General Renaude
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Biographical Information
Title: General Renaude
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Kingdom of France
Wife: Unnamed Wife (Deceased)
Children: Unborn Child
Bertraud Renaude (Son)
Interests: Lady Kenna
Affiliations: Lord Narcisse
Louis Condé
Renaude and Kenna
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Tempting Fate
Portrayed by: Vincent Nappo

Character Flag - France Noble Male Married Deceased Season 2
" Kenna, I'm so sorry, if there was anything I could do to remove suspicion from you."
General Renaude

General Renaude is an associate of Lord Narcisse and has agreed to follow his orders even though Narcisse has no money or power. He has also taken an interest in Lady Kenna, but has since betrayed the crown and allied himself with Louis Condé.

Season 2Edit

His debut epsiode ​​​​​​ 

General Renaude received notice from Lord Narcisse to come to French Court and bring all his men. After setting out, Renaude saw a young woman spying on their camp. After confronting her, he found she had lost her carriage and was on a mission from Court. Renaude offered her a ride back to the castle.

That night Renaude received a letter telling him to delay his arrival by two days. Then, much to his disappointment he found out the woman, Lady Kenna was married. He ordered his messenger to take her back to court on his behalf.



Renaude was in the War Room with King Francis and Queen Mary while they looked over the map for Louis Condé's whereabouts. Francis sent him out to search the surrounding areas again.

Before leaving he ran into Kenna, where they had a short make-out together, secretly in the hallway. They talked about their life together, and the possibility of marriage.

Renaude was captured by Louis Condé and his men. Condé then convinced him to become a part of his plans to over take the kingdom by showing him his lost son, Bertraud Renaude. Proving Condé had the backing of England. Renaude agreed for his son.

General Renaude had switched sides, and he and his men planned on attacking, and killing King Francis once inside the walls. However Sebastian and his brother figured out what was happening and were ready. Renaude was locked up for his High Treason and was set to hang until death.

Lady Kenna was with him before his hanging, they said their good-byes and Kenna promised to remember him forever.



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