Dead of Night
Season Four, Episode 11
Dead of Night - Promotional Images 1
Air date May 5, 2017
Written by Wendy Riss Gatsiounis
Drew Lindo
Directed by Deborah Chow
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A Better Man


The Shakedown
Season 4 Episode
"I made you King. But we will never be equals."
Queen Mary


Mary Launches A Coup Against Elizabeth
Mary and Darnley are at odds as they put their plan to seize England into action. Elizabeth is conflicted about her feelings for Gideon as she attempts to find a Catholic to marry. Catherine’s son Henri attempts to claim the throne from Charles with the support of Spain and Narcisse.


Nicole Touchet: It's alright Charles. You can do this. You're the King after all. Brilliant, strong, master of all you survey. And I adore you. Prince Henri: I've led armies. What's Charles done?
Queen Catherine: He was born first! That's all he has to do.

Queen Mary: She would know that you were behind it, as well.
King Darnley: Would she? If I confirmed your efforts to destroy her, allowing her to justifiably come after you would she care?
Queen Mary: Are you actually threatening your wife and queen when I am carrying our child?
King Darnley: That child exists solely to replace me!

Queen Mary: I know we hardly know each other, and yet here I am, asking you to risk everything for me.
Lord Bothwell: With or without your crown. I would do anything for you.

Princess Claude: Luc, you're a good man. But you should know... I'm not in love with you.
Luc Narcisse: I'm not in love with you either.
Princess Claude: (Smiles)

Lord Narcisse: Foolish Henri. You had a chance to make amends tonight, but you squandered it. Now I see no other option but to inform Spain their prized pony, dabbles in the occult.
Prince Henri: Or…You could do nothing.

Lord Narcisse: But let me offer some advice: next time you threaten someone, make sure you have proof. A theory is nothing more than a feather.

Lord Narcisse: Henri is a King! Look at him! In the few weeks,\ he has been here, he has already shown more confidence, cunning and boldness than Charles has, and ever will!
Queen Catherine: By taking out his brother with a ball full of rocks!

Lord Narcisse: I am on no one's side, but my own.

King Darnley: I will be a true King. And we will finally be equals.
Queen Mary: I made you King. But we will never be equals.

Lord Bothwell: Lie to me again, and I will open you up right here, in your own house.


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Historical NotesEdit

  • Not long after their marriage, King Darnley grew arrogant. Not content with his position as king Consort, he demanded The Crown Matrimonial, which would have made him a co-sovereign of Scotland with the right to keep the Scottish throne for himself if he outlived his wife. Mary, Queen of Scots refused his request, and their marriage grew strained even though they conceived a child by October 1565.
  • There were four Archduke Ferdinand in the 1500's, but one is already dead, and the other two aren't born.
  • Ferdinand II, Archduke of Further Austria was born in 1529, and as it is 1565, it would make him 36 years old to Queen Elizabeth's 32.
  • Archduke of Further Austria was actually still married to his first wife, who doesn't' die for another 15 years in 1580. However, their last child were twins and were born 2 years earlier in 1563.
  • Princess Claude actually had 9 children, with two already born by 1565.
  • Princess Claude would only be 18, and her husband being 22 years old.
  • King Charles IX never had a mistress named 'Nicole' however he did have a mistress named Marie Touchet, who would be 16 at the time and was born a farm girl before coming to French Court.


Characters Edit

  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Rachel Skarsten Queen Elizabeth
Celina Sinden Lady Greer
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Ben Geurens Gideon Blackburn
Spencer MacPherson King Charles
Will Kemp King Darnley
Guest Staring
Adam Croasdell Lord Bothwell
Steve Lund Luc Narcisse
Andrew Shaver David Rizzio
Ann Pirvu Nicole Touchet
Nick Slater Prince Henri
James Gilbert Lord Barrett
Steve Byers Archduke Ferdinand
Megan Hutchings Jane
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut


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