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Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party
Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party
Location: Viennese, France
Date: Summer of 1557
In Honour of: Prince Charles
Lady Madeleine
In Attendance: King Henry

Queen Catherine
Queen Mary
Prince Francis
Lady Aylee
Lady Lola
Lady Kenna
Greer Norwood
Simon Westbrook

Episode: Snakes in the Garden
Description: A party to celebrate the engagement of Charles and Madeleine

Charles and Madeleine's Engagement Party is an event that celebrates the agreement of Prince Charles and Lady Madeleine's parents on their children's arranged marriage.

During the Event[]

At the celebration, Queen Catherine is noticeably anxious about having the English parked at the coast and staying within the castle, though King Henry assures her that everyone will be gone in a few days. Nostradamus questions Catherine for not being open to the English, since they both have the same goal of bringing Mary down, but she reminds him that England is also an enemy of France, as they want everything in their possession.

On the other side of the party, Mary meets Simon Westbrook, the English emissary who cleared up the situation about the English ships. The two discuss his home in France and he asks about her engagement to Prince Francis, which he believes to be hollow due to no date being set as of yet. He goes on to demand that she go back to Scotland and alludes to being the one who poisoned the porridge at the convent, all but threatening her life should she defy him.

A drunk Francis comes over and gets her out of the situation, pulling her aside where he reveals that he only acted drunk as a way to save her and advises her to not show the English that she's scared. People may be aware of his wavering feelings for her, but he pledges to show off the strength of their union as a way of keeping her safe until the English leave.


  • They were set to be married at fourteen.
  • The engagement ended up falling through, since the French line of succession was rattled. [1]