Catherine Carey
Catherine Carey
Biographical Information
Real Name: Catherine Knollys (by marriage)
Title: Lady Knollys
Lady of the Bedchamber
Born: 1524-Chilton Folist, Wiltshire, England
Religion: Puritan
House: House of Boleyn
Gender: Female
Parents: Mary Boleyn (Mother)
William Carey (Father)
Husband: Sir Francis Knollys
Family: Henry Carey (Brother)

George Boleyn (Uncle)
Anne Boleyn (Aunt)
Queen Elizabeth (Cousin)

TV Character Information

Catherine Carey is the chief Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth I, who was her first cousin. Catherine is the daugther of Mary Boleyn, a former mistress of Henry VIII before he courted and later married her sister Anne Boleyn, Henry's second Queen consort.

Early Life Edit

Catherine Carey was born the daughter of William Carey of Aldenham in Hertfordshire, Gentleman of the Privy Chamber and Esquire of the Body to Henry VIII, and his wife Mary Boleyn, who was once a mistress of Henry VIII. Catherine is Elizabeth I's maternal first cousin. Catherine went on to become Maid of Honour to both Anne of Cleves, Henry VIII's fourth wife, and Catherine Howard, his fifth wife. On 26 April 1540, she married Sir Francis Knollys. Once Elizabeth I became Queen, Catherine was appointed Chief Lady of the Bedchamber for the first ten years of the reign.

Notes Edit

  • Some believe that Catherine is the illegitimate child of Henry VIII, If true makes her Elizabeth's half sister, Although she was never acknowledged by the King, Catherine was given deference by the Court as she came to resemble Henry

Family Tree Edit

Thomas Boleyn
Elizabeth Tilney
William Carey
Mary Boleyn
William Stafford
Anne Boleyn
King Henry VIII
George Boleyn
Jane Parker
Henry Carey
Catherine Carey
Anne Stafford
Edward Stafford
Queen Elizabeth
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