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Elisabeth and Philip's Wedding
Elizabeth & Phill's wedding
Location: Viennese, France
Date: 22 June 1557
In Honour of: King Philip
Princess Elisabeth
In Attendance: King Henry

Queen Catherine
Queen Mary
Prince Francis
Lady Aylee
Lady Lola
Lady Kenna
Diane de Poitiers
Greer Norwood
Sebastian de Poitiers
Colin MacPhail

Episode: Pilot
Description: Celebrate the union between France and Spain

The wedding of King Philip and Princess Elisabeth took place in France in the middle of the summer in the year 1557.


Henry signed the Peace of Cateau-Cambrésis with the Holy Roman Empire and England, ending The Italian Wars. The treaty was sealed by the betrothal of Princess Elisabeth of France, to King Philip of Spain.

The event took place later in the evening, after the arrival of Queen Mary of Scotland and her Ladies-in-Waiting. The happy couple had a huge celebration that ended late at night with the traditional Bedding Ceremony. To ensure the consummation of their marriage, the young couple had to have their first encounter of sexual intercourse together in front of a specially selected group on Nobles and Church Officials.

Unbeknown to them, Queen Mary Stuart and her Ladies-in-Waiting watched for the first few minutes from behind a curtain. They soon all got scared and ran away.

Historical NotesEdit

  • Princess Elisabeth briefly had an arranged marriage to |King Philip first son, Don Carlos who was closer to her age, but mentally unstable. It was changed to King Philip himself soon after.
  • The wedding actually took place in 22 June 1559, in Paris, and it was a proxy wedding as King Philip II was unable to attend.
  • King Henry II was greatly injured in a jousting match by Lord Montgomery during his daughter's wedding celebrations and died almost two weeks after her wedding from his injuries.

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