Character Flag - France Male  Season 3 Deceased
Biographical Information
Real Name: Christophe
Title: Castle Servant
Age: 25
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: France
Interests: Queen Catherine
Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Christophe & Caterine

Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Fight or Flight
Portrayed by: Nathaniel Middleton

"I want you now. Underneath these tress."

Christophe is the new lover to her majesty, Queen Catherine. He works in the castle, and tends to the fires, but recently began a very sexual relationship with the Queen Mother.



Season 3Edit

After tending to the fires throughout the day, Christophe was approched by her magesty, Queen Catherine. She came to him and expressed her sexual desire for him as she began taking off her corset. Christophe picked up on what she wanted and began their sexual relationship. [1]

Having been in a relationship with the Queen Mother for weeks, Christophe was becoming very into their routine. Even following Catherine into the forest during a game for nobles. Knowing how dangerous it was if they got caught, the two lovers took each other underneath the trees. [2]


  • Convinced Queen Catherine to promote him to King's Guard, and she agreed. [3]
  • He is revealed to be the killer, and blackmails Catherine into keeping his secret. [4]


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