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Francis and Mary
Francis and Mary
Real Names: Francis de Valois
Mary Stuart
Ship Name: Frary
Status: Over, ended in Francis' death

Married couple

Length of Relationship:

On-and-off, 2 years


Kingdom of France
Kingdom of Scotland
House of Valois
House of Stuart

First Appearance: Pilot
Last Appearance: In a Clearing
All It Cost Her (Flashback)

"It's pretty obvious now that for us to
stay sane, we need to be together.
Francis to Mary


Early History[]

Queen Mary of Scotland and Prince Francis of France were children when they were introduced at French Court. However, Mary was sent away to a convent for her protection, where she lived until she returned to court several years later.

Season 1[]

After spending years in a convent, Queen Mary is sent to French Court to wed the next king of France, Prince Francis. After she steps out of her carriage and her arrival is announced, she sees Francis as he cuts across the yard to meet her. Mary sheepishly talks on, losing her composure, but Francis looks just as unnerved. She follows his lead as they walk through the crowd to the King and Queen of France for a proper introduction.

Pilot - 16 Francis

That afternoon, Mary was surprised to find Francis working in her old room and questions him about becoming a blacksmith, and they exchanged their fears of being royals. Mary told him he would never have to worry about his security, as she wound always protect him. The next day Mary brought stones she found by the river to Francis, glad they were getting along. When he answered his door he was unhappy with her presence and told her to go away, and Mary realized he had another woman in his room.

" If you're going to be the Queen of France, you need to understand something. Kings do not answer to their wives."
Prince Francis

That evening at Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding, Francis watched Mary dancing with her Ladies-in-Waiting. Hours later, Francis apologized for his behavior, but it was not long before they were fighting again. Francis told Mary they would only marry if it was right for France, and their feelings had nothing to do with it. They next day, the couple made up once more. They almost shared their first kiss but didn't.

"Love is irrelevant to people like us."
Prince Francis

Snakes in the Garden
A few days later, Mary, Francis, and Francis' younger brother Charles set out to the coast to meet Charles' soon-to-be bride, Lady Madeleine. Neither Madeleine nor Charles are willing to make the first move, so Mary steps in and introduces the two. Francis seems to find the sight endearing.

At Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party that evening, Mary talks to the English envoy, Simon Westbrook, who arrived shortly after Madeleine. He questions her engagement with Francis and makes a thinly-veiled threat in an attempt to scare her into backing away from Franco-Scottish alliance.

Francis, who has listened in on their conversation, interrupts, calling Mary "darling" and taking her away from Simon. When they're alone, he suggests they put on a front and pretend their engagement is strong while the English creep at court. She agrees.

Snakes in Garden - 20 Francis & Mary

The next day Mary and Francis are talking to each other while watching a blindfolded Charles and Madeleine play a game. Mary points to Charles, saying he's not listening to Madeleine, but Francis insists, Madeleine isn't speaking loud enough. Their conversation becomes heated when Mary relays the information about Colin, saying it was someone from Court in a high position. Francis becomes angry with her when she suggested it might be his mother.

"I had their word that we would be married. I'm not sure words mean anything here."
Queen Mary

After heading back to her room early, Mary runs screaming for help after a servant girl seemingly dies in her chambers. Francis arrives to help, and Mary tells him about the secret passageways in her room, suggesting someone came in her room that way. After the English envoy is questioned but comes up clean.

Later, Francis apprises Mary of Colin's death, leaving her with no proof against her counter-conspirator. Mary also confides in Francis in her belief that his mother is plotting against her. She adds that she is considering returning to Scotland, as she fears for her life.

"I can't bring home any armies and I can't wed any kings if I'm dead."
Queen Mary

Mary is standing outside overlooking the water when Francis approaches her. He apologises for his actions earlier. Mary still insists on his mother's guilt and Francis takes her by surprise when he tells her that he believes her and swears to be there for her as a friend. He takes her hand and they both smile.

Weeks later, Mary requests that King Henry send her country soldiers to help stop the English. Henry will only agree to send supplies as he doesn't want to waste his men. Mary tries to change his mind, asking for 8, then 6 companies of men, to which Henry politely changes the subject. Mary walks away frustrated and Francis promises he'll talk with his father.

Kissed - 26 Mary & Francis

That evening Francis and Mary begin a proper ballroom dance as he tries to explain himself, but are interrupted by Tomás of Portugal. Francis moved back to stand with his brother as seductive Portuguese music plays. There is a lot of touching and spinning around before it ends, leaving Francis angry.

