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Character Italian Male Noble Lord Deceased Season 1
Count Vincent
Count Vincent
Biographical Information
Title: Count of Naples
Height: 5'11
Gender: Male Male
Nationality: Italian Flag - Italy
Status: Deceased
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: Italy
Affiliations: Kingdom of Italy
Relationship Information
Wife: Unnamed Wife †
Children: Roberto †
Character Information
Only Appearance: Left Behind
Portrayed By: Michael Aronov

"That is diplomacy. To understand my loss. To carry the weight of your dead heart with you every night, and day until you find your grave."
Count Vincent

Count Vincent was an Italian count who invaded the Kingdom of France in order to avenge his son.


Count Vincent may have been a kind man once, but the deaths of his only son and his wife changed him, leaving him vengeful and bitter.


Early Life[]

His son was killed from lack of care after being taken by the French a couple years ago. Since his wife was already deceased, he continued to live a life twisted by grief and a thirst for vengeance.

Season 1[]

Left Behind

Left Behind - 8 Count Vincent

Greeting, your highness.

Count Vincent waited outside the French Castle, corresponding letters with Diane de Poitiers for six weeks. He waited for King Henry to leave, taking his whole troops to the other side of France. When he did, the count made his move.

He announced his arrival to Queen Catherine, who he knew was still inside, along with her son, Prince Francis. The Count and his men made a big showing of themselves. He greeted Catherine, an Italian, and made sure to greet Francis and his fiancée with nothing but kindness. Before they could be allowed in, the Count and his men were required to give up their weapons, a normal custom within a Kingdom to which all agreed.

Left Behind - 11 Mary n Count Vincent

Cheers to my dead son

Inside The Throne Room, Catherine, Mary, Francis and the Count all have a drink to celebrate the count's arrival. It becomes increasingly obvious that the count is extremely bitter about his son, who he had to ransom back from France after the war. The count soon openly states that he's come for restitution and it is clear that the castle was taken over by Vincent's men.

The count stumbles upon his men talking with Mary and one of her ladies. The man asks to have Kenna for himself, and the count is inclined to let his soldier do so, but Mary uses her diplomatic skills to have the count allow her and Kenna retire to their chambers, and in turn, she and Mary will attend that night's feast.

"Of course, Count. You know best. It's just that Lady Kenna would be so much more useful to me upstairs. Indeed, now that you are master of this castle, I humbly ask that my Scottish ladies and I retire to our chambers while you're negotiating with the French. By your mercy."
Queen Mary to Count Vincent
Left Behind - Count Vincent III

I'm taking your children.

Count Vincent makes it quite clear to Catherine and Francis that he wants penance for his son's death. No amount of money seems to grant him satisfaction, so Francis raises the stakes; he offers himself up as a bargaining chip. Hours later, the count visits Francis. He plays with Francis' younger brothers, Prince Charles and Prince Henri on the floor. He emphasises to Francis that he will take his younger brothers as well. He will strip King Henry of his line, just as Henry eliminated his.

Left Behind - Count Vincent IIII

Inbetween two Queens.

That night at dinner, the count sits with the Queen next to him. His men are on the other side, with the Scottish Queen's ladies-in-waiting as their company. Catherine introduces them to a chest full of gold, and the count's men take the money is spread it among them. Soon, dinner is served. The count and his men are very cautious not to eat anything until they see the Queen of France herself eat the food.

Halfway through dinner, Mary informs the count that she is not feeling well. She requests to return to her chambers and asks to bring her ladies with her, because she needs help taking her dress off. He agrees and all the women leave, leaving the Count and his men alone with the Queen.

Not long after they left, the count requests that his men go see what's taking so long.

Left Behind - Count Vincent V

You all are my prisoners.

When Mary and her ladies return, Count Vincent reminds her that he should be leaving with Francis soon. Catherine attempts to make one last plea to save her children and offers Mary and her ladies' virtues as her bargaining chip. She adds that they wouldn't dare say anything, as they'd all be ruined. The count's men all head for the ladies, one of the men beating Kenna up, while the count tries to rape Mary.

"Can Henry give me the life I had a year ago? Then let the Heavens fall."
Count Vincent

However, everything comes to a sudden halt when Queen Catherine throws an hourglass she had been keeping beside her across the room. She yells at the count that he gas no one to blame but himself for his son's death. Catherine then commands him to take his hands off Mary if he wants to leave the castle alive. He ignores her until his men begin coughing up blood. Soon they all fall to the ground dead. He questions how it happened, as he made sure to only eat the food and drink the wine that she drank and ate herself. She informs him that she poisoned the gold that all his men touched, which is why they're all dead.

Left Behind - 38 Mary n Count Vincent

I will ruin you.

Count Vincent raises his sword and charges toward Catherine, but is stopped by Mary stabbing him in the neck with a fork. He collapses due to being fatally wounded. He uses his last ounce of strength to raise his sword hand to Mary, but his hand is cut off by Francis.