Fredrick Fleming
Biographical Information
Real Name: Fredrick Fleming
Title: Noble

Lord Fredrick

Age: 18
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Scotland
Parents: Malcolm Fleming (Father)

Janet Fleming (Mother)

Family: Lola(Sister)

Robert (Brother)
Unnamed Brother †
John Philip (Nephew)

Affiliations: Scotland
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Royal Blood
Portrayed by: Jim Watson

Character Flag - Scotland Male Noble Lord
"Thank you!"
Fredrick Fleming

Early LifeEdit

Fredrick Fleming was raised in Scotland with his younger sister Lola, and two older brothers, both of whom died from the plague. He has since become a wild card and turned to gambling around Europe.

Season OneEdit

Fredrick Fleming is in Paris, France and after being caught cheated at cards at The Burgundy House and tried to talk his way out of getting his hands smashed by promising to pay his debt off with interest. His little sister Lola arrived after he sent for her to bring money.

Once Lola arrives and pays off his debt, the housemaster informs Lola of his cheating and informs her that the price for that is much higher.

After an intense game of card between the housemaster and a wealthy friend of Lola, the debt is finally cleared.


  • Fredrick's last name of Fleming is not confirmed until Season Four at Lola's funeral. However he is not present.
  • In Royal Blood Lola claims they are all that their parents have left. This is in contradiction with Season Three where Queen Elizabeth claims she has imprisoned Lola's father and three brothers. Fredrick being one of them.
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