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Character French Male Noble Lord Season 3
Felix Jean-Dubois
Felix Jean-Dubois
Biographical Information
Title: Noble of unknown rank
Gender: Male Male
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Alive
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: France
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

The Phantom Brigade

Relationship Information
Parents: Duke Jean-Dubois (Father)
Character Information
Only Appearance: Clans
Portrayed By: Stephen Joffe

Felix Jean-Dubois is a closer friend of King Charles and a member of his The Phantom Brigade.


Season 3[]

Felix, the son of Duke Jean-Dubois, whose duties includes The Port of La Rochelle. Felix told King Charles how he went to his father's office and snuck a look through the shipping logs, there he noticed crates of weapons being moved through the port, then on to Orsay, leading himself and The Phantom Brigade to think that was The Red Knights headquartered.

Later that night Felix, and Charles rendezvous with Leith Bayard and travel with him to Orsay. Once there, the three of them watched as Charles lit an arrow, sending it into the tower to explode the weapons. However they had already been moved, and now the town's grain was burning. The town quickly turned on them and Leith and the King's Guard got them out. In the commotion and smoke, Thierry Huguenot lead Charle away into he forest. Trapping him with the The Red Knights.