"Why don’t you dance like that?
Shut up!
Sebastian: to Prince Francis
Kissed - 41 Francis & Mary

Francis finds Mary at the Boating Party to tells her the good news. He got her 6 companies of men for Scotland. Francis admits she may still be better off with Tomás as he doesn't know when they will marry, but admits she would rather have hope with him.


"You should marry Tomás!"

The next morning Francis is explaining the battle strategies they have in place for Scotland. Their attention is draw outside, as they both look out the window and see a seriously injured Bash. He is rushed to the infirmary, and Nostradamus puts him to sleep with herbs. In the hallway Henry tells his son that what happened to Bash is his fault. Mary goes after him and tries to console him, but he's too upset over his brother. He tells her to wed Tomás as he can no longer help her. He kisses her goodbye and tells her she must do what is right for her country.

Hearts and Minds
Mary and Francis have a rather tense relationship, given that they still pine after each other, but they know they can't act on it, as Mary is now engaged to Lord Tomás.

Royal Blood - (Mentioned)
Francis and Mary not see each other, but their names are brought up in conversation with Lola and Sebastian respectively.


Consummation 12 Francis

2 months later, Francis returned to French Court behind Lola, who tells everyone they had ran into each other in Paris. The two ex-lovers have an awkward conversation, having not seen each other in months. Frances tells Mary, he's only back to save his mother. Hoping they could both leave and be exiled. He wasn't looking to, or wanting to stay around for Mary and Sebastian's wedding.

Francis was later informed by his mother that he and Mary could now wed as Nostradamus's Predictions had now changed for whatever reason.

Consummation 22 Mary Stuart n Francis

Francis rode out to find Mary and his brother, but they got into a fight with each other over Mary, and Mary herself broke them apart. Frances blurted out that Nostradamus's visions had changed, and they could now be together. Bash asked Mary to be with him. Mary stayed quiet, not sure what to do.

In the throne room, Henry informed everyone, that Mary Tudor, Queen of England was dead. This meant Mary had to decide to marry one of his sons that night.

Consummation 34 Mary Stuart n Francis

I choose you!

Mary saw Francis and ran towards him. She kissed him and said she loved him, and picked him. She showed him the empty piece of paper and explained how his mother had helped her decide. They could now be together, happy and forever. Francis didn't understand the empty paper but kissed Mary back anyway. She then begged Francis to keep Sebastian safe, she didn't want him punished because he reached for the crown. Francis promised he would. Both ignoring the fact, that Bash was only in that situation because of Mary. Before his wedding, Francis paid a visit to his brother and banished him unofficially from court.

Mary and Francis' Wedding 33

Till death do us part.

In the Church, everyone gathered for the Royal wedding. Francis stood at the front, waiting for Mary to walk down. Music began and everyone looked to the doors. Queen Mary of Scott was dressed in a gorgeous, long flowing, hand-made wedding dress. She walked down the steps with her ladies five paces behind her. The young couple looked at each other with loving eyes. They smiled at each other as they both looked forward towards the priest. They kneeled before him as they signed the legal documents of their marriage certificate. Hours later, the consummated their vows in front of nobles, including Bash.

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry -2 Francis and Mary Stuart

2 months later, the newlyweds were heading back from their honeymoon. Frances asked why his wife looked so troubled and promised that his mother would no longer be an obstacle for them. When the subject of Bash was brought up, Mary said how she hoped he was safe and would find happiness. Francis ignored her comment and brought up how he couldn't wait to start a family with her.

"Somehow our love seem so fragile suddenly"
Queen Mary
Dirty Laundry -5 Francis and Mary Stuart

Back at Court, Mary was with her ladies when Catherine interrupted the little reunion, sweet as ever, and exclaimed how happy she was to have them back at court. She then told them she needed a word with her son in private.

That evening they had a small spat. He was annoyed with her trying to find out where Bash had gone. Mary come clean and admitted Bash had been in their room. She asked him if he had tried to have him killed. Francis was insulted and asked if she thought he would ever do such a thing. He explained, as the next King of France he could plant witnesses, stories, and testaments, but none of it mattered if she didn't believe. He ended the conversation with a threat for Bash. That night they went to bed annoyed with each other.

The Darkness

The Darkness 15 Mary Stuart n Francis

Weeks later, Mary was watching Lola and Count Philipe Nardin a servant girl offers her some food, a pomegranate tart. Wanting to be helpful she tells Mary that her sister ate 10 a day and within a month was pregnant. Francis intervened and told Mary that she was just wanted to see them happy and pregnant. As both their nations did. Francis then requests a dance from his wife.

