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Season Four Episode
Dead of Night
Season 4, Episode 11
Dead of Night
Air date May 5, 2017
Written by Wendy Riss Gatsiounis
Drew Lindo
Directed by Deborah Chow
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A Better Man


The Shakedown
"I made you King. But we will never be equals."
Queen Mary


Mary Launches a Coup Against Elizabeth
Mary and Darnley are at odds as they put their plan to seize England into action. Elizabeth is conflicted about her feelings for Gideon as she attempts to find a Catholic to marry. Catherine's son Henri attempts to claim the throne from Charles with the support of Spain and Narcisse.


Greer has returned to court at Mary's request, in which she most likely cited her pregnancy as one of the reasons to come back. Greer apologizes for being so hard on Mary about James, but Mary pardons her and tells her that Darnley has been good on his oath to be a better husband so far.

Just as they are talking about Darnley, he shows up and encourages Mary to make a move on Elizabeth now, before she takes a Catholic husband and the Vatican shifts its support to her.

In France, Nicole and Narcisse are continuing their liaison, while also maintaing their arrangement regarding King Charles. When she and Charles go to the Throne Room, they are surprised to see a party going on in full force, hosted by none other than Henri.

They walk over to Henri recounting his battles against the Turks to Claude and Luc. Henri begins showing everyone his keepsakes, one of them being The Goetia, the book of black magic. As soon as Catherine sees it, she confiscates it, claiming that it is dangerous.

While, Luc, Claude, Charles, and Nicole all head to the dancefloor, Catherine pulls Henri aside for a chat. She warns him not to try to challenge his brother, because when one Valois is weakened, the entire line is threatened.

Mary and Darnley apprise Darnley's allies of their plan to take Elizabeth hostage in her own castle and then install themselves on the English throne. As a promise of her support, Mary hands Lord Barrett her royal seal.

In England, Elizabeth and the Archduke of Austria are inofficially courting. They have agreed that a public announcement will take place after both of their countries have agreed to the terms. After their meeting, Elizabeth goes to Gideon and confesses that all she can think of is him.

Bothwell arrives at court after Mary sent for him weeks ago. Darnley is mad at Mary for having summoned him, but he is even more eager for Bothwell to leave. The two get into an argument that nearly ends in bloodshed, but Mary puts an end to it by sending Bothwell away.

While playing tennis, Henri throws a ball full of rocks at Charles, breaking his nose. He claims it was an accident, but Narcisse saw him do it on purpose. Catherine chides him for purposefully udermining the King and eyeing his young love, Nicole. She threatens to tell Spain and the Vatican all about the heretical Goetia that is in Henri's possession if he does not apologise to Charles.

Darnley yet again asks for the Crown Matrimonial, inciting another argument between him and Mary. When Mary turns him down, he retorts that because he is without power, he is also without risk. If the plan goes wrong and the seal is found, she alone would be implicated.

During a family dinner, instead of apologising, Henri derides Charles, prompting Charles to attack Henri. The whole family has to separate them.

Mary's carriage pulls up to a tavern where she asks to speak to Bothwell. She pleads with him to find Darnley's ally, Lord Barrett, and retrieve the seal. She advises him to enlist Gideon's help, as he is likely to help. Bothwell tells her that he would do anything for her, including risk his life on such a mission.

Claude cries about her family being a disaster and asks Luc if he regrets marrying her. He hugs her and assures her that he doesn't. They admit that they're not in love with each other. Yet.

Narcisse approaches Henri outside and alarms him that he and Catherine will carry out their threat for how Henri behaved at the dinner table. Henri instead attempts to blackmail Narcisse into keeping quiet with knowledge on his and Nicole's illicit affair. It doesn't work.

While Catherine is outraged and ready to draft a letter to the Vatican, Narcisse is impressed with Henri. So much so that he believes Henri would make a better king than Charles. He is done fighting for Charles and warns Catherine that she doesn't have the power to save him either.

Elizabeth sneaks away from the Archduke during their stroll to Gideon. She tells Gideon how the Archduke invited her on a four-hour carriage ride through the country, a date that she finds all too long and dull, and asks Gideon to get her out of it. He agrees to help her.

An Italian visitor has arrived to speak with Gideon. When he meets him upstairs, it turns out to be David Rizzio and Bothwell. They ask Gideon to help them find Lord Barrett because he poses danger to both Mary and Elizabeth, without specifying what it is.

While Mary is having tea with Greer, Darnley storms in and demands she sign the Crown Matrimonial. He hands her the paper and shockingly enough for him, Mary tears it to pieces. Darnley begins to hurl threats at her, but she doesn't even budge.

