics. Narcisse claims that he is only supporting the King, as do the Spanish boats that are anchored off shore.

When at the castle, Narcisse is handed a list of demands from Gideon: restitution for the life of each murdered English subject, return of all seized ships and cargo, and formal apology, preferably in writing.

Gideon stated his queen executed Lola, and he understands his bitterness, but not to let his grudge push their countries to war, Elizabeth had no choice, and she suffered from the loss of Lola as well, admitting he had lost his wife and then his daughter, Agatha.

King Charles and Gideon are at French Court admiring The Mona Lisa. Charles's grandfather Francis of Valois purchased it while he was King.

Gideon and Narcisse prepared to say goodbye. Narcisse thought it'd be nice if both men would claim a victory. Gideon for his queen, and himself to ensure France remains independent from Spain. Gideon adds he's an exemplary statesman, setting aside his personal feelings for the good of his country and that Lola would be proud.

Queen Elizabeth professes her love to Gideon in secret church nuptials. She vows to him, but to God. And woven into this fabric from her mother's dress are her dreams of lasting love for Elizabeth. She tells him the joy she would have felt knowing she'd met Gideon. However, Gideon soon collapses and succumbs to poisoning, leaving Elizabeth heartbroken.

Lord Narcisse returned to Scottish Court to say goodbye to Mary Stuart. Mary said she was surprised to see him, it could be some time until John Knox was brought to justice for Lola. Narcisse left Mary with a parting gift. Telling her she was still free to take legal steps against Knox, but he'd taken what Knox valued the most, his testicles. Mary told him he was a monster, and his vile act would not ease his pain. Narcisse insisted revenge was not meant to ease pain, it was meant to balance the scales. Because he will live with the pain of Lola's death for the rest of his life, but now, he had made sure everyone responsible for it would forever suffer too. Mary realized Narcisse was behind Gideon's poisoning because Elizabeth loved Gideon, and now, she knew what it felt like to lose the one she loved the most. Mary banishes Narcisse from court.

Queen Elizabeth thinks it was Archduke Ferdinand who poisoned him, as he was the only one who had motive. He knew how much she loved Gideon and that she would never end the affair. After he left Elizabeth in England, to grieve on her own while he tends to business. She tells Jane The archduke has a Portuguese ship sailing to Austria, his family's business depends on the gold it carries. And she is going to steal it. She commissions Naval Commander Francis Drake for help.

It's revealed that Jane was the one who poisoned Gideon on Narcisse's behalf.

Jane helped kill Gideon because of what Elizabeth's father, King Henry VIII did to her grandfather. He worked for Henry VIII, and when he didn't polish his ring to his liking, the king sawed off his finger with a butter knife. He was then sent home, the wound stank, his veins turned black, and he screamed in pain for two full days until he died.


In History

  • Gideon Blackburn is entirely a fictional character, with no historical equivalent, he is not an amalgamation of other noble figures, and is not to be confused with another person named Gideon Blackburn who lived in the mid 1700s.


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