The Darkness 31 Mary Stuart

Francis was walking with Mary and the topic of Philipe Nardin came up again. He explains how he doesn't think Philipe is the best match as he prefers the company of men to women while in bed. Francis confesses that he'd been talking to Lola about it too and this infuriates Mary. She asks if they were confiding in each other and Francs admits they slept together in Paris, and Mary tells him she had her suspicions.

Later, Mary sees candles surrounding her room. Francis is there and says he was a fool for not offering one to his own wife. Mary brings up the subject of him and Lola and says that she has forgiven them both. They begin to make out and Mary tells them that it is not the right time. She tells him how she appreciates how hard he has been trying to give her a baby'. Francis tells her that he doesn't make love to her to have a baby; He wants a baby because he loves her.

"What was I thinking not giving my new bride a First Light candle?"

Toy Soldiers
The Duke of Guise arrived and was greeted by Francis and his niece Queen Mary. To no surprise, the King, and Queen of France had not come to welcome him. He was not surprised given how they left things, and the two younger royals not to bother with niceties towards him, as he is not interested. He also let them knew, that he already knew King Henry was unstable.

Long Live the King
Queen Mary Tudor died and named her younger sister, Princess Elizabeth the new Queen of England.

Mary Stuart wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth, stating that she wanted peace with her cousin and her country, and for that, she's willing to relinquish her claim on England forever. For if Mary Stuart staked her claim, thousands of people would die to try and make it good. Either Elizabeth or Mary Stuart would end up losing their heads. Mary Stuart was content with being the Queen of Scotland and future Queen of France.

King Henry said they'd take time to celebrate Calais, but mobilization had already begun. He wants to attack England within the week, and slay Queen Elizabeth and put Mary on the throne.

Season 2[]

The Plague - (Mentioned)
King Francis has ridden out to be by Lola's side as she gives birth to their child, while Queen Mary is left in charge of the plague-ridden kingdom.

Drawn and Quartered
Francis returns to French Court with Lola and their child, which causes tension in his relationship with Mary. She begs him not to publicly claim his son, due to the vulnerable position she is in at court without an heir with Francis.

Mary and Francis' differing approaches to ruling puts them at odds, as Mary wants to stand up to the nobility, while Francis sees no other option but to bow down to their demands. But they have a common foe, Lord Narcisse, who they work together to deceive.

In the end, Mary allows Francis to claim his son.

With King Francis' Coronation just around the corner, Francis has to prove to his nobility that he measures up to his father by showing his ruling prowess. France is in a famine after the plague, and with Lord Narcisse constantly promising but never delivering the much-needed grain, there is no better occasion for Francis to show that than by feeding his people.

However, his deal for grain falls through and Mary secures another one, angering Francis, as she is supposed to be staying out of ruling affairs. However, they work together to trade protestant prisoners for grain, a deal that will aid a hungry France and establish religious tolerance.

Coronation - Promotional image 1

Freshly crowned king and queen

Francis acknowledges that it was wrong of him to ask Mary to take a step back, as he now knows that they achieve greater things when they work together, not apart. He adds that this is not a coronation for a king, but for a king and queen.

The Lamb and the Slaughter
Mary reveals her pregnancy to Francis and he couldn't be happier about it. His happiness is amplified when he learns that Mary will be his child's godmother. However, Mary loses her baby, and the two grieve the loss, as having a baby was important for them personally, not just for their countries.

The Lamb and the Slaughter - 49 Mary Stuart n king Francis

Later that night, Francis takes Mary out on the balcony to show her floating lanterns in the sky. He organised it for her to remind her of when they used to chase fireflies to assuage her pain. He reminds her that she is the light of his life, no matter how dark the world gets.

"Whatever the future brings, you are my light."
King Francis

Blood for Blood
Despite her grieving the loss of her baby, Mary asks Francis not to tip toe around the subject of babies, because it makes her feel like he has given up hope that they will ever get pregnant again. But he assures her that he has not given up hope, sealing his promise with a kiss.

Blood for Blood - Promotional image 2

We are supposed to rule together!

But the following day, Francis makes a decision to release murderers to appease Catholic nobles, which Mary cannot understand or support. Francis made that decision on his own accord, without consulting it with Mary first, which understandably angered Mary even more. That, Francis keeping secrets from her and shutting her out, put a strain on their relationship.

