Duke Boinel
Duke Boinel
Biographical Information
Real Name: Duke Boinel
Title: Duke Boinel
Religion: Catholic
Current Location: France
Wife: Princess Claude (Annulled)

Unnamed Wife †

Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Queen Catherine

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Bruises That Lie
Portrayed by: Clive Walton

Character Flag - France Noble  Male  Married

Duke Boinel is a friend to Lord Narcisse, and a secret ally of Queen Catherine. He was very briefly married to Princess Claude.

Season 3Edit

After a brief introduction, and greetings with Lord Narcisse, Duke Boinel was soon engaged to Princess Claude. [1]

After only a one-day engagement and a very private ceremony, the Duke was wed to Princess Claude They left immediately after and arrived at his estate by carriage. The night the marriage was to be consummated, the Duke flew into a rage over Claude's rudeness towards him and hit her hard across the face. To his amazement, she hit him back repeatedly before fleeing.

The next night the Duke met with Queen Catherine in the woods. She brought him the gold he had given in exchange for her Claude's hand as part of their deal. She also agreed to give him a vineyard, now she was the new regent of France. [2]


  • Lord Narcisse said he knew Duke Boinel from years ago and was friends with one of his wives. However, this may have only been a story to calm King Charles.

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