Character Flag - France Male Pagan
Biographical Information
Real Name: Carrick
Religion: Pagan
Family: Rowan(Sister)
Affiliations: The Blood Wood
Physical Description
Gender: Male Male
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Dirty Laundry
Portrayed by: Kristian Hodko

"My sister must like you. She never brings anyone home."

Carrick lived in The Blood Wood with his sister Rowan. They were
both skilled hunters and appear to live alone.


Rowan has a no-nonsence attitude while hunting and on his days off
he is a caring older brother with a kind heart.

Early Life

Carrick and his sister were raised together by their parents until their murder. Since then Rowan and Carrick have taken care of themselves.

Season 1

Dirty Laundry
One afternoon Carrick was waiting for his sister, to return with game when she brought home birds, and a young man. Rowan introduced him as Sebastian and showed the birds they'd caught together.

While the boys stayed outside and began a slow conversation, they heard a noise. Thinking it was the boar that lived in the area Carrick took aim, but Sebastian stopped him. A wild looking girl emerge from the forest.

Rowan got her settled in a little but noticed her very expensive clothing under all the dirt, calling her a noble. They all knew this girl had been held by heathens and they had been draining her of her blood. When Rowan suggested they give the girl back, the girl freaked out and began cutting herself before falling over. Sebastian said he knew her and couldn't give her back, calling her Olivia He took her somewhere for safe keeping.

The next night Sebastian came back. Rowan invited him in and he stayed the night.

The Darkness
The next day before Sebastian left, he found the blood stain on the door frame. Their house had been marked for death by The Darkness. Hours later Sebastian was trying to show them how to fight back, and telling everyone to bring weapons for self-defense. His sister invited him back inside, and not long after Sebastian was unconscious from her team. They had decided to sacrifice him to the darkness, as none of them were willing to die.

That night when The Darkness came, instead of taking Sebastian they had tied up, well I looked up and he took her instead. He dragged her away into the night screaming. He and Sebastian tried to look for your sister the next day, but they both knew she was dead.



Season One
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