Late that night, Mary reminds Francis that she loves him, but starts questioning his decision to release the murderers. She confronts him about hiding something from her, but he keeps dodging her questions. Her failed inquisition leads her to draw a conclusion on her own: Francis is worried that she can't bear him a child. Francis affirms her suspicion, using it as an answer to conceal his true intention.

"Yes! I worry because, as a king and a man, I want heirs."
King Francis

Three Queens
Things are still tense between Francis and Mary, given what the said to her the night prior. Francis tries it to keep the atmosphere light and fun, but Mary doesn't want to play a part with him and pretend she's happy when she's not. She appreciates his honesty, but believes he was too harsh about it.

Mary jumps at the opportunity to leave the castle and go to a noble's party in Beauvais with Catherine, but later in the episode, she reveals her true reason behind wanting to go to Beauvais: she heard that a renowed physician with knowledge of women's problems resides there. She wanted someone who could help her have a baby, all for Francis.

After an eventful day of danger and adrenaline, Mary and Francis talk in their chamber. Francis admits that he didn't mean what he said before, not even in the moment, and claims that he was just trying to protect her. Mary asks what he's so afraid of and vows to stand by his side no matter what. He dismisses it as simply feeling the pressure of being king and hugs her and buries his face into his neck. Mary appears to be sad because Francis is still not being honest with her.

The Prince of the Blood
Francis and Mary's relationship is yet again put to the test when Lord Narcisse presents King Francis an edict that would result in persecution of Protestants if signed. Mary regains faith that they think the same way when she witnesses Francis' reaction to the edict: he was just as opposed to it as she was.

The Prince of the Blood - Promotional Images 9

Don't sign the edict!

However, Francis later tells her that he is considering signing it, as he believes he may not have any other choice, being a Catholic king of a Catholic nation. But Mary pleads with him to refuse to bow to the nobles and let his heart rule his decision.

"Take a stand, my love. I'll take it with you."
Queen Mary

He asks Mary to stand aside while he deals with the situation on his own, and Mary pretends to accept it, but she has a plan up her sleeve that she secretly shares and executes with Lord Condé. She has one Protestant noble come forward and publicly oppose the edict, and when the noble appears to be too scared to do so, Condé steps forward in his stead.

The Prince of the Blood - Promotional Images 5

Francis tells her that although she disobeyed his request, he is grateful for her interfering. Mary admits that she wanted to give him a chance to do the right thing. Later, Francis jogs over to her and reminds her that no matter what happens, he loves her. But their truce is short-lived, as Mary soon finds out that Francis indeed signed the edict. Mary argues with him, even giving him an ultimatum.

"You are not the man I fell in love with. And you are not the king I want to rule beside."
Queen Mary

Francis claims to have realized that he needed the support of his nobles, but Mary deems it an act of cowardice. He tries to tell her that he did it for her, but Mary is beyond done with his excuses. She is convinced that the man she fell in love with is dead. He concludes that if that is what she thinks, she should leave him and return to Scotland.

Terror of the Faithful
Francis continues pretending not to care about his wife's insights, while Mary has given up on trying to break through to her husband. She has, however, not given up on France. She tries to come up with ways to tackle the latest threat with Condé, whom she begs to talk to Francis, as he no longer listens to her, but he may listen to him.

However, Francis doesn't listen to either of them and by the time his conscience starts trickling back in, the damage has already been done. France is on the verge of a revolt and Mary blames Francis for it.

"You did this to us. To France. For all that you claim you are trying to protect us, I have lost all faith in you. And the man I thought you were."
Queen Mary

Acts of War
When Francis approves of an inter-faith marriage between Princess Claude and Prince Louis of Condé after rejecting the idea prior, Mary believes that there is hope for their relationship, even though Mary still doesn't know what the reason behind Francis' erratic behaviour is.

That evening, Mary is told that Francis is leaving the castle to have a meeting with The Vatican to smooth over the news of the engagement, unbeknown to where Francis really went. In the night, a group of Protestant radicals storm the castle and kill a lot of people. A few of them even break into Mary's bedroom, and a man called Severin rapes Mary, while another man pins her down.

Acts of War - Promotional Images 7

Mary reassures her court that she and Francis were untouched and that the assassins failed in their aim to kill their king, but she later reveals to Francis that she lied. She divulges what she truly endured that night and asks Francis to find and kill the men who did that to her.

In the aftermath of her rape, Mary is only focused on one thing: tracking down and killing her attackers. Francis is also on the hunt for them. Now with the leverage that Lord Narcisse held over his head gone, Francis confesses the true reason he made decisions favouring Catholics and persecuting Protestants, as well as why he lied to it about it.

