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Delphine and Sebastian
Sister Delphine - The Siege 9.jpg
Real Names: Sister Delphine
Couple's Name: Sister Bash
Ages: 17 +
Status: Broken up


Length of Relationship:

Few months


Kingdom of France

First appearance: Forbidden

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Season 2

Delphine and Sebastian fist meet.

Sister Delphine first met Sebastian at her convent where he came to her asking about how she had healed a young boy. She explained how God had given her the ability to heal, but it seemed to always come with a price. She explained how she knew people feared what they did not understand, so choose to stay hidden at a house of God. Bash then asked her if she could see his future. She could, and it looked grim.

Days later, Delphine found herself over an badly hurt Sebastian, and already knew he would die from his wounds. She asked him if she wanted his help, and he pleaded he did. He promised he did not care about the price. So Delphine healed him.

Delphine heals Bash back to life.

Delphine nursed Bash back to life after his wounds, until he finally woke up. He soon told her he was heading back to court, and she made him promise to be careful.

Days later Bash returned with his brother's sister, Clarissa. Bash explained how his brother, King Francis had gotten sick, and how a trusted man named Nostradamus had predicted he would die. The only way to stop this, was if Queen Catherine's first child died in his place. It was Bash's idea, but Delphine helped him. They both poisoned her drink, and soon Clarissa died in Bash's arms. Delphine promised it was a more merciful death than what she had originally seen for the young woman.

First kiss

Delphine and Sebastian both met in the woods. They had been doing so for sometime, and had become a couple. Bash asked Delphine to come with him to court, and promised she would like it there. Delphine wasn't sure, as people usually fear her once they find out about her.

Delphine did end up coming to court. There she met Kenna, Bash's estranged wife. They all had a brief conversion, before Delphine made her exit.

Bash and Delphine talked in his room later, he told her not to worry about what anyone thought of her. However, he could not stay, and had to leave once he finished changing his shirt. Later Delphine revealed to be a Pagan when she performed Blood Magic on herself and a servant of the castle, bonding herself with Sebastian.

Delphine was sentenced to death after being charged with the death of someone in the castle. She pleaded with Sebastian to make sure she was not drowned. Later she was set to die by being burned at the stake. Before she escaped, Bash felt his body heating up like it was on fire too. Delphine then broke free from her ropes and ran into the The Blood Wood.

Season 3

The Hound and the Hare
Sebastian told Delphine that when her told her he didn't want her in his head, he was just scared. Any time he'd opened himself up, he'd been hurt. His dead brother King Francis, his wife Kenna, and his now both dead parents. King Henry and Diane de Poitiers.



Sebastian: I can’t bare to look at you, much less hanging from a rope! [13]


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