Gale Hemsworth †
Gale Hemsworth
Biographical Information
Real Name: Gale Hemsworth
Title: Kitchen Staff
Born: 16 April 1541
Dies: Summer 1557
Age: 17
Religion: Pagan
Affiliations: France
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'11
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: A Chill in the Air
Portrayed by: AJ Vaage

Character Flag - France Male Pagan Deceased Season 1
"Pick someone to die, or we will pick for you."
Gale Hemsworth

Gale Hemsworth was a member of the kitchen staff for the Kingdom of France, but he was only using it as a cover as he was secretly a heretic.


Gale is a loyal man who strongly believed in the Pagan cause. He was very cunning and smart as he was able to make his way into working in the Court kitchens as a butcher for the King.

Season 1Edit

Gale was the red-headed boy, who led Olivia D'Amencourt and her servants to their death with Olivia as the only survivor.

Gale was a butcher in the kitchen and worked alongside Leith Bayard, where he was almost recognized by his voice by Olivia. He later committed suicide in front of Sebastian that night in the fall on 1557.

Sebastian hears Gale's voice again, remeber their conversation from the night before.


  • Gale Hemsworth's name is fiction. AJ Vaage, the actor who portrayed Gale, was never given name.
  • Though AJ Vaage was credited for appearing in two episodes, he only physically appears in one, in the following episode only his voice is heard.


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