Mary ends up taking matters into her own hands and with the help of Condé, she kills her attackers. She breaks down when telling Francis that she ended their lives and that it's over, likely also referring to their relationship. She tells him that she has had time to think, enough to decide that they should live separate lives. Francis objects, arguing that they love each other, but Mary replies with a fact that even he can't deny.

"Look where that love has brought us."
Queen Mary

Mary continues to avoid Francis, while he keeps trying to make her comfortable. Mary decides to visit their chateau in Chambord, but without Francis, as she doesn't want that give him hope. With Mary away, Francis attempts to redeem himself in her eyes by fighting against The Vatican's oppression.

When Mary returns, she is pleasantly surprised to learn that Francis successfully drove the Vatican out of France. However, when she goes to look for him, she finds him asleep in bed, with Lola lying beside him and their baby in between them, which appears to upset her and she leaves without waking them up.

Mary discloses to Francis that she saw him with Lola. He tries to reassure her, but she rebuffs his touch when he comes too close.

Later at a distance, Francis sees Mary lay a hand on Condé's forearm to stop him from leaving. This perhaps prompts him to argue with Condé that evening, which even escalates into a duel, resulting in Francis getting a cut on his cheek.

Banished - Promotional Images 5

Sparring over Mary

Mary takes Francis away to clean his cut, during which Francis tells Mary that Condé has feelings for her, and alludes to believing that she encouraged him. He schools her on the way that the world works, the unfairness that it exhibits toward women and reminds her of the merciless punishment she would receive for having an affair. He claims to say it out of love and care for her, but Mary doesn't see it that way.

"Oh, is that caring? It sounds like a man trying to tighten his grip on a woman. You'll understand if I don't stay to hear more."
Queen Mary

That evening, as Mary is mourning the loss of her friend, Greer, Francis offers to stay with her to assuage her pain and sleep on a sofa near her bed to watch over her while she sleeps, an offer that Mary welcomes.

Sins of the Past
Mary and Francis' relationship has been greatly improving. However, they hit another bump in the road when France could be in peril because of Francis' persecution of the Protestants, an act that Queen Elizabeth does not take kindly to.

Just as they're trying to move forward, the past comes back to haunt them, and Francis is yet again reminded of his sins, their cause, and their devastating consequences. And so, Mary goes on a tirade about how they can't continue in their relationship, even releasing him to be with another. When Francis asks her how she could send him to another, she replies:

"Because I love you. And one of us should be happy."
Queen Mary

The End of Mourning
The state of Mary and Francis' union is quite dire. The servants are more aware of it than ever, seeing as Francis no longer visits Mary's chamber. While Francis keeps trying to reconcile with his wife, he starts losing hope in ever doing so, or even moving on with anyone else, because he claims that his heart is closed to anyone but Mary.

With Marie de Guise bearing the news that Mary's throne is in jeopardy, she advises Mary to make an heir as soon as possible. And so, Mary proposes to Francis that they try to concieve a child that very night. Although hesitant, Francis agrees to do it. They decide to make his reappearance to Mary's chamber very public, so that if Mary ever finds herself with child, there is no doubt as to whose the child is.

Forbidden - Promotional Images 6

That night, Francis is escorted by his guards into Mary's chamber, where they start kissing until they end up in bed. As they're starting to go further, Mary briefly pauses and notes that the sound of Francis' breath makes her nervous. But she carries on with Francis, until Francis stops on the grounds that it's too soon to be intimate.

However, the night takes a turn for the worse when Francis presumes that Mary has feelings for Louis of Condé.

"I don't want to move on with others, with anyone. But... you do?"
King Francis

Mary compounds the situation by confirming Francis' suspicion. She continues by adding that she can't get back together with Francis, as there is too much painful history for them to overcome, while Condé is untarnished. Unfortunately for Mary, Francis forbids her union with Condé.

Tasting Revenge
Francis is still adamant on keeping Mary away from Condé for the sake of protecting her, but his resolve is weakening, and it cracks completely when Lola advises him to let her to be his Condé if that will be able to heal her. And so, by the end of the episode, Francis grants Mary the freedom to be with Condé under his protection.

Tempting Fate
Mary continues sneaking around with Condé, while Francis shields her from the suspicion of others to the point of lying to his loved ones about the state of their marriage. At the end of the episode, Francis collapses after finding out about Mary's secret campaign to retake Scotland with Condé at her side.

