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Character French Female Deceased Season 2
Caroline DeNani
Biographical Information
Title: Wet Nurse


Height: 5'6
Gender: Female Female
Nationality: French Flag - France
Status: Deceased
Religion: Roman Catholic
Originally From: France
Affiliations: French Court
Relationship Information
Character Information
First Appearance: Drawn and Quartered
Last Appearance: Blood for Blood
Portrayed By: Jane Spidell

Caroline was a hired nanny, aka 'wet nurse' for the King's son, Baron John Philip, and his mother, Lady Lola. However, she was soon dismissed after Francis believed her to be possessed by his dead father.


Season 2[]

Drawn and Quartered
Francis picks his son up and cradles him when Caroline comes in. He tells her that he isn't sure if he's holding him right and she takes the baby to show him how to. When she turns away, she begins talking as if she were possessed by King Henry. Francis is frozen in his place with fright. A long beat passes and Francis demands to know what she wants. Caroline, appearing back to normal, asks what he means.

After King Francis dismissed her of her duties to his son, Francis brought her back a few days later to Tent City in front of a Summoner of the dead. Francis demanded answers, but she didn't understand. Soon the apparent ghost of King Henry took over her body once more. He confirmed his birthplace, and his age when he became king. He question who killed him, knowing it was not Lord Montgomery. However soon his spirit leaves Caroline's body.

Blood for Blood
Caroline was witnessed by King Francis in the hallway outside his room. She was looking out a window, and then walked around the corner, waiting for Francis to follow. When Francis confronted her, Caroline said him she keeps find herself at strange places she doesn't remember going. She was unsure how she even got to the castle. He then had his guards escort her to the infirmary.

Later Caroline was in Tent City, she snarled at Lady Kenna before going over and sitting on The King's chair. She then told Francis that this was her chair, and he did not deserve it. Francis again had his guards escort her to the infirmary and followed soon after.

While inside a barn, Caroline wanted to know what was happened to her. She then demand to know how, and why he was dead. Francis finally confessed and Lord Narcisse walked in. Francis once again had his guards escort Caroline alway while he made sure Narcisse stayed behind.

Later that night, Narcisse came and got Caroline out of her jail block and had her removed from the castle.

The Prince of the Blood
After outliving her usefulness to Lord Narcisse, Caroline was thrown to the bottom on some stairs. Weeks later she was found by Sebastian who was looking for her on behalf of King Francis for Lord Montgomery whereabouts.



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