Season 3 Couples
Don Carlos and Elizabeth
Don Carlos and Elizabeth
Real Names: Prince Don Carlos
Queen Elizabeth
Ages: Early 20's
Status: Over

Possible Marriage

Length of Relationship:

1 Week+


Kingdom of Spain
Kingdom of England

First appearance: The Price

Early lifeEdit

Even before they met, Don Carlos was already politically interested in Queen Elizabeth. She was already the Queen of her own nation, and he wanted power.

Season 3Edit

Don Carlos sailed from Spain specifically to meet her royal highness Queen Elizabeth. He had written to her already, seeking an audience with the new Queen. Upon meeting her, he revealed though they were a good match politically, he wanted her as his bride because he was tired of waiting for his father, King Philip to die. He wanted to be a King. Elizabeth said he would consider his request. [1]

Days later, Elizabeth told him she was interested in his marriage proposal. However, a rumour had started circulating about her and Don Carlos requested she lift her skirt to prove her female status. Elizabeth refused, insulted at his bold and very rude accusation and sent him on his way. [1]

Don Carlos left for Austria, and eventually made his way to France.[2]


Don Carlos: Your highness, you are a vision.
Queen Elizabeth: And you are a charmer I see.

Queen Elizabeth: What can Spain offer my country?
Don Carlos: How about all the gold and silver of the new world?

Don Carlos: Many Queens might meet my needs. But only you, meet my desires.


Historical NotesEdit

  • Carlos, Prince of Asturias was the first son of King Philip and his first wife, Maria Manuela. He died at 23 years old, not long after a severe head injury that possibly caused him major head injuries.


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