Reversal of Fortune
With Francis in a coma, Mary is left in charge of the Kingdom of France. But she is also reminded of her duty to her own country, Scotland, when she is informed of a crisis back home. Due to a lack of her own army, she contemplates using Francis' army to reclaim her country. She goes back and worth as to whether she should really go through with it, seeing as it would be betraying Francis and weakening him and his country.

Reversal of Fortune18 - Francis n Mary

How could you?

However, she eventually goes through with it. Not long after that, Francis wakes and announces his decision in regard to his army to Mary and Catherine. Much to Mary's relief and Catherine's disapproval, Francis has decided to send two-thousand French troops to Scotland. When Mary asks him why he would do that after her betrayal, he replies that he is doing it to honour their alliance and spurns her for not doing the same. He adds that he intends to live his life more wisely now, not leaving much hope for rekindling their relationship.

"Make of that what you will, but I have been given a second chance at life, and I intend to live it more wisely. So the next time I'm staring at death, I can have no regrets."
King Francis


Abandoned5 - Frary

A few weeks have passed, and Francis and Mary's relationship is as tense as ever, especially with coming retaliation against the crown for sending troops to Scotland, and in turn, supporting a Catholic queen. Condé also returns to court after being away, putting Mary and Francis' relationship into further jeopardy.

At th end of the episode, Francis tells Mary of Condé's marriage to Queen Elizabeth. Mary is in disbelief at first, but after the shock wears off, she tries to justify Condé's actions. Mary then recounts how Condé told her that he was approached by Elizabeth's envoy some weeks ago, but he swore that he would reject her proposal.

Francis is shocked that Mary didn't think to share it with him, because if Condé is now King Consort of England and Elizabeth has a stronghold in France, combined with Condé's claim to the throne, Francis and Mary may cease to be King and Queen of France.

"This may mean the end of our reign!"
King Francis

Condé is on the run and General Renaude and his men are at his tail. Francis is especially eager to catch him for courting his nation's enemy. Mary begs Francis to spare Condé, but Francis decides not to. Mary tries to help Condé flee France, but that doesn't work because Condé is caught and arrested. However, before Francis can give order for his immediate execution, Condé is fred and taken to a safehouse.

When Francis finds out that Mary had a hand in helping him, he is livid. Mary tries to reassure him by saying that she and Condé are over, but Francis believes they aren't because Condé is ingrained in her heart forever.

Mary goes to Francis and declares that they ought to forgive each other, but he isn't so fond of the idea, not when France is endangered by the man whom Mary helped escape.

"We are king and queen, chained together as surely as prisoners in a dungeon. And if we are not to suffer as prisoners do, we must make peace with each other."
Queen Mary

Season 3[]

Three Queens, Two Tigers
Mary and Francis' marriage has been improving for the past weeks. They are happy and in love again, having moved past their mutual transgressions, and united in their rule. However, Mary's world comes crashing down again when Francis
declares that he is dying and that there is no saving him.

But there is a way to save Scotland. Mary and Francis enlist the help of a pirate, Martin de Lambert and his men to steal gold for them, which Mary and Francis
will use to strengthen the French military against England.

When they learn that Queen Catherine is conspiring against Mary, they track her down and take her back to French Court, where she is thrown into the dungeon.

Catherine is imprisoned, but Mary believes she should be beheaded for her many treacheries against her. However, Francis will not condemn his mother as his last act as King. Francis' disease is progressing and Mary found out that she is not pregnant again, which puts her in a precarious position after Francis' death. Fortunately, Francis has thought of a way to protect Mary and preserve the French-Scottish alliance after his death.

The plan is for Mary to marry Prince Charles. Mary is against it, but eventually agrees. Charles, however, is not so easily swayed. With Catherine's advice, he pretends to accept her proposal, only to go back on his word after Francis' death. But Mary and Francis find out about his deceit and use Catherine's plot to have King Antoine's entire family murdered a way to turn Charles against her.

In the end, Charles accepts her proposal, but he is genuinely means it this time. And while that is good news for Mary, she is still distraught over having to map out her future without Francis in it.

"Am I really planning a life, a future, without you?"
Queen Mary

Extreme Measures
Francis and Mary are more united than ever when their rule is threatened from all sides. Nicholas, the newly-appointed English ambassador, arrives at court and starts sniffing around for information, while King Antoine would like to have Condé released from an area in the mountains that is controlled by the King's forces.

Mary tries to negotiate with Antoine on Francis' behalf, but Antoine demands to talk to the King. so Francis gathers his strength to talk to him. However, he collapses on the way to him, so the negotiation is postponed to a ball that evening.

Promotional Images - Extreme Measures 12

Francis and Mary go to the ball, where they share their last dance. Because Francis is weak, Mary leads the dance. Antoine disappears during their dance, and Mary later finds out from Sebastian why: England has offered to help Antoine. Mary immediately knows who to call for help. Catherine blackmails Nicholas into rescinding his offer to help Navarre, leaving Antoine with no choice but to seek help from France.

Mary and Francis will release Condé under the condition that Antoine signs his claim to the French Throne away. Antoine is unwilling to do so at first, but when he sees what lengths Francis is willing to go to in order to protect Mary and Charles' reign, he signs his claim away.

Promotional Images - Extreme Measures 4

Your fight is my fight.

When Francis pledges to fight for Scotland until his last breath, Mary realizes Mary realize that it wasn't the alliance that has always protected her, it was Francis and his love for her, so when he dies, the alliance will die with him. Mary decides that she cannot marry Charles, and instead considers Prince Don Carlos of Spain as a potential husband.

She also encourages Francis to consider Catherine as regent, because they both know how devoted she is to the Valois line. He heeds her advice, and releases Catherine from the dungeon.

In a Clearing
King Francis and Queen Mary are talking about the state of Scotland. Mary tells him she was going to reinstate my half brother James Stuart, a Protestant. A he is both religiously tolerant and loyal to her. So much so, that his own Protestant supporters ousted him when he refused to turn on her with Queen Elizabeth. Stating Scotland knows she could easily appoint a Catholic regent, and they'd be foolish to defy her. Assuming, of course, James wants to be reinstated. But Mary plan on writing him a very convincing letter.

Mary decided to give up her claim for herself, and for Scotland. To give James a fighting chance to rule as regent, in a time of peace, not war. And if James ruled Scotland well, Mary would never have to go home, and stay with Francis. Francis' untimely death leaves Mary vulnerable.

For much of the rest of the season, Mary mourns Francis' death.


Prince Francis: Every man, even a king, should have some kind of skill. [1]

Prince Francis: If you're ever going to be the Queen of France, you need to understand something. Kings do not answer to their wives. [1]

Prince Francis: Love is irrelevant to people like us. [1]

Queen Mary: You are not the only one with a country to think of. [1]

Queen Mary: My mother will understand because I can't bring home any armies and I can't wed any kings if I'm dead. [2]

Queen Mary: Elizabeth has support as well. Armies she's been gathering for years. You realize what laying claim to England can cost me?
Prince Francis: Yes, I do. It could cost you your head. [3]

Queen Mary: I love you. But I won't let other people die for me. [3]

Prince Francis: I see a future for us quite clearly. We would be happy. I would give anything to spend my life, however long, at your side.
Queen Mary: I know you would.
Prince Francis: But you see a future without me, and that's the one you choose. [4]

Prince Francis: You and I will neve see each other again. [5]

Prince Francis: We are royals. We have the power to do terrible things. Without trust, we're nothing. [6]

Prince Francis: I don't make love to you because I want a baby. I want a baby because I love you. [7]

Queen Mary: You love a girl, not a queen, or you would allow me to be one! [8]

Queen Mary: Trust is a luxury I can no longer afford. [9]

Queen Mary: It isn't fair, the privileges we are given. Or the prices we must pay for them. [10]

Queen Mary: Out of all the people you could have slept with, did it have to be one of my ladies? One of my closest friends?! [11]

King Francis: And it won't hurt to show the nobles, many twice my age, that if you obey me, they can too.
Queen Mary: Are all powerful men so insecure?
King Francis: A few. Many. Most. [12]

Lord Narcisse: She speaks for you in this?
King Francis: "She" is my queen. [12]

King Francis: I want the same world as you do, the better one. And the only way to build it is together. We do greater things when we act as one, when we trust each other as equals. This is not a coronation for a king. It is for a king and queen. [12]

Queen Mary: I am with child. Our child, at last! [13]

King Francis: I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life! [13]

King Francis: The word can be dark, Mary, and uncertain and cruel. The only thing that matters is that we face it together. No matter what happens, you are my light. [13]

King Francis: Whatever the future brings, you are my light. [13]

Queen Mary: Do you worry that I can't bear you a child?
King Francis: Yes! I worry because as a king and a man I want heirs. [14]

King Francis: Mary, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. I wish...
Queen Mary: For something I can't give you. [14]

