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Season 3 Episode
Extreme Measures
Season 3, Episode 3
Stay With Me
Air date October 23, 2015
Written by Drew Lindo
Wendy Riss Gatsiounis
Directed by Holly Dale
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The Price
"Withdraw your offer, or I will burn Elizabeth's name to the ground."
Queen Catherine


Mary and Francis Fight for his Legacy
When King Antoine unexpectedly returns to court, Mary must help Francis hide his weakening condition long enough to secure his family's future. With the throne in jeopardy and time running out, they must turn to an unlikely ally in need of redemption.


While strolling in the courtyard, Mary tries to discuss the future of the alliance between France and Scotland with Charles. Thinking she's talking about the making of heirs, he puffs out his chest and raves about how experienced he is in that particular area. But before Mary can correct him, Charles spies Lady Constance, the Duke of Toulouse's daughter and old friend of his whom he invited to the castle. He excuses himself and runs over to her, leaving Mary alone.

Everyone at court is wondering where King Francis has been lately, unaware of his illness. The one most keen is Nicholas, the new English ambassador. Upon his arrival at court, he requests an audience with the king, but Mary dishes out a cover story about Francis' whereabouts and reassures him that he will see the king soon.

Catherine, who has been taken to the infirmary to recover from self-inflicted wounds, yet again demands to see Francis but Mary denies her, unleashing Catherine's beast within. Once in their chambers, Mary fills Francis in on her conversation with his mother before Sebastian comes in, informing them of the King of Navarre's arrival to court. They are all wonder what the reason behind Antoine's sudden reappearance is, and although Bash offers to "handle" him, Mary believes it'd be better if she talked to him.

While waiting for King Antoine's carriage, Claude gives Leith another extravagant gift. The pair have been spending quite a lot of time together lately and they schedule another date that evening. As Antoine rolls up, the princess greets him while his valley shouts at Leith for not unloading the king's luggage already. Claude and Leith share a sad look as they both know that Leith has outgrown that station, but continues to be confused for it.

In the throne room, Mary hears Antoine's grievances: Condé has been captured by the French and Antoine would like him to be released and transported safely back to Navarre. He offers to convert to Catholicism and credit his conversion to Mary, but Mary wants him to trade in something else for his brother's freedom, and that is, his claim to the French Throne. Antoine refuses to continue negotiating with Mary and insists to speak with Francis. Francis agrees to the meeting, but just as he and Mary are making their way downstairs, he collaspses.

Meanwhile, Lola and Narcisse are in bed. Narcisse yet again asks about marriage, and Lola dodges the question, though she allows him to put a ring on her finger as a token of her intention to marry him. Charles and Constance are walking down the hall as Charles tells Constance of the fesitvities that will take place that night. But Constance is in pursuit of something more exciting, and Charles promises to provide it. Francis is resting in bed with Mary next to him while a doctor advises Francis to take an opium. But Francis declines it and when he and Mary aren't looking, Charles steals the opium for himself.

Before attending the party, Francis stops by in Lola's chamber, where he confronts her about cavorting with Narcisse. Lola confesses that she loves Narcisse, and believes that there is good in him that no one but her gets to see. But Francis is unconvinced and pleads with her to stay away from him, as Narcisse is not the man he wants John to model himself after.

Stepping into the ballroom, Mary spots an empty seat next to Antoine. However, before they can head over to him, a party-goer insists the King and Queen share the first dance. While Mary offers to make an excuse, Francis tells her that he wants to dance with her. The choice of music for the dance is a string quartet version of Sam Smith's "Stay With Me". During the dance, Mary also whispers, "stay with me" several times to regain Francis' focus and strength during the dance.

In the audience, Narcisse comes up to Lola and asks her to sneak away with him, but Lola doesn't want to, sharing her newfound doubts about Narcisse's ability to raise children. Narcisse tries to reassure her, but Lola concludes the conversation by saying that she will doubt him as long as Francis does.

Meanwhile, Charles and Constance have a little party of their own. Charles whips out the opium he stole from Francis and Constance decides to pour it in her wine, then drink the whole bottle at once. She soon starts choking and falls unconscious. Charles runs for help to his sister, Claude, who has experience with partying too hard.

But Claude doesn't know how to help, so she suggests the potions master extraordinaire, Narcisse. At first, he wants nothing to do with the situation, but when he inspects her and notices that she is still breathing, he changes his mind. Using a macgyvered stomach pump, he safely brings her back to consciousness. Constance being well does not let Charles off the hook, however. Narcisse explains to Charles that his actions reflect not only on his future reign as king, but on Francis as well.

