Count Philipe Nardin
Count Philipe Nardin
Biographical Information
Real Name: Philipe Nardin
Title: Count Philipe Nardin
Born: June 22, 1524
Age: 25
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: France
Family: Unnamed Father
Interests: Lady Lola
Affiliations: Kingdom of France
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 6'
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: The Darkness
Portrayed by: Thor Knai

"It’s become apparent that the security of my position demands
a wife, and an heir.
Count Philipe Nardin

Count Philipe Nardin is a rich noble, who met with Queen Mary and Prince Francis while on their travels during their honeymoon.


Count Philipe Nardin is a very sweet and kind man. However not one to stumble around business he can get right to he point, while still maintaining his charm.

Season 1Edit

Count Philipe Nardin was informed by Queen Mary about a young woman she thought would be perfect for him and told him to keep an eye out for her Ladies-in-Waiting, Lady Lola.

At the First Light Banquette Lady Lola soon introduced herself to him in a beautiful red dress, and she was more lovely then he could have hoped.

Not long after getting to know her did Philipe leaded Lady Lola slightly away from the rest of the party guests. Not wanting to waist anymore of either of their time he cut right to the chase and explained his situation to her. His father demanded it was time he pick a wife, or he would not receive his inheritance. He apologized he could not be more romantic about his intentions to wed her, but promised he knew how to be romantic, and would be in the future. He then told her he liked her very much and gave her his candle.

Lady Lola's face didn't reveal too much of what she was thinking. But coyly told him to look for the light in her window later that night.

Much to his delight he did see a candle in Lady Lola's room that night. However much to his disappointment the next day, she informed him she had a change of heart and could not marry him.


  • Count Philipe Nardin is the first Reign character to be introduced as gay. Though it was never confired or denied in The Darkness, Francis only stated that he heard rumours.
  • Thor Knai was born in Tromsø, Norway, making him a Norwegian.
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