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Catherine and Claude
Real Names: Catherine de' Medici
Claude de Valois
Status: Ongoing

Mother and daughter

Length of Relationship:

17 years


Kingdom of Italy
Kingdom of France

First Appearance: The Prince of the Blood
Last Appearance: All It Cost Her

"Oh, the things I have done for you, how I have protected you. You think that I don't love you? You don't see? In my way, I have mothered you more than any of my children."
Queen Catherine


Early History[]

When Catherine gave birth to twins, Henriette and Emone, Claude was jealous of them, as she had to share her mother's attention with them. She especially hated that they always pulled flowers off of her dress. One night, Catherine found the twins dead. The doctor determined that they were suffocated when he found a flower in each of their throats, the same flowers that the twins had been pulling off of Claude's dress. And so, Catherine believed that it was her daughter, Claude, who suffocated them. However, she lied about their cause of death to protect her daughter.

By covering up what she thought was a murder committed by her daughter, Catherine claimed that she always mothered Claude the most. But the two never got along, with Catherine shipping Claude away for most of her life.

Season 1[]

Royal Blood - (Referenced)
A lock of hair labeled with her name is shown in her mother's shadow box, along with neatly tied hair from her other brothers and sisters.

Season 2[]

Upon her daughter's return to court, Catherine immediately notices that her daughter smells of whiskey.

Season 4[]

With Friends Like These
Spain's Queen, Elisabeth, has come to visit French court. She claims it was to get away from the rumour that she drove Don Carlos mad with desire, but soon reveals her plan to stem the France's rising tide of Protestantism. She believes a match between Claude and Martel de Guise to be just the thing.

Claude is upset that her mother is marrying her off just because Leeza said so, but Catherine reminds her that Spain can crush their nation if she doesn't. Martel comes in and hands Claude a letter she wrote to Leith that was found on one of the burned bodies as a means of getting her to accept that Leith is gone. He also urges her to marry him.

At a dinner party at French court, Leeza is looking into the death of Martel's father while Claude plans to kill Martel. Catherine stops her before she can do so and Claude breaks into tears, telling her that Martel had Leith killed. The letter she wrote to Leith led her to witnesses, but she doesn't know if they would testity against a powerful family that are the Guise, especially now that they have aligned themselves with Spain. Catherine and Claude plot to kill Martel together.



Queen Catherine: Rise and shine, Claude! The only people in bed past noon are drunks and reprobates. [6]

Princess Claude: I have no interest in being married. Now, or ever. My brother is the king! I don't see why I have to become the property of any man. [6]

Queen Catherine: I couldn't convince the count of your chastity, but surely God can. [6]

Queen Catherine: Oh the things I have done for you, how I have protected you. You think that I don't love you. You don't see! In my way I have mothered you more than any of my children. [6]

Queen Catherine: I suppose there are other monsters in the world. Their mothers have to lie for them, too. [7]

Queen Catherine: So much for your investigatory skills!
Sebastian: I helped you and Claude!
Princess Claude: You're just angry with him because Diane was here. [8]

Queen Catherine: No one hurts my family and lives to tell the tale. Whoever they are, they will pay the price. And their family will weep tears stained with blood. [8]

Queen Catherine: Get ready to charm, darling. [2]

Queen Catherine: From the moment you were born, our relationship has been complicated. We live in a world that undervalues women. I may be guilty of favoring my sons over my daughters, but I love you, I swear. And when you're wed and you leave this home, you'll break my heart. I will beg for word from you, for a letter, for a visit... just as I am begging for your forgiveness now. [9]

Princess Claude: Please tell me that wasn't you.
Queen Catherine: It's complicated.
Princess Claude: Honestly, Mother! How many people have you killed?!
Queen Catherine: Shhh! [10]

Queen Catherine: I promise you, Claude, your mother's not going down without a fight. [10]

Queen Catherine: Leith, protect my daughter. Cling to each other. May you have a long and happy life. I give you my blessing to wed. [4]

Princess Claude: You don't want me to marry Martel either?
Queen Catherine: I had his father killed. Do you think I want him rising in station? [5]

Queen Catherine: A daughter joining her mother for an evening stroll is hardly a crime.
Princess Claude: No, but murder is! [5]

Queen Catherine: The tears might be a bit much.
Princess Claude: The tears are real! [5]

Queen Catherine: Why, Claude, how nice of you to take time away from your grief to criticize me. [11]

Princess Claude: You poisoned a blind man?
Queen Catherine: He wasn't blind until I poisoned him. Don't make it sound so cruel. [12]

Queen Catherine: Luc may appear to be a decent man, but I've learned to never trust the beginning of a book. [13]

Queen Catherine: I may not be able to get you back from a nunnery, but when the time is right, I can make you a widow. [13]

Queen Catherine: I was only trying to help Charles feel stronger.
Princess Claude: Are you telling me that this heresy is the reason Charles has been so aggressive lately?
Queen Catherine: No. Maybe. [14]

Princess Claude: I'm not going to lie for you, Mother. That's not who I am.
Queen Catherine: (scoffs) Since when? [14]

Queen Catherine: Claude, this isn't your fault. Luc is gone, you are here, which means he abandoned you. [15]

Princess Claude: I lost both the man I love and the man I could have loved. [15]