Claude and Luc's Wedding
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Location: Viennese, France
Date: Summer of 1565
In Honour of: Princess Claude
Luc Narcisse
In Attendance: King Charles (Breifly)

Queen Leeza
Queen Catherine
Lord Narcisse
Lady Patrice

Episode: Playing With Fire
Description: Celebration of a Royal Catholic Wedding

Events Season 4 Married

The wedding of Princess Claude and Lord Luc Narcisse took place in France in late summer in the year 1565.


Upon the request of Queen Leeza and Lord Chancellor Stéphane Narcisse, his son, Luc Narcisse arrived at French Court to swoon and immediately marry Princess Claude. The two both understood it was an arranged marriage due to her indiscretions, but Luc promised to be faithful and wanted a happy marriage with her. Not long after his arrival did the two marry in a small Royal Ceremony. [1]


Historical NotesEdit

  • Princess Claude was married to Charles III, Duke of Lorraine, when she was 13, on 19 January 1559.
  • Princess Claude actually had 9 children, with two already born by 1565 when she was only 18.

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