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Cortenza de' Medici
Cortenza de' Medici
Biographical Information
Real Name: Cortenza de' Medici
Title: Noble
Dies: Winter of 1558
Age: 43
Religion: Catholic
Originally From: Florence, Italy.
Family: Queen Catherine (Cousin)

Roman de' Medici (Cousin)
Pietro de' Medici (Cousin)
Francesca de' Medici (Cousin)
Lucrezia de' Medici (Cousin)

Affiliations: Kingdom of Italy

House of Medici

Physical Description
Gender: Female Female
Height: 5'7
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Higher Ground
Portrayed by: Shauna MacDonald

"I always enjoy his company. And I know he always greatly enjoys mine."
Cortenza de' Medici

Cortenza de' Medici is an Italian noblewoman and a cousin of Catherine de' Medici.


Cortenza de' Medici was not a very nice woman, though she was very lovely and intelligent, she used her wit to make others around her feel less about themselves or bully them. She appeared to have constantly reminded her cousin Catherine over the years about her and King Henry's relationship, even hinting at the fact that it still continued to go on. Not long into meeting Mary Stuart was she already belittling her.

Early life

Once had a romantic relationship with King Henry and wanted to marry him before he was wed to Catherine. It is hinted at that a possible affair might have gone on between the two. However, though Henry has had many mistresses, it is unlikely he took one in his wife's cousin.

Season 1

Higher Ground -Cortenza de' Medici 6

Where is your husband?

Cortenza and Roman de' Medici were waiting together in The Throne Room when their cousin Catherine de' Medici walked in along with Queen Mary of Scotland. She had come to inform her cousin, she was going to be taking her guards back, she had lent them to Catherine years ago and was there to collect them. Catherine and Cortenza bantered back and forth, a clear dislike for each other began showing.

The next day Cortenza burst into the Scottish Queen's room and informs her that Catherine had been taken, and whoever it was left a note. Mary asked what to do and Cortenza declines to do anything. Claiming that the Medici's don't give into threats or blackmail.

Higher Ground -Cortenza de' Medici 11

I kill murder Beatrice to make my point!

Later that night Cortenza ran into Queen Mary again. The conversation took a wrong turn when the topic of the slaughtered Scotsmen[1] was brought up and soon Cortenza was threatening Mary, and one of Catherine's favourite ladies, Beatrice.

That night Cortenza de' Medici was in her room when an intruder slit her throat and decapitated her.

Cortenza de' Medici's body is later brought back to Italy.


  • it is unknown if Roman de' Medici and Cortenza were cousins or brother-and-sister
  • Cortenza de' Medici's death is 49th death of Season One of Reign. [2]
  • Decapitating someone is an extremely messing thing to do, John Prevo would have had to relocate the body before doing so, or had a very large cleanup job to do before leaving her room.


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