Nicholas, the English envoy, urges Antoine not to sign away his claim to the French throne, because combined with England's gold and military support, Navarre could one day take over France. Bash, who has spied on the encounter, goes to Mary to tell her about it. Mary enlists Catherine's help to have her scare Nicholas into rescinding his offer, leaving Antoine with no other option but to negotiate with Francis.

Meanwhile, Claude goes to Leith to boast about her role in saving Constance's life, only to find him in bed with her lady-in-waiting. She walks away in confusion, and when Leith runs after, he explains that instead of falling for someone higher in station, such as Claude, he went for someone he is up to par with. In a way, Leith alludes to having feelings for Claude, a sentiment that Claude appreciates.

Francis grants Narcisse his blessing to marry Lola, after hearing how Narcisse helped Constance and how he got through to Charles, evidenced by the fact that Charles confessed to everything to Francis. Francis and Mary then meet with Anotine outside, urging him to sign the claim away. All goes well, until Francis’ ear begins bleeding and the truth of his illness reaches the surface. Antoine doesn't want to put his faith in a dying king and starts to walk away, underestimating what dying kings are capable of. Francis kills Antoine's guard and brings Antoine to his knees, threatening to invade Navarre if Antoine doesn't sign his claim away. Francis and Mary emerge victorious, because Antoine ends up abdicating his claim.

While Bash is still on the hunt for Delphine, Narcisse and Lola get married in a lavish ceremony. Francis declares to the English envoy that he will fight for Scotland until his last breath, a sentiment which makes Mary realize that it wasn't the alliance that has always protected her, it was Francis and his love for her, so when he dies, the alliance will die with him. Mary decides that she cannot marry Charles, and instead considers Prince Don Carlos of Spain as a potential husband. She also encourages Francis to consider Catherine as regent, because they both know how devoted she is to the Valois line.

Catherine then thanks Francis for releasing her from the dungeon and apologizes to him for not being the mother he wanted her to be. She leaves his chamber just as Mary enters, and upon asking, Catherine confirms that it was her who swayed Mary in the Don Carlos' direction, so that she could make a new alliance.


Prince Charles: I know I'm young, and you may assume I'm inexperienced, but I promise I'll give you an heir.

Queen Mary: I am just as strong and as stubborn as Elizabeth. I will not live in fear of her!

King Francis: You are the prettiest vampire I've ever seen.

Princess Claude: I really do have an abundance of good taste. It feels good to share it with a commoner.

Queen Mary: Are you trying to blame a woman for a man's choices?

Lord Narcisse: From now on, you're only allowed to dream about me.
Lady Lola: As you wish, Lord Narcisse.

Lord Narcisse: Will you marry me?
Lady Lola: To marry you is to defy my king, to risk Catherine's wrath and the judgment of my friends, and yet... you make me feel stronger than I've ever felt before. I can't believe I'm saying this, but... yes! Yes, I will marry you!

Lady Lola: For so long, I've resented that my life belonged to a king. But now I realize my life really belongs to my son.

Lord Narcisse: I have raised children of my own, you know. Some of them turned out quite well.

Lady Lola: As long as Francis has doubts, so will I.

Princess Claude: God, I wish mother were here. She manages tragedy with ruthless clarity.

Prince Charles: You want me, the Dauphin, to get you a bucket of water?

Queen Catherine: I'm Catherine de Medici, Queen Mother of France. Maybe you've heard of me.

Queen Catherine: I don't have much to live for these days, but I can still die for my children.

Queen Catherine: Withdraw your offer, or I will burn Elizabeth's name to the ground.

Lord Narcisse: You may not be king, but your actions reflect on Francis, and he has the weight of thousands of lives, just like this one, on his shoulders. Be wiser next time.

King Francis: The measure of a man is what he does when no one is looking.

King Antoine: Have you gone mad?
King Francis: You misjudged me, Antoine. I am my father's son.

Queen Catherine: I'm sorry I wasn't the mother that you wanted me to be. I did my best.
King Francis: I know. In your own way.


Death Toll [2][3]
- King Antoine's Bodyguard [4]





Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Torrance Coombs Sebastian
Toby Regbo King Francis
Celina Sinden Greer Castleroy
Anna Popplewell Lady Lola
Jonathan Keltz Leith Bayard
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Guest Staring
Nick Lee Nicholas
Ben Aldridge King Antoine
Jordan Monaghan Lady Constance
Spencer MacPherson Prince Charles
Adam Stevenson Jolly Courtuer
Flirty Noblewoman Caroline Palmer
Sean Affleck Porter
Riley Gilchrist Deputy
Sarah Claire Alan Alexandra
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut