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Drew Lindo
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Drew Lindo
Born: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Originally From:
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Personal Information
First appearance: Left Behind

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Drew Lindo is one of the American writers on Reign.

Life and Career

Drew Lindo is a writer, producer, actor, and director, whose work has been featured in film festivals and television across the country. He attended film school at the University of Central Florida beginning in the fall of 2003, where his work quickly began to gain notice.

His 2004 short film, Cape Chaser (2004), is a dramedy detailing a friendship with benefits between superheroes. Cape Chaser (2004) has been featured on the television program The Screening Room (2005) with Jonathan D. Krane, and he was invited to screen at the UCLA Hammer Museum in February of 2006 for the Masters of American Comics exhibit, as part of the program entitled The Fifth World: Fan Films and Fan Fiction.

In 2004, Lindo also collaborated with Internet-renowned Dastoli Digital on their action short film Evasive Maneuvers (2004), which he wrote, produced, and acted in. The film was an official selection at the 2005 Tiburon International Film Festival in it's student competition.

Lindo's 2005 short film Losing Toby (2005), a dark comedy has screened at several festivals, and has won the student award for Best Comedy at the 2006 Smogdance Film Festival. Losing Toby (2005) has also been featured on the television program The Screening Room (2005) with Jonathan D. Krane. The film was eventually selected by the University of Central Florida's Film Program for their 2005 Five Stories DVD, a collection of five shorts, which are marketed across the country to major festivals and events as a showcase for the best of UCF Student Films.

Drew Lindo began working on the HBO series HUNG as an office production assistant on the original Pilot in 2008. He was promoted to Writer's Assistant during season 2 of the HBO series, and went on to co-write an episode in season 3. He currently writes for The CW on Reign - IMDb


Reign Episode Guide

Season One
Snakes in the Garden
Hearts and Minds
A Chill in the Air
Left Behind (writer)
For King and Country
Royal Blood
Dirty Laundry (writer)
The Darkness
Monsters (writer)
Liege Lord No Exit
Toy Soldiers
Higher Ground
Long Live The King (writer)
Slaughter Of Innocence

Season Two
The Plague
Drawn and Quartered (writer)
The Lamb and the Slaughter
Blood for Blood
Three Queens
The Prince of the Blood (writer)
Terror of the Faithful
Acts of War
Mercy (writer)
Sins of the Past
The End of Mourning
Tasting Revenge (writer)
Tempting Fate
Reversal of Fortune (writer)
The Siege

Season Three
Three Queens, Two Tigers
Extreme Measures (writer)
The Price
In A Clearing
Fight or Flight
The Hound and the Hare
Our Undoing
Wedlock (writer)
Bruises That Lie
No Way Out
Strange Bedfellow
To The Death
Safe Passage (writer)
Intruders (writer)
Spiders In a Jar

Season Four
With Friends Like These (writer)
A Grain Of Deception
Leaps Of Faith
Playing With Fire
Highland Games
Love & Death (writer)
Hanging Swords
Unchartered Waters
Pulling Strings
A Better Man
Dead of Night (writer)
The Shakedown
Coup de Grace
Episode 14
Blood in the Water
All It Cost Her


  • This excludes any short credits.
Year Title Role Notes
2011 Hung Written By 1 Episode
2012 Reign Written By 16 Episodes