Gemma Castleroy
Gemma Castleroy
Biographical Information
Real Name: Emile Bourbon
Title: Noble
Age: 6
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: France
Family: Aloysius Castleroy (Father)

Greer Castleroy (Step-Mother) Yvette Castleroy(Sister)
2 Unnamed Brothers
1 Unnamed Sister

Affiliations: House of Castleroy

House of Habsburg

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 4'5
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Blood for Blood
Portrayed by: Saige Aurora

Character Flag - France Noble Female Season 2

Gemma Castleroy is the youngest daughter and child of Lord Castleroy and now the new Step-Daughter of Greer.


Gemma is a very sweet and kind little girl. She adores her new step-Mother and is happy for her father.

Early lifeEdit

Gemma was raised away from court with her two older brothers and older sisters Gemma's mother died when she was still very young possibly after childbirth or near after that time.

Season 2Edit

Her father visited them with the sad news that her older sister, Yvette had died during The Black Plague outbreak at court. However, she herself had been poisoned by a noble, when she drank poisoned water.

Gemma ran up to Greer wanting to see her. Excited her her wedding to her dad. Greer offered to fix her hair for her and put her beret back into place. Gemma knew she had to get back to her nanny so gave Greer a hug before running off again.

Later, Gemma and her brothers and sister all ran out to their dad and new mom who were dancing on the floor after their Wedding nuptials.


  • It has not been confirmed that Gemma is Protestant like her father, seeing as he just changed religions, but if she isn't yet, she will most likely convert soon.
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