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Season 3 Episode
Bruises That Lie
Season 3, Episode 10
Bruises That Lie
Air date January 22, 2016
Written by P.K. Simonds
Directed by Megan Follows
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"You should be marrying someone who knows you. Someone who loves you. Someone like me."
Leith Bayard


Mary Finds Herself Falling For Gideon
Mary struggles to resist her feelings for Gideon as she works to align herself politically with potential allies. Elizabeth and Greer find themselves in similar heart-wrenching situations with the potential for very different outcomes. Catherine and Narcisse continue their vicious power struggle over the Regency, while Claude finds herself in the fight of her life on her wedding night.


Elizabeth smears blood on her bed sheet. When a servant comes in, she assumes that it is Elizabeth's and that she is on her period. When Lola meets with Elizabeth in order to discuss the release of her father and brothers, she is dismissed from Elizabeth's presence after doubting Elizabeth's word.

Mary goes to Charles to ask if she may continue hosting suitors at French court. Narcisse interrupts and takes over the discussion, attempting to push Mary out of France. They leave to discuss French business and Greer comes in, bearing a letter from Lola.

Narcisse approaches Charles as King about Claude's impending marriage to Duke Boinel. Despite promising Claude that she could choose her own suitor, Charles agrees to the proposal.

The letter from Lola lets Mary know of Elizabeth's reluctance to hold up her end of the bargain. She intends to confront Gideon but oversees him arguing with a man. Greer lets her know that they've broken the English cipher just as Narcisse requests Mary's presence.

Catherine and Claude argue with Charles about Claude's marriage when Mary enters the great hall. Narcisse enters next and reveals that the gold Duke Boinel paid for Claude is missing. Narcisse and Charles warn both Mary and Catherine that they will be severely punished if any evidence is found that proves they had anything to do with its theft.

Mary finds Gideon working out his frustrations with a sword in the courtyard. She has learned that Elizabeth sent Gideon to France to seduce her and that his every move is being watched. Mary agrees to let Gideon seduce her so they can both play Elizabeth and get what they want. He'll get to see his daughter and she'll get to rescue Lola.

Claude and Leith discuss the swiftness with which she is to marry Duke Boinel. He wishes she could marry him instead.

Dudley and Elizabeth discuss the fact that he is scheduled to go before a tribunal for the death of his wife. There is almost no chance they can ever be together and the longer it takes for suitors to return her letters, the greater the risk she will be caught.

Greer gets an unexpected and surprising visit from her one-time pirate lover, Martin. He discovers her pregnancy and learns that she has arranged to give the baby up. He offers to send gold and visit twice a year if she wants to keep the baby.

Claude is married off to Duke Boinel while her family watches. As soon as they are married, he loads her in a carriage and escorts her to his estate while Leith watches them drive away.

Leith visits Greer's tavern to talk to his friend and the barman keeps feeding him beer in order to forget. She encourages him not to let go of his notions of love but he's too broken-hearted to listen. He believes he'll never be more than who he was born while she has come to believe that what a person thinks about himself is more important.

Queen Mary and Gideon enact the first stage of their plan to have Jeffrey, Gideon's servant, report back that they are falling in love. In the middle of what is supposed to be a romantic dinner, it begins raining. She takes him into her chambers to kiss him in front of a window where Jeffrey will be able to see them and gold falls out of a window seat. They kiss and Mary leaves it somewhat breathless.

Claude and the Duke arrive at his estate and she has said nothing to him on their entire ride. He calls her an embarrassment and poorly behaved and then hits her when she questions him. She boxes him the way Leith taught her and storms out. The next morning, Mary confronts Catherine about the gold.

The parents Greer has chosen for her child visit the tavern. It's her sister and her sister's husband, a titled man with no money. Greer tells them that they will live in France and raise the child there and no one will know the baby isn't theirs. She wants the child to be raised near her so that she can visit and instill the values into it which she wishes had been taught to them.

Gideon buys a doll for his daughter in the market and Mary finds him there. She learns that Elizabeth is "considering" dates when he "may" be able to return home to visit his daughter, but Elizabeth's words make it clear that she has no intention of keeping her promise.

While Elizabeth's servant's back is turned, someone poisons the Queen's tea. None of the suitors she wrote to have accepted her proposal.

Mary returns to her chambers to find they've been ransacked by Narcisse and his men. Her servant, Timothy, had his hand cut off and then jumped off the castle after he was caught spending a piece of Duke Boinel's gold in the village. Narcisse tells Mary that her time at French court is over and she must be out by the end of the week.