While Lord Barrett and his men are assembled in his house waiting for Darnley's instructions, Rizzio and Bothwell enter and tell them that the mission is aborted. When Barrett refuses to listen, Bothwell pins him to the wall and forces him to divulge the location of Mary's seal.

Outside, the guards find Gideon spying on them. Bothwell is ready to kill Gideon, but Rizzio feels it should be Mary's call, so Bothwell knocks Gideon out and he and Rizzio take him back to Scotland, along with Mary's gold and seal.

Elizabeth is stalling the carriage ride with the Archduke, waiting for Gideon to show up and get her out of it, but he never does.

Instead, he wakes up in Scotland. Mary makes him promise that he will not report her plan to take over England to Elizabeth, while he makes her swear that she will not move on England anymore. Once they reach a mutual understanding, Mary lets Gideon return to England.

Catherine finds Charles brooding in his bed. He has heard that Spain wants Henri on the throne, but he will not go down without a fight. Catherine tries to comfort him but soon realises that there is no use in doing that right now. Before she heads out of his chamber, she subtly reaches for a strand of his hair.

Down in the basement, she uses the Goetia and the strand of Charles' hair to cast a spell on Charles. That is, she asks the Darkness to make Charles strong.

Upon his return to Elizabeth, Gideon concocted a story about how he went drinking with his friends to Cornwall. However, he soon tells the half-truth that there was a coup forming against her, which Mary asked him to prevent. He cites that as reason why she should marry the Archduke of Austria.

Mary summons Darnley to the throne room and shows him her seal, safely retrieved. He asks to speak to her in private, away from the penetrating gazes of both Bothwell and Rizzio, but Mary is done speaking to him. Mary tells him that they are finished, earning herself a repulsive reaction from Darnley. He even goes as far as to threaten to say that the child in her belly isn't his, which would be believed by most men, and would have the potential to ruin her.


Queen Mary: I fear there is a cost for everyone I love.
Greer Castleroy: Well, Darnley should be safe, then.

Queen Catherine: When one Valois is weakened, the entire line is threatened.

Nicole Touchet: It's all right, Charles. You can do this. You're the King, after all. Brilliant, strong, master of all you survey. And I adore you!

Prince Henri: I've led armies. What's Charles done?
Queen Catherine: He was born first. That's all he has to do.

Queen Mary: She would know that you were behind it, as well.
King Darnley: Would she? If I confirmed your efforts to destroy her, allowing her to justifiably come after you, would she care?

Lord Bothwell: With or without your crown, I would do anything for you.

Princess Claude: Luc, you're a good man, but you should know that... I'm not in love with you.
Luc Narcisse: I'm not in love with you, either.
Princess Claude: (Smiles)

Lord Narcisse: Foolish Henri. You had a chance to make amends tonight, but you squandered it. Now I see no other option but to inform Spain that their prized pony dabbles in the occult.
Prince Henri: Or... you could do nothing.

Lord Narcisse: Let me offer some advice: next time you threaten someone, make sure you have proof. A theory is nothing more than a feather. It tickles.

Queen Catherine: I don't care if he is my child. He wants to act like a young buck, I will make him a doe!

Lord Narcisse: Henri is a king. Look at him! In the few weeks he has been here, he has already shown more confidence, cunning and boldness than Charles has, and ever will!
Queen Catherine: By taking out his brother with a ball full of rocks!

Lord Narcisse: I am on no one's side but my own.

King Darnley: I will be a true king, and we will finally be equals.
Queen Mary: I made you King. But we will never be equals.

Lord Bothwell: Lie to me again, and I will open you up right here, in your own house.


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Historical Notes[]

  • Lord Darnley's desire for The Crown Matrimonial is historically accurate. Indeed, not long after his marriage to Mary Stuart, Darnley began demanding the Crown Matrimonial.
  • There were four Archdukes of Austria in the 1500's, but one is already dead, and the other two weren't born.
  • Ferdinand II, Archduke of Further Austria was actually still married to his first wife in 1560, so he wasn't courting Elizabeth I.
  • Princess Claude went on to have 9 children.
  • In 1560, Princess Claude would only be 13 years old, while her spouse was 17.
  • King Charles IX never had a mistress named 'Nicole'. However, he did have a mistress named Marie Touchet, who would be 11 at the time and was born a farm girl before coming to French Court.



  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Rachel Skarsten Queen Elizabeth
Celina Sinden Greer Castleroy
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Ben Geurens Gideon Blackburn
Spencer MacPherson King Charles
Will Kemp King Darnley
Guest Staring
Adam Croasdell Lord Bothwell
Steve Lund Luc Narcisse
Andrew Shaver David Rizzio
Ann Pirvu Nicole Touchet
Nick Slater Prince Henri
James Gilbert Lord Barrett
Steve Byers Archduke of Austria
Megan Hutchings Jane
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut