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Francis and Leith
Francis and Leith
Real Names: Francis de Valois
Leith Bayard
Status: Over, ended in Francis' death


Length of Relationship:

A little over a year


Kingdom of France

First Appearance: Higher Ground

"I am in your debt, Leith Bayard."
Prince Francis


Francis and Leith's friendship was born out of gratitude. Leith saved Francis' life, and Francis promised to repay his valour in the form of lands and riches. Unfortunately, Francis later had to take them away from him. To make it up to Leith, he offered him a position on the king's guard. Their interactions after that point were scarce, likely due to the two of them running in different circles.


Early History

Francis grew up at the French court. Leith grew up on a farm but chose to work in the kitchens of the castle, and was later conscripted into the king's army. They met in the army, during the Battle of Calais.

Season 1

Prince Francis is with the army during The Battle of Calais, where he meets Leith Bayard after he saves his life. Francis tells Leith he is in his debt. Leith later informs Francis how the soldiers think their leaders/and kings view them, as disposable chess pieces rather than people. Francis insists he does not.

Leith is seriously wounded after the final attack of the remaining English and Francis urges him to fight on and live. He telling Leith he must have a reason to live. Leith tells him he is in love for a woman above his station. Francis offers to give him land to help him win her. But only once they have back it back home.

Once they arrive back at French Court, Francis is good to his word and finds Leith lands. he regrets he cannot hive him title too but only the king could do that. Francis wishes him luck, telling him if the girl he loves does not marry him she would be a fool.

Season 2

Francis is forced to betray Leith by giving up his lands to Lord Narcisse, who has threatened him. Francis summons Leith to court, and hopes to repay him for his loss. In the meantime, he offers Leith a position at court in his brother's service.

Leith asks Francis to repay him by releasing Lord Castleroy from imprisonment. After Francis seizes Lord Narcisse's land, money, and possessions, he returns Leith the lands that he had originally lost to him.


Prince Francis: I am in your debt, Leith Bayard. [1]

Leith Bayard: No one risks their lives for some lord's strategy. We do it for those we love. [1]

Prince Francis: A wise man once told me, yesterday as a matter of fact, that we fight for those that we love. I'm just like you. I want to go home. There must be someone that you'll fight to see again. [1]

Prince Francis: I have lost good men and I'm not prepared to lose any more, especially if I can help it. Live, Leith Bayard, live. [1]

Leith Bayard: When you took my lands, you said that you'd make it up to me one day. Well this is that day. I want repayment. Let Castleroy go. [2]

King Francis: As a king, I often want to solve the world's problems. [3]

Leith Bayard: But I love her! Your Majesty, I love her. [3]

King Francis: Leith, my friend. Let her go. [3]



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