Queen Mary: Take a stand, my love. I'll take it with you. [15]

Queen Mary: You are not the man I fell in love with. And you are not the king I want to rule beside. [15]

Queen Mary: You did this to us. To France. For all that you claim you are trying to protect us, I have lost all faith in you. And the man I thought you were. [16]

Queen Mary: I've had some time to think. I believe that we should lead separate lives.
King Francis: What does that mean?
Queen Mary: That we will continue to work together as King and Queen, but I will be your wife in name only.
King Francis: I can't do that. I won't.
Queen Mary: We won't be the first people in history to do so.
King Francis: If you're talking about my parents, we are nothing like them. I would do anything for you, Mary. I love you and you love me.
Queen Mary: Look where that love has brought us. [17]

King Francis: Doubts like these start wars. You put your country at risk, as well as your life. [18]

Queen Mary: Oh is that caring? It sounds like a man trying to tighten his grip on a woman. You'll understand if I don't stay to hear more. [18]

King Francis: I don't want you to feel so alone.
Queen Mary: But I am alone. We both are.
King Francis: We don't have to be. [18]

King Francis: How could you send me to another? How?!
Queen Mary: Because I love you. And one of us should be happy.

King Francis: I don't want to move on with others, with anyone. But... you do? [19]

King Francis: Did you come to me because you're afraid you'll go to him? Or because you want to secure your rule in Scotland before you do? [19]

King Francis: I cannot bear to see you in pain. And I will not be the cause of any more suffering. [20]

Queen Mary: I want you to live! Please, please live. [21]

Queen Mary: I remember when I couldn't be this close to you or even hear the sound of your breath. I cling to that sound now. I don't want it to end. [21]

Queen Mary: I have to ask the same question. Why?
King Francis: You mean why, when you were about to leave France? To turn your back on the country that sheltered you as a child and abandon the crown you were given? And me, the husband you swore an oath to? [21]

King Francis: Make of that what you will, but I have been given a second chance at life, and I intend to live it more wisely. So the next time I'm staring at death, I can have no regrets. [21]

King Francis: I think you should leave.
Queen Mary: Leave this room? Or leave France?
King Francis: That's up to you. [21]

King Francis: Well... you were planning on abandoning our marriage, flee France, and run off with my cousin, so... I no longer care what you do. [22]

King Francis: This could mean the end of our reign! [22]

King Francis: You will always see him, just as I will always see you. Naked and in each other's arms. [23]

Queen Mary: We are king and queen, chained together as surely as prisoners in a dungeon. And if we are not to suffer as prisoners do, we must make peace with each other. [23]

Queen Mary: What would Condé gain?
King Francis: My throne! [24]

King Francis: Save your apologies. Your words have no meaning to me. [24]

Queen Mary: I love you, Francis. I always have. [25]

Queen Mary: It's terrible. Especially if we think we can save each other. We can't. We can only love each other. [25]

Queen Mary: Am I really planning a life, a future, without you? [26]

King Francis: You are the prettiest vampire that I've ever seen. [27]

Queen Mary: I would go to any lengths, Francis. Any lengths. [28]

King Francis: All that's left now is to enjoy my final hours. [28]

King Francis: I love you. And I thank God for the time we've had. [28]

King Francis: You did it!
Queen Mary: No, you did it!
King Francis: Well, that's not the way I'll remember it. [29]

King Francis: Well, I suppose you're going to have to settle for being the queen of two nations, not three. [29]

Queen Mary: I always knew we would be wed, even when I first returned and you were nothing but worry and reservations.
King Francis: Did you, now?
Queen Mary: Ever since I caught your eye, watching me dance with my ladies at your sister's wedding. Feathers falling from nowhere. [29]

King Francis: We were meant to be happy, and we were, but I have another fate, predicted long ago. [29]

King Francis: You must wed again. You must love again.
Queen Mary: I can't. I will never love anyone the way I love you.
King Francis: I pray to God that you do. [29]

King Francis: I love you, Mary Stuart. Forever. [30]


Historical Notes[]

  • Mary was briefly engaged to Prince Edward of England when she was 6 months old, and for an even shorter time, she was considered for King Philip's first son, Don Carlos who was 4 years her junior.
  • April 4, 1558 Mary knowingly signed The Crown Matrimonial - a secret agreement bequeathing Scotland and her claim to England to the French crown if she died without heirs. She and Prince Francis partook in a secret wedding ceremony.
  • Francis and Mary's public wedding took place on 24 of April in 1558 at the Church of Notre Dame in Paris.


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