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Location: Calais, France
Royals: King Henry

Queen Catherine

Affiliations: Kingdom of France

Kingdom of England

First Appearance: Higher Ground

Calais, France was taken and has been held by the English for over two centuries. In the winter of 1558, the French, including Prince Francis took it back in an ambush.

Season One

Toy Soldiers
King Henry talked about how he wants to take over half of Europe and needed Calais back from the English.

Higher Ground
In the winter of 1558, Prince Francis and a handful of other French solider including Leith Bayard cleared the way for Duke of Guise to take back the city.

Season Two

General Renaude reveals to Lady Kenna that his son, Bertraud Renaude was taken during The Battle of Calais the year earlier, and doesn't know if he's a live or not. So has become a missionary to raise money to find out.

The Siege
General Renaude sees his son, Bertraud Renaude from across the river. Louis Condé informs him, her majesty, Queen Elizabeth traded Bertraud to him after he was taken at The Battle of Calais the year earlier.


* Early of 1532
King Henry VIII of England visited Calais, and his men calculated that the town had about 2400 beds and stabling to keep some 2000 horses. They kept the town.

* 7 January 1558
The French under the Duke of Guise took advantage of a weakened garrison and decayed fortifications to retake Calais.

  • The loss was regarded by Queen Mary Tudor of England as a dreadful misfortune. She reportedly said, "When I am dead and opened, you shall find 'Philip' [her husband] and 'Calais' lying in my heart."

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