House of Valois

House of Valois Flag - France
House of Valois
Real Name: House of Valois

King Henry
Duke Francis
King Francis
Queen Elisabeth
Princess Claude
Prince Louis
King Charles
Prince Henri
Princess Henriette
Princess Emone
Princess Margaret
Baron John Philip
Queen Catherine de' Medici (Marriage)
Queen Mary Stuart (Marriage)
King Philip (Marriage)
Luc Narcisse (Marriage)

House of Stuart

House of Stuart Flag - Scotland
House of Stuart
Real Name: House of Stuart

King James V
Queen Mary
Prince James
James Stuart
Queen Marie de Guise(Marriage)
King Francis(Marriage)
King Darnley(Marriage)

House of Tudor

House of Tudor Flag - England
House of Tudor
Real Name: House of Tudor

King Henry VIII
King Edward †
Queen Mary
Queen Elizabeth

House of Habsburg

House of Habsburg Flag - Spain
House of Habsburg
Real Name: House of Habsburg

King Charles
Queen Isabella of Portugal †
King Philip
Prince Don Carlos
Archduke Ferdinand
Lady Yvette Castleroy
Lord Castleroy
Lady Gemma Castleroy
Queen Elisabeth (Marriage)
Lady Greer Castleroy (Marriage)

House of Medici

House of Medici Flag - Italy
House of de' Medici
Real Name: House of Medici

Queen Catherine
Cortenza de' Medici
Francesca de' Medici
Pietro de' Medici
Roman de' Medici
Lucrezia de' Medici

House of Bourbon

House of Bourbon Flag - France
House of Bourbonr
Real Name: House of Bourbon

King Antoine
Queen Jeanne (Marriage)
Louis Condé
Prince Henry de Bourbon
Princess Catherine de Bourbon

House of Guise

House of Guise Flag - France
House of Guise
Real Name: House of Guise

Marie de Guise
Claude de Guise
Duke of Guise

House of de Poitiers

House of de Poitiers Flag - France
House of de Poitiers
Real Name: House of de Poitiers

Diane de Poitiers
Lord Sebastian
Lady Kenna (Marriage)

House of Boleyn

House of Boleyn Flag - England
House of Boleyn
Real Name: House of Boleyn

Mary Boleyn
Anne Boleyn
George Boleyn
Queen Elizabeth

House of Vasa

House of Vasa Flag - Sweden
House of Vasa
Real Name: Kingdom of Sweden

King Eric XIV of Sweden
Prince Magnus

House of Castleroy

House of Castleroy Flag - France
Real Name: House of Castleroy

Aloysius Castleroy
Yvette Castleroy
Gemma Castleroy
Greer Norwood (Marriage)

House of Dudley

House of Dudley Flag - England
Real Name: House of Dudley

Robert Dudley
Amy Dudley (Marriage)
Lady Jane Grey(Marriage)

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