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Charles Schuler
Charles Schuler
Biographical Information
Real Name: Charles Schuler
Title: Duke Schuler

Lord Charles Schuler

Age: 45
Religion: Protestant
Originally From: Germany
Affiliations: Kingdom of Germany
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Height: 5'10
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Coronation
Portrayed by: David Jansen

"Is the word of a German Duke not good enough?!"
Charles Schuler

Charles Schuler an older gentleman from Germany who has access to a large supply of Grain, and currently in business with France.


Duke Schuler is a very noble man, risking his own life to travel to France in an attempt to free his long time friends from prison.

Early LifeEdit

Charles Schuler is a practising Protestant who's friends were put in prisoned in French court for worshiping God in a different way.

Season 2Edit

Charles met Queen Mary in France, while attending a party at French Court. The new Queen met him with a proposition. France was in the middle of a famine, and needed grain. If he could secure a large amount and have it sent over, then the Crown would pay him a great sum, and their countries could become trading partners. Charles agreed with one condition. As part of their new friendship, they would release the Protestant prisoners they held in their dungeons from his country. This was nonnegotiable. Mary told him she would speak with her husband.

Charles was on his way out, leaving French Court. Queen Mary stopped him and asked why he was leaving when they had an arrangement. He reminded her he would only agreed if his Protestant friends were set free. Their only crime was worshiping God. Queen Mary told him she had spoken with her husband, and that his Protestant friends would be released to him. She gave him the location and sent him on his way to retrieve them.

The next day he showed up in anger with all his men. His Protestant friends had been moved, and this was nothing but a waste of his time. King Francis was there along with Queen Mary, as he interrupted a celebration for his upcoming Coronation. Words were said, and swords were drawn. King Francis ordered everyone to calm down, and demanded to know what was wrong. Charles explained, and said he would give France no grain. He and his men abruptly left.

Hours later, it was revealed that Louis Condé had the men moved. They were promptly released into Charles's custody, and since the Crown had nothing to do with it, their two countries would remain as trading partners. France would get it’s grain.


  • Charles Schuler is the first citizen from Germany to appear on Reign.
  • In the 1500s, Germany was referred to as The Holy Roman Empire and had been since, 800 B.C. Germany as we know it today, did not exist until 1806.

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