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Character French Male Deceased Season 3
Biographical Information
Title: Castle Servant

Member of the King's Guard

Height: 6'1
Gender: Male Male
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Deceased
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: France
Affiliations: French Court

Christophe and Catherine

Relationship Information
Interests: Queen Catherine (Lover)
Character Information
First Appearance: Fight or Flight
Last Appearance: Safe Passage
Portrayed By: Nathaniel Middleton

"I stack firewood. My head isn't made of it."

Christophe is a new lover to Queen Catherine. He was employed at the castle as tender of the fires, but has moved up in rank owing to his relationship with the Queen Mother.


Christophe exhibits a distinct lack of empathy, demonstrating a notable absence of emotional understanding or concern for the feelings of others. In various interpersonal situations, he appears indifferent to the struggles, joys, or sorrows experienced by those around him. His interactions often lack the genuine connection and compassion that typically characterize empathetic individuals. He is cold-hearted, bloodthirsty, and manipulative.

Season 3[]

After tending to the fires throughout the day, Christophe was approached by her majesty, Queen Catherine. She came to him and expressed her sexual desire for him as she began taking off her corset. Christophe picked up on what she wanted and began their sexual relationship. [1]

Having been in a relationship with the Queen Mother for weeks, Christophe was becoming very into their routine. Even following Catherine into the forest during a game for nobles. Knowing how dangerous it was if they got caught, the two lovers took each other underneath the trees. [2]

Catherine continues to see Christophe after discovering that he was the murderer and was attempting to frame the butcher who worked for the castle for the murders. Christophe attempted to do this by putting a body in one of the salt barrels found in the butcher's chambers. He later admitted that he was carrying the bodies down below the castle and burying them, unfortunately they were discovered by hungry rats.

Christophe blackmails Catherine with the information that he has regarding Catherine having paid for Claude to have been beaten by her husband in order for her to achieve regency. This allows him to stay in the castle in the position of the king's guard which Catherine had gotten him prior to discovering that he was the murderer.

When the Red Knights attacked the castle one night, he was there, having snuck back to the castle after having been sent away on guard duty, and was able to push Catherine out of the way saving her when a weapon was thrown at her.

He then proceeded to work with Catherine to discover who was behind the plot, torturing a man to discover information.

Christophe kills Delphine after she recognized him as her previous attacker.[3]

Christophe is killed by Sebastian out of revenge for Delphine's death. [4]


  • Convinced Queen Catherine to promote him to a member of the King's Guard. [5]
  • Was revealed to be the killer, and blackmailed Catherine into keeping it a secret. [6]

In History[]

  • Christophe is an entirely fictional character, with no historical equivalent.


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