Catherine and Richard
Inquisition - Richard Delacroix VII
Real Names: Catherine de' Medici
Richard Delacroix
Ages: 35+
Status: Complicated


Length of Relationship:

Few Years


Kingdom of France

First appearance: Inquisition

Season 1 Broken Up

Early lifeEdit

Catherine and Richard were having an affair. He was also good friends with King Henry. After Catherine became pregnate with their child, she gave birth to a girl, and then left her in the forest to die. Catherine and Richard staged a fight between them at court and after he called the Queen a mule Catherine had her lover exiled to keep their secret.

Season 1Edit

Viscount Richard Deliqua was asked back to French court by King Henry to act as judge between him and his estranged wife Queen Catherine. King henry wanted a divorce, and since the Pope would not meet with him thanks to the the de' Medici family, Henry accused his wife of adultery.

King Henry and Richard were talking when his wife came in. The two bickered a little, before the Queen left.

The two former lovers later met in his chambers and talked about their planes. Where he was to be the judge on her trial to ensure she would not be executed by the court.

Later is was discovered by the king that himself and his Queen had been lovers. Even producing a child together, one that was born with the same birth mark as himself. When the king ordered his beard shaven the same birthmark reappeared. The King sent him away.

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