Bash and King Charles walk out to meet Claude as she returns to the castle. She was on the way to Paris to hide from her family. She cannot hide her bruises and they spur Charles to action. He bursts into a council meeting and asks them to overthrow Narcisse and install Catherine as Regent since it is clear Narcisse does not have the Valois family's best interests at heart.

The privy council votes to place Catherine in the Regency. Mary is safe at French court.

Lola meets with Elizabeth once again. After hearing about the joy John has brought to Lola's life, Elizabeth finds herself in pain. She leaves their meeting in a rush.

Catherine and her soldiers and archers trek into the woods to meet with Duke Boinel. She is the reason he hit Claude and Claude's abuse was the catalyst to have her reinstalled as regent.

Dudley finds Elizabeth in her chambers. She has had a miscarriage and had to clean it up herself so that no one would see or find out. He is free, but they aren't free to be together.

Leith visits Claude and learns that she was able to protect herself with the skills he taught her. He asks her to marry him, vowing to rise in station until he's a candidate suitable for a princess.

Elizabeth tells William that her inability to be with the one she loves doesn't mean no one else can be. She sends Agatha to her father in France and releases Lola's family. Gideon kisses Mary after she delivers the news to him and tells him they cannot be together. - TVFanatic


Princess Claude: Stop saying you have no choice, Charles. You're the King!

Queen Catherine: Is it so unthinkable a crime might take place in this castle that I had no hand in?

Queen Mary: Ambassador Gideon. You look like a man working out his frustrations. Perhaps I should take a swing, as we are both frustrated with the same Queen.

Leith Bayard: You should be marrying someone who knows you. Someone who loves you. Someone like me.

Martin de Lambert: Choose because of what you think, not what others might.

Leith Bayard: Sons of goatherds don't get to be with princesses.

Greer Castleroy: I need to believe that who we are matters more than our station.

Queen Mary: I think I'm doing pretty well for a queen who used to rule two realms and is now barely holding onto one. A queen who is reduced to playacting for someone else's servant to convince him that she's lost her foolish heart to a spy and a fraud.

Queen Mary: As if I don't have enough problems, Catherine, you give me the Duke's stolen gold!

Princess Claude: I'm a princess!

Lord William: People are suspicious, Majesty, after so many spurned proposals. Perhaps if you told me why marriage was suddenly so important.
Queen Elizabeth: The Queen changed her mind. How about that?

Queen Elizabeth: Amy is dead. Our baby is gone. And to what end? We are lost to each other.

Robert Dudley: I will always love you, Elizabeth. Always.

Queen Elizabeth: The English did this to me. To punish me for daring to love who I want. Perhaps they were right. Perhaps I forgot what it means to be a queen.


Death Toll [1][2]
- Timothy
- Elizabeth and Robert's Unborn Baby


Historical Notes[]

  • Princess Claude married Charles, Duke of Lorraine when she was 13, and they had 10 children.
  • King Henry VIII did order his wife, Anne Boleyn's beheading in 1536, when Elizabeth was only 3 years old.
  • Queen Mary ordered her sister, Princess Elizabeth to be locked away for 2 months in The Tower of London.
  • Queen Elizabeth confirmed on her death-bed she was still a virgin.
  • Robert Dudley and Queen Elizabeth never had a sexual relationship. Though they both agreed to have loved each other deeply, but knew they could never really be together.
  • Amy Dudley did die at the bottom on a staircase under questionable circumstances, but it was believed to be suicide, and Robert Dudley was cleaned of suspicion.
  • Queen Elizabeth did entertain a marriage arrangement from King Eric XIV of Sweden, but before she was queen. He himself didn't marry until 1568.



  • Credit Order
Actor Character
Adelaide Kane Queen Mary
Megan Follows Queen Catherine
Rachel Skarsten Queen Elizabeth
Torrance Coombs Sebastian
Celina Sinden Greer Castleroy
Anna Popplewell Lady Lola
Jonathan Keltz Leith Bayard
Craig Parker Lord Narcisse
Rose Williams Princess Claude
Charlie Carrick Robert Dudley
Ben Geurens Gideon Blackburn
Guest Staring
Tom Everett Scott Lord William
Spencer MacPherson King Charles
Saamer Usmani Martin de Lambert
Lyla Porter-Follows Ellen Campbell
Stephen Tracy Thomas Campbell
Jean-Michel Le Gal Lord Mollet
Clive Walton Duke Boinel
Morgan David Jones Jeffrey
Character debut
Speaking debut